The DMN: Dallas’ Newest Serial Litterbug

Note to whomever is scattering the Briefing total-market coverage newspaper in the streets of Old Lake Highlands: If you think the publication is trash, just deposit it directly in a strip-mall Dumpster. Otherwise, please deliver it to our porches, or at least our driveways. Trash only begets more trash and crime.


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32 responses to “The DMN: Dallas’ Newest Serial Litterbug”

  1. JS says:

    Good luck with that request — they deposit the paper that I pay for in the same general location. I mean, there are only 10 or 15 of us that actually pay for the DMN, so you would think that they could actually get it within 10 feet of the front door.

  2. This photo illustrates that someone has a better aim than the guys on Lower Greenville.

    If you drive down Richmond Avenue between Skillman and Greenville, these packets are easily mistaken for road bumps (they are both yellow, right?).

    They are laying on the street in front of houses, nowhere near the curb.

    Most end up as road mush after they get wet by the rain or sprinklers.

  3. lee says:

    Our neighborhood was a real mess yesterday morning. In a physical way, not to mention, journalistic way, Briefing is light weight. That makes it hard to throw very far. There were papers in the gutters, where people will not see them and plastic bags blowing down the street. There were also Briefings thrown and most houses wiht the DMN. I emailed a senior DMN executive, who responded immediately to ask where I live. He said that they are commited to make it work.

    This morning all was well and the DMN was there at 4:50, an hour earlier than usual.

  4. John M says:

    Part of me is glad I don’t get this paper because I know I would never read it and end up throwing it away but part of me also feels a bit left out since the DMN apparently doesn’t think my neighbors and myself are affluent enough to receive it.

    I’m hold out a little hope that they just decided not to do it because they had a feeling that our building HOA would get upset that they were dumping so much trash in our hallways everyday though. That said, I wouldn’t be terrible upset if they left a stack of them in the designated area for all the other free publications (F!DLuxe, Brilliant, etc)

  5. LOC says:

    Funny – I can say the same thing about my Lakewood People newspaper. Is the pot putting in a call to the kettle?

  6. Long Memory says:

    We got Briefing a couple days in my Richardson neighborhood, and we haven’t seen it since. Believe me, you’re not missing anything. I had considered dropping the DMN and just taking Briefing. Then I read it, and I wondered if the strategy wasn’t to give a person that rag and wait for the people who actually felt short-changed by the free paper to call in and subscribe. The only reason they can call that a paper is because it’s printed on, uh, paper.

  7. LP says:

    Our street in Vickery Place has been littered with the DMN’s Al Dia every Wed. for weeks. Most of the time they can’t even make it up to the sidewalk and its in the gutter.

    While probably only 10% of the street is Spanish speaking why would anyone want to read some litter thats out in the gutter anyway.

    Make it stop!

  8. drew says:

    Cursed with Al Dia as well near Skillman & Live Oak. I wish they would at least switch delivery to every other Thursday so that I could just drop it directly in the recycling bin while it’s out on the curb.

  9. amandacobra says:

    So you’re saying that perhaps the folks in the Strategy department were the first to take the buyout packages?

  10. NPHater says:

    Strategy was bought out in 1999. Panic replaced it.

  11. fred says:

    Apparently the Dallas News and People Newspapers haven’t heard that most of Old East Dallas has gentrified and the folks here have lots of home equity. We aren’t good enough to get Briefing or Lakewood People (hey People there are other elementary schools besides Lakewood and Sanger. And when was Sanger ever in Lakewood?). Some of us get Al Dia but there aren’t many Spanish-speaking homes except in Mount Auburn.

    Should you start throwing your other stuff to us, remember that we don’t want to read about weddings, sports or other things in Highland Park.

  12. LOC says:

    Again, hard for anyone here to complain about free papers being thrown in their yards (or streets) when People Newspapers invented the concept. Quite frankly, all of it belongs on racks at the entry of Snuffers. If you’re gonna tolerate one, you’re gonna have to tolerate them all.

  13. LOC says:

    Hmmm … Snuffers … cheese fries … lunch anyone?

  14. LOC says:

    @ Dr. Know – Never mind lunch – I’m no longer hungry.

  15. Amy S says:

    Dear Dallas Morning News,

    Imagine my surprise when yesterday’s Metro section contained a good kid from Heath, and residential sales from northeast of 635. Sorry but it’ not very useful to those of us living in the ‘230.

    Your explanation of a recent consolidation in production from 5 zones to 3 was understandable considering your recent layoffs. Your explanation that I am receiving the correct paper was not understandable. It’s unfortunate that your circulation department didn’t understand my explanation that you are missing your target market in North Dallas by delivering the wrong zone to the wrong neighborhood.

    But that’s OK, I’ve recently become a big fan of the D empire, et al, and have found a certain snarky preference for my local news. Plus it contains more information pertaining to the area of Dallas I live in.

    So keep up the good work, I’m certain the dropping subscription rates in North Dallas will eventually get someone’s attention, if there is anyone left there to check it out.

