Tim O’Hare Thinks Farmers Branch Is Turning into Oak Cliff

You’ve probably heard already about the request for a temporary restraining order filed yesterday in an attempt to kibosh Farmers Branch’s latest effort to stop people from renting to illegal immigrants. Filed with that request for a TRO, as we call it in the bidness, were 114 pages of exhibits. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Read em all. Or just read the very first exhibit, a letter written by Farmers Branch Mayor Tim O’Hare to City Councilman Charlie Bird, which reads, in part:

My family has been here since 1956 and almost everyone that I consider family lives here. I don’t want us to have to move. I don’t want to have to live somewhere else. But, I’m not going to live in Oak Cliff, which is what we are becoming and going to become if we don’t make some serious changes and spend some money.

It tickles me to know that the mayor of Farmers Branch thinks that Oak Cliff — an area of Dallas roughly twice the size of his city — is the best example of the worst it can get. Just for fun, I’ll turn the comments on. But let’s be careful in there.


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61 responses to “Tim O’Hare Thinks Farmers Branch Is Turning into Oak Cliff”

  1. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Ah for the good old days when the word ‘Clueless’ suggested an Alicia Silverstone movie.

  2. DM says:

    Puzzling how Plano is embarrassed about being the richest city yet, Farmer’s Tan Branch is not over this ongoing issue. Maybe its from those strong radio signals from Duncanville?

    Anyway, this reminds me, I should have lunch today at La Calle Doce (which has been there since the 1920’s).

  3. John Q says:

    Farmers Branch should be so lucky as to turn into Oak Cliff. I sure hope Tim O’Hare runs for some larger office, so I can have the pleasure of voting against the pea-brained moron.

  4. Rawlins says:

    Love Calle Doce but it has not ‘been there since the 20s’. It was opened by Oscar Sanchez sr. in the mid 80s in Oak Cliff.

  5. DM says:

    @ Rawlins: My bad, the house has been there since the 1920’s. thanks.

  6. Tom says:

    Let’s see… Oak Cliff has distinctive houses, new construction, parks, trees, boulevards, restaurants, shops, bars, golf courses, lakes, a postcard view of downtown, young, old, black, white, Latino, gay, straight, rich, poor, Democrats, Republicans, history (Texas Theater) and jrp.

    Farmers Branch has… Mayor Tim O’Hare.

  7. Scooter says:

    And “teh gays” wouldn’t step a foot in Farmer’s Branch. They know where to live.

  8. Trey Garrison says:

    [Shakes head in disappointment]

    Tim, Tim, Tim.

    (Um, O’Hare. Not Rogers.)

  9. Andy G says:

    He and his family have lived in Farmers Branch for 52 years? That’s pretty amazing actually, you know, with the invention of cars and such. Seriously, it’s not like he is talking about living in Maui. If you removed all the FB signs you see when you drive through Farmers Branch you would have no idea it was even there.

  10. Thanks Tim R – I was looking for a little blogging inspiration, and thanks to this I feel a little motivated this morning.

    I see the Peter Principle is once again evidenced in the Mayor of Farmers Branch.

  11. Dr. Freud says:

    Hmmm. When will those Farmers get the Irish out of the city? If they’re not careful, the town will become another Southie.

  12. Bethany says:

    I’d be far more likely to eat in Oak Cliff and shop in Oak Cliff than Farmer’s Branch.

  13. Old Man O'Hare says:

    You damned kids get off my lawn! And take your crazy rock roll music with you!

  14. Bob says:

    It’s OK if Tim Nowhere doesn’t want to live in Oak Cliff. If he did, the quality of life in Oak Cliff would diminish just by his presence. If he wants Farmers Branch to be another Plano, he will need to get to work right away. He can start by getting rid of the Mayor and City Council and replacing them with people of more intelligence and foresight.

  15. Daniel says:

    I can’t decide which is funnier: that he “doesn’t want to live in Oak Cliff” (reference Tom’s comment)or that he doesn’t “want to have to live somewhere else.”

