A Word of Encouragement to the Timekeeper of the Mockingbird Station Dr Pepper Clock

Hang in there. The digital clock at Greenville and Mockingbird has been one hour behind for nearly six months. You need only procrastinate 26 more days until daylight savings ends, and the readout will be right again. You can do it.


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27 responses to “A Word of Encouragement to the Timekeeper of the Mockingbird Station Dr Pepper Clock”

  1. Bethany says:

    I unearthed my watch recently and realized that it was an hour behind. Is it really lazy that I’m probably going to just wait 26 days for it to be right again?

  2. Grant says:

    No, really lazy is just repeating essentially the same joke from the post in your comment.

  3. Bethany says:

    So really lazy is just repeating essentially the same joke from the post in your comment?

  4. Anon says:

    Is it really lazy to just repeat essentially the same joke from the post in a comment?

  5. amandacobra says:

    Also the temperature is never right.

  6. amanda says:

    A country of whiners…

    Dear Bethany…I am sitting on Johnson Beach right this minute.



  7. MushMouth says:

    Who is Johnson Beach?

  8. Brian says:

    I am so staying out of this, this time.

  9. Bethany says:

    There are so many things I could do with Johnson Beach, but I’ll be a fourth grader instead of a third grader.

    It’s raining, and I’m in my cube. But I can buy Diet Coke for a quarter. So there’s that.

  10. Johnson Beach says:

    Great view from here!

  11. JIm Spanarkel says:


    You work? Really? On any given day, what is the over/under on the actual amount of time you devote to your job?

  12. amanda says:

    Good pick up, thus restoring my faith in frontburner.

  13. amanda says:

    Oh, and, that’s what she said…

  14. Bethany says:

    I’m a fast typer, and a quick wit. Commenting on FB takes maybe 0.000001 percent of my day. The rest is spent toiling away at the salt mines.

  15. Tom says:

    I’ll take the bait. How big is Johnson Beach?

  16. Gadfly says:

    Bethany, I’ve been wondering what you’ve done with your pointy-toed shoes. Hopefully you’ve donated them to charity and have now updated to the fashion of gladiator sandals that’s been so prevalent in European street fashion. Or maybe you’ve already broken out your cool weather duds, and thigh high boots are what you’re sporting.

    The reason I mention this is because I’m not feeling much love between you and Amanda. It’s a bit scary. I feel a cat fight might be brewing. Arm yourself.

  17. amanda says:

    Dear Tom,

    It’s huge. And, I’m having a ball, or two.



  18. Daniel says:

    Tear down an architectural landmark, put a suburban-style supermarket in its stead, and name a friggin’ digital clock after the landmark you demolished.

    My Dallas right or wrong!

  19. Don in Austin says:

    The timekeeper likely thinks its always 12:00 based on his VCR/DVD player.

  20. Lynn says:

    You guys give Bethany a break. Word is she and Stephanie Courtney aka Flo of the Progressive car insurance commercials are competing neck and neck now for the role of sassy girl reporter in Tobe Hooper’s next screwball romantic comedy to be set in Dallas. Vote for her at http://www.bignsassymovie.com and support our Dallas talent.

  21. Bethany says:


    “The desired response is generally laughter; when this does not happen the joke is said to have ‘fallen flat.'”

  22. ziggyrat says:

    So the Dr. Pepper clock is pointing to 9, 1 and 3?

  23. Dallasite says:

    Tear down a vacant, functionally obsolete industrial building and replace it with a quality grocery store where all the hot women shop.

    My Dallas… right for once.

  24. Bethany says:

    It’s also the only grocery store where Avi Adelman tackles for meat.

    That didn’t sound as dirty in my head.

  25. Fact Checker says:

    Also, the Dr Pepper Clock temperature gauge needs to be fixed. It’s disheartening in the summer to see temperatures of 120 degrees when it is only a cool 105 degrees.

  26. Spamboy says:

    @ziggyrat You get brownie points for the most historically hysterical comment.