    Very truly yours,

    Amy S

  16. jrp says:

    remember when kids on bikes delivered your daily newspaper? those were the days

    now this trash is thrown in the gutter/in the middle of the street from a van moving about 10-15 mph driven by recovering alcoholics and ex-cons hard up for a job

    great business plan the suits at media cos. have devised here…kudos, gents, please deliver more trash to my front yard because i so love picking up trash

  17. ll says:

    They throw Al Dia in my neighborhood — no one seems to read it. On my daily walk, I gather them up and throw them directly into my big blue recycle bin.

    And since they didn’t respond to my phone call, my next step is to call Code Enforcement and turn them in for littering.

  18. LakeWWWooder says:

    Amy, we in 75214 got the same edition. Today’s surprise was “Neighbors” (usually in Saturday’s paper), with a big HS Sports pullout. On the cover is a huge color picture of some suburban football team. Inside I looked to see if tonight’s Woodrow opener is at Franklin Field, but there was no listing for our game. But there were plenty of others.

    For other curious Wildcats, the game is at Franklin at 7:30 pm.

  19. Amy S says:

    LakeWWWooder, I’m working in the concessions stand tonight at Franklin Field – the DMN put you down at Forester Field.

    I signed up before realizing that tonights HHS game is against WTW (gasp), so will have to rely on texts from my son.

  20. the cynic says:

    I’ve been watching them pile up on the curbs/sidewalks of my Richardson neighborhood, too. Funny how particular our HOA is that they haven’t taken action against DMN. We have rear entry garages, so many of my neighbors only go out the front door once or twice a week to get mail. Unlike Quick which I found to be a nice briefing on news, the new Briefings rag is not worth the paper it is printed on…except they were able to sell a few full page ads. I also received several bags of phone books on my porch this morn. Does ANYone actually flip thru the yellow pages any more? Mine go directly to the recycle bin. I like the idea of racks at the front of stores/restaurants with the free papers. Please don’t litter our neighborhoods.

  21. Amy S says:

    PS. They need new initials, DMN just seems more and more like “Damn Mangled News”.

  22. Brandon says:

    When I was growing up in Richardson, I had a good friend who was a “papergirl”. She got up at 5ish on the weekends (and weekdays during the summer) and would chuck the papers from those 10-15mph trucks. She enjoyed her job, delivering the news to the people, and always counted how many papers she DIDN’t make onto the porches (there weren’t too many).

    She did that job for many years, until finally they cut her pay for the 3rd time, making it worthless to get up that early. I assume the new crop of people who work for what they pay them probably aren’t motivated to hit the porches.

  23. jrp says:

    that’s what i’m saying, Brandon, i used to deliver The Philadelphia Daily News in the afternoon (remember that, the PM edition)

    it was right after school. a bunch of us 11-12-13 year olds would ride our bikes to the drop house, load up, deliver the papers on our route and then go home, collecting from the subscribers once a week and getting tips based upon quality of service (i.e. whether the paper made the front stoop or ended up on lawn, curb, etc.)

    competition for the best routes, and consequently the most money, made us want to provide a high level of service

    invaluable lessons learned at a young age

    those days are long gone and now we’re stuck picking up this unsolicited trash deposited on our lawn because the media suits think it’s a good idea, as a generation of pre-teens miss out on learning that a little hustle and quality service translates to more $$$ in your pocket

  24. the cynic says:

    JRP, i hate to be the cynic but have you tried to get this generation of pre-teens to do any actual work? It is so beneath them to actually have to work for small change when Daddy gives them everything their little black hearts desire.

  25. Daniel says:

    …a van moving about 10-15 mph driven by recovering alcoholics and ex-cons hard up for a job

    Actually, we’re not all of us recovering exactly. But we do have our dignity, sir.

  26. jrp says:

    don’t think that’s overly cynical at all, man, this millennial generation is beyond spoiled to the point they expect a six-figure salary upon graduation and cry like infants when it don’t happen

    just glad my father taught me to responsible and accountable and to understand the value of hard work, or, at least, a little effort

    makes attaining goals and obtaining goods that much more gratifying

    anyway, still think the Belo suits (and many other media execs) are clueless about productive ways to attract new and more eyes to their products…throwing trash on people’s lawns ain’t gonna cut it and will eventually be harmful, if this thread is any indication, as these “new initiatives” will drive more folks to stop taking the daily paper

  27. jrp says:

    it was a rash overgeneralization, Daniel, to make a point

    i support all drunks, ex-cons, and newspaper-delivery folks and not particularly in that order

  28. My feet are cold! My head hurts! This lemonade has too much ice in it!!! says:


  29. Matt says:

    Despite the seven messages I’ve left at the “remove me from the list” number, I continue to get my mailbox clogged with the DMN Neighborhood Shopper every week. I’m guessing they laid off the guy who used to check that voicemail. I’ve been saving them for a year and plan on returning them to the Belo offices soon. Luckily, I haven’t had to add Briefing to my collection yet.

  30. Chris says:

    I find my copy of Briefing in the side of may yard today. Next time I will take a pic and send it.

  31. publicnewsense says:

    You are my hero! I hate that crap. Please let us know when you’re going to do this presentation so we can photograph it….

  32. Beth says:

    i found this by googling the neighborhood shopper. i’ve been trying for a year to get off that list. i’ve left voicemails. i’ve spoken to reps. i’ve sent emails. all multiple times. and nothing.

    i’ve been considering doing the same thing as matt and returning them to the sender. i would be curious to hear how that goes.