    … o he ha ha ha no wait he ha he doesn’t haw he doesn’t want to have to live somewhere else besides wait for it farmers branch o ha ha hardy hawhaw har…

  16. monkey god says:

    O’Hare is like a bunch of people who moved to the northern burbs during the white flight years. They haven’t been to Oak Cliff since the late 70s and think it’s as bad as it was then.

  17. Daniel says:

    Um, that was the legitimate use of the word c-u-m.

  18. J Paul says:

    In fairness to Heir O’Hare, I think Farmers Branch had a Walmart before Oak Cliff. IJS!

  19. Tom says:

    In fairness to J Paul, Wal-Mart is what makes places like Farmers Branch less like places like Oak Cliff.

  20. jrp says:

    man, you guys gotta get out of my head…was thinking of mentioning peter principle, O’Hara = racist, how you can blink while driving down Webb Chapel Road and miss Farmer’s Branch, but yous all beat me to it

    and as Daniel alluded to, this cat gives all Texans a bad name. this story has been national since the giddy up and i’ve gotten numerous emails from my yankee brethren over the past few months about “looks like business as usual with those racist Texans, huh?…how’s that fence coming along?”

    to continue the theme, IJS

  21. Cory says:

    Count me in as well. Like most of the rest of you I’d live in Oak Cliff in a second if I already didn’t live someplace I like better. What a great place Oak Cliff is. I wish I lived there except that I don’t.

  22. fb says:

    Anyone who finds Farmer’s Branch superior to Dallas doesn’t deserve to live in Oak Cliff. I say, stay away, and keep Dallas real estate more affordable for the rest of us.

  23. Daniel says:

    Guess I was too vitriolic and got “scrubbed.” Well, the gist of my point stands: There is no other way to interpret Tim O’Hare’s comments except that he would rather die than accidentally brush against somebody who isn’t white. And he’s the exact kind of white person with whom a person of any grace is loathe to be associated. I’ll leave at that. If ever I thought his positions had a shred of legitimacy or were born of decency, he lost me there. The man is despicable, in my view.

  24. tickled says:

    Of course Farmers Branchers don’t like Oak Cliff. There’s no Olive Garden here. Starbucks is shutting down it’s only stand-alone store in the OC. We don’t even have a mall or a Target. Really, it’s hardly civilized.

  25. J Paul says:

    @ Tom: Even though you missed the (maybe too subtle) sarcasm, you still got my point.

  26. Bethany says:

    Every trip to Wal-Mart reminds me to refill my birth control prescription. Who in their right mind thinks, “Oh, little Bubba’s nap time is coming up. Let’s go to Wal-Mart!”

  27. Rawlins says:

    I’m w/Bethany. Watching the RNC convention they chanted ‘Drill more wells’. When I’m at WalMart I’m chanting ‘Tie those tubes!’

  28. SB says:

    “I’m w/Bethany. Watching the RNC convention they chanted ‘Drill more wells’. When I’m at WalMart I’m chanting ‘Tie those tubes!’”

    Now if I said the same thing, but was referring to the Wal-Mart at 75 and Midpark, I’d be a bigot.

  29. monkey god says:

    They need to change the name of Walmart to Darwin’s Waiting Room.

  30. jrp says:

    what goes on in the world?

    just googled Wal-Mart at 75 and Midpark because i wasn’t exactly sure where that is and i was caught off guard by the top entry for that search

    search at your own risk

  31. SB says:

    All the Wal-Mart banter reminds me of this hilarious (and completely accurate) post:


  32. Rawlins says:

    SB….So what are your pre-supposing? My chant includes the WalMart at 75/Midpark. And the Kroger on Mockingbird Station. And the Simon David on Inwood. Even the Whole Foods on Lomo Alto and the Carnival on Buckner: “Tie Those Tubes!” In fact, macrame’, anyone?

  33. Cory says:

    White people know full well the majority of customers at Wal-Marts are either African-American or Hispanic.

  34. jrp says:

    that’s not true, Cory, maybe here in North Texas or Texas overall the majority or Wal-Mart shoppers aren’t white but that certainly ain’t the case in Iowa or Montana or Utah

    maybe O’Hara should go live in Utah…

  35. Rawlins says:

    Or in Mesquite. Thanks jrp.

    jrp… thanks too for the Google…ugh…heads up.
    Looks like that Craigslist dude has discovered the secret to saving gas is multitasking when driving to buy groceries.

