Suggested Street Name Change Is An Outrage!

Backroom deals! Shady handshake arrangements! Kowtowing to a PC constituency! That’s what is behind this ridiculous suggested name change of a wonderful Dallas boulevard. No, not the Ross/Chavez Avenue debate going on right now at City Hall. I’m talking about the idea to change Yale Boulevard to SMU Boulevard. Heresy! My memories of Yale-B would forever be tarnished: falling down outside the Green Elephant because the street was spinning; getting lost as I tried to find my way from Milo’s to the Green Elephant during the St. Patrick’s Day parade; hiding behind cars as my wife circled Yale Boulevard trying to find me to take me home and end the day’s revelry. Wait. I guess that’s all the same memory. Ah, go ahead, change it, what do I care?


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9 responses to “Suggested Street Name Change Is An Outrage!”

  1. Natalie says:

    Isn’t Yale Blvd. also SMU Blvd.? It’s SMU Blvd. on one side of 75 and then changes into Yale.

    So it would really only be half a street name change – never fear!

  2. Ed says:

    I got to thinking this morning that Ross Ave. should be changed to DISD Ave. so every time you drive on that street you would think of the $64 million deficit of the organization that is headquartered on that street!

  3. Highway 6 says:

    Any report from this morning’s Ross Ave stakeholder meeting at P&Z?

  4. wes mantooth says:

    Can we agree that the term “stakeholder” has an expiration date of 12/31/09 and will not be used into the next decade? Ugh. I hate that word. It’s so nebulous. Who isn’t a “stakeholder” in any public debate?

  5. Peterk says:

    Looks like Google Maps has already weighed in on the situation,-96.776483&spn=0.007698,0.013819&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr

    and lets not forget the Yale St Quiet Man pub

  6. Highway 6 says:

    Okay, mantooth. To clarify, the city decided that the stakeholders, in this case, are those people or entities owning property on Ross Ave.

  7. wes mantooth says:

    @Highway 6, I wasn’t picking on you, or at least I didn’t mean to. Although if that’s the definition in this case, it’s probably too narrow; a lot of businesses along Ross Ave. rent their space but would be profoundly affected by the name change.

    But that’s not the real point here. My main point (which is, as usual, tangential to the main point of the original post) is that I’m sick of the use of the work “stakeholder”. It came from out of nowhere a couple years ago and now it seems like it’s everywhere. It’s one of those pro-active words used by Corporate Entities seeking synergy. Personally, I blame IBM.

  8. El Rey says:

    Wes, I understand you do not agree with our synergistic compendium of active buzzwords. Now, would you please go back to work and remember the new format for the TPS reports. We have added a back cover page as well.

  9. Informed Citizen says:

    It had to be changed. Yale didn’t want to be associated in any way, shape or form with SMU.