  36. Cory says:

    I just love it when white people show their true colors. No one above was shopping in Iowa or Montana or Utah.

  37. Bethany says:

    Actually, when I started this whole Wal-Mart part of the thread, I was envisioning the WT component.

  38. Time Tunnel to 1960s says:

    I can give O’Hare some credit for wanting people to follow the law. That’s how I was raised. If I really stretch the tolerance for Tim O, I can see what he means if I think about how White Flight changed Oak Cliff dramatically in the late 1960s. Several high schools went from white to black almost overnight (hispanics were counted as whites). The Singing Hills Subdivision had a for sale sign in every yard after a black family moved in. My daddy even took us over there from East Dallas to see it.

    Does O’Hare mean Jefferson Blvd? OK maybe I can see that.

    But I imagine he was just taking a swipe at Oak Cliff in the usual uninformed (read: racist) way people up north used to do with East Dallas and still do with Dallas schools.

    So allow me a chance to enjoy a little poetic justice that the first wave of white flight which landed in Farmer’s Branch (of all places) must now pack their bags and travel north once again.

    Oak Cliff is too good for you folks!

  39. SB says:

    @ Bethany – Exactly. A eugenics joke aimed at poor white trash is hilarious. If I were to make the same joke connecting birth control to all the poor Mexicans in Wal-Mart with 12 kids, then I’d get shouted down as a racist.

  40. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Look, Cory, keep pushing that your point over the cliff of PC ‘gotcha-ism’. You wanta pull rank? I am looking out my front window as I type at the neighbors’ homes, 45% of which are black owned on my street…and have been for the decades that I, the very white guy, has lived here a very long time.

    We were trying to have fun but alas, you needed to make it a hail-Mary racial slur from the white guy? Well, here’s some light reading for you.


  41. Sophie says:

    O’Hare must be friends with this guy, who wrote in response to an op-ed I recently published about Oak Cliff. I sure am glad I live in the Cliff, where I’m safe from people like this:

    “Read your article today on Oak Cliff. I lived in Oak Cliff from 1930 until 1970.
    The best part of Dallas with trees, stores, good neighbors, everything you ever wanted in a home site.
    In 1964 I built a new home just off Kiest in the trees. Great neighbors, great schools. The center on Hampton and Illinois had a super Kroger, A&P on Kiest and Hampton, Falls drive had a nice little center with Page Drugs.
    We had the Wynnewood a few miles away with Monkey Ward, plenty of great shops with everything you needed.
    What happened to all of this.
    Lets call it as it is and not a race factor.
    The blacks came in from South Dallas and brought their nasty habits with them. Unmowed lawns, junk cars, stealing, and general lousy types. They stole the stores out of business.

    My car was broken into for the first time, my childs bike was stolen from the yard, my neighbors battery was cut out from his car in the driveway. Thug kids stole from my children in school.
    I had it and like most everyone else in my neighborhood, moved the hell out of there.
    I hated to leave my new home in the trees.
    I have never regretted it as I saw the total destruction of Oak Cliff in the next few years.
    Sophia, you can’t change these thugs and teach them anything.
    I hate to tell you but move and forget it. It will never come back to the Oak Cliff I knew.

    This same 12% now has America fooled into bringing one of their own into the next president. God help the country if this 12% rules us as they did when they took over Dallas a few years ago with the Kirk years. Dallas will never be the same again either.”

  42. Trey Garrison says:

    I have this awesome thing called a car that allows me to enjoy Oak Cliff, Plano, Uptown — and even Wal*Mart. I highly recommend it; it’s breath taking.

  43. bill says:

    wow, im offended.

  44. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    That Trey Garrison is one cutting-edge dude!

  45. Trey Garrison says:

    But not the Wal*Mart at 75 and Midpark.

  46. AnonyMouse says:

    By the way.. your “Re:” posting on this subject is inaccessible… probably because of the tilde.

  47. monkey god says:

    The only time Walmart can be enjoyed is about 6 in the morning. I would say midnight but I’ve been to Walmart at midnight.
    Walmarts in Oklahoma are WT magnets.

  48. JB says:

    Being from HP, I thank God for Farmers Branch. If it wasn’t for them, I’d feel kinda racist.

  49. LakeWWWooder says:

    I would daresay that the intrepid Sophia Dembling is the ultimate in ‘Cliff Cool.

    “Monkey Ward” used to be another WT magnet. Funny how mostly WT people called it that! But it was a great place to buy air conditioners and the like (even better if you had a 10% discount as a Mobil Oil employee – they owned MW for a long time) – I may have a little WT in me because I miss Big Town.

    I have a friend who was at Carter High in the mid to late 1970s. Her parents freaked when it started to get ‘too black’ and whisked her to Plano. But she never has anything to do with PHS these days. She put her kids in private school.

  50. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Cory. You speak to me…I who was the recipient of the MLK award in 2006…Only one of three white persons to have ever been so honored.

    I know I should not take bait from people who bait others, but this one is too low to ignore. You need to first pick your battles, and be aware who your friends truly are, if you are non-white, certainly.

    I was raised by a mother who lost her job because she joined the NAACP. I marched in Alabama probably before you were ever born. My dad was a jazz musician so my godfather was black. I moved in my 30s to an area where I was the minority and you mock that? Volunteered to tutor at-risk black teens for 17 years. Need I go on?

    You can have all the fun you want at my or anyone’s expense. But it is safe to say I have, throughout my entire life, done more to help further the plight of equal opportunities for African Americans than most people of color. Including when I was a corporate executive. You tell me what you have done, my friend.

    There are plenty of genuine racists in this world. I see and hear them every day. Your shooting at me is like when Dick Cheney shot his friend instead of that deer.

    And PS: The piece you apparently did not read was not commissioned, it was submitted. How sad is this, that I, who cried with pride the night Barack Obama became the first presidential candidate of his race, would in turn have someone whose last name I do not even know, call me a racist.

    You owe me an apology. But I neither expect it nor ask for it. But if you are a good and fair person, you know.

  51. Daniel says:

    Tubes aren’t just for Hispanic and black women anymore, Cory — get with the times. My white mama has the Tubes, and she’s a beauty — she’s one in a million girls. She’s one in a million girls.

    Actually, wouldn’t Rawlins’ Theme be sexist — since he doesn’t chant that the men should get a vascectomy (or when he does, at any rate, his attempts at gusto are unconvincing)? And wouldn’t that make Bethany a self-loathing toadie to the patriarchy?

  52. Bethany says:

    But I’m not self-loathing. And I’ve never worn a bra with straps under my tube top.

  53. LakeWWWooder says:

    Cory, Rawlins has been a respected writer, commentator and business person in Dallas for half-a-century. I’ll take his word over yours.

  54. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Postscript correction from someone who 1) typed too fast 2) won’t be blogging here anymore.

    I received what was called the MLK award in 1976 in Alabama when I was there serving as the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant. It was given to me by (ready?) outgoing racist-turned-redemptive old man George Wallace for my work going in the course of my residency to rural schools. It was not a big deal. But it was a big deal to anyone who really cares about people of color when they themselves have so much privilege handed to them.

    Lately I have been asking myself what happened to the blogs…and Wick Allison himself posted recently asking that. Where not so long ago we could have fun and be snarky, we now risk professional harm and personal attack. And for what? And, I might add, by people whose name we never know. Only some moniker or half name.

    I don’t take true offense from rude strangers. But I don’t need the grief. I do however need to have some fun. I used to find it here.

    Me? I’m running late for dinner…ready? At a friend in Oak Cliff’s house. A Mexican American woman and her African American DJ husband. PS: She tied her tubes. And so did my mother, like Daniel’s. Adios.

  55. diahh says:

    There’s no need to stop commenting Rawlins. Just have a nice dinner and a good nights sleep and come back tomorrow.

  56. Daniel says:

    For God’s sake, don’t stop commenting, Rawlins. (I assume it was obvious that I was only being goofy with my comment … maybe it was an awkward moment to be goofy.)

    You’re A-No.1 in my book, Rawlins. And you’re too much of a class act to get that bent out of shape over one vicious jerk. Have a drink, for Christ’s sake.

  57. Anna Berenger says:

    I second Daniel’s motion, don’t stop commenting Rawlins. Although I was surprised at the 40 year discrepancy with the MLK thing. How do you confuse 1976 George Wallace Alabama with 2006? But whatever Rawlins says I’ll take his word for it just because hes Rawlins

  58. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Daniel, At the risk of looking self-important instead of moving on, I’m responding to you because of your kind words even though this is a very tight day/week for me And no, I thought you were funny. Consider your compliment to me returned in kind. And Anne, that’s a great compliment as well. Undeserved but welcomed. Per typing 2006, I first typed 2076.

    That said, here’s the deal as I see it. When you grow up, the son of political activists steeped in the civil rights era, a black person calling a white person a ‘racist’ is tantamount to a white one using the ‘N’ word. It’s that simple.

    What appeals to me, or has in the past, whether it is with PegasusNews, the DMNews Views Editorial blog or FrontBurner, is the variety of formats to join in a political debate/discussion nationally (DMN) or flippantly make cracks regarding things pegged locally (FB, Pegasus). As someone quick on my feet, self-employed, a home-based writer, it’s like taking a break to interact with others. No less than taking a break walking the dog in the adjacent forest before resuming a project. Compare it to a coffee or smoke break.

    That said, the amount of anonymous vitriol that has become an oozing new norm is disturbing to me, and has lately…in fact this past weekend…found me talking with friends and other editors about my concerns that one only plays in that sandbox is at the risk of personal assault. And when one is known on whatever level, but the attacker remains closeted in cyberspace, it is no longer a playground but a minefield. Who wants to make a minefield a playground?

    Oddly, I intended to write a commentary on this subject on this but there again, we live in a two-fold world where half the listeners are completely unaware what a ‘blog’ is while the other half is someone who cannot relate to my concerns because they correctly feel that no one is forced to contribute. So the point central to any opinion piece becomes dead on arrival since it is not relevant to most persons who are anonymous even if they used their true name.

    As trey Garrison learned when he wrote the Op-Ed I book-ended in the piece I linked to in this thread, it is irrational how readers seize on a word, a phrase, a line. There is always a predatory reader ready to react. I was particularly impressed with ‘D’ publisher Wick Allison’s post a while back, where he succinctly listed his observations of how nuanced postings were decimated, etc. Wick is a thinker and his thoughts were that of someone who, like me, has a point of reference as to what once was normal and what is now the name of the game.

    Me? I just like being irreverent or funny or insightful or dueling with words. It’s what writers and independent thinkers do, and at its best what the blogs offer. A free-form forum democracy of humor, snipe and snark opinion. But without some standard of decorum it’s no place for a writer to sharpen his craft. It just becomes a place where anonymous predators sharpen their claws.

  59. Renee says:

    I am a Brancher and worked closely with Tim before, during and after the election and I consider myself more than just a voter to him! He has NEVER singled out one race or another with regards to the renting to undocumented people in our great city! Follow the law like the rest of us!! Why is it OK for some to circumvent the law while the rest of us obey it? I have a very dear, sweet friend who is in this country illegally and, altho I would NEVER turn her in, I would, and do, constantly encourage her to deal with it and get it righted! Tim is not the racist that some think he is and if I thought he was I would have nothing to do with him… nothing! I abhor racists, bigots and people who feel a sense of entitlement just because they are white and, yes, I do still get very vocal about it! I don’t let even the very ‘oldsters’ from the ‘deep south’ get away with using the ‘N’ word in my presence! Should Tim have said that about OC? I don’t know and I shouldn’t know as that email was a private email and should not have been read by anyone except the intended recipient!! How many of us can look at ourselves in the mirror and claim we NEVER say anything that might offend another race, or the other sex, or our neighbor etc…????!! Quit being hypocrits! You live where you want to live and I hope you strive to make it a better place as you and your neighbors see fit; let us do the same and remember that it’s possiboe that not everything you say in private to a trusted friend will remain private… the vultures lurk.