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Suggested Street Name Change Is An Outrage!

By Eric Celeste |

Backroom deals! Shady handshake arrangements! Kowtowing to a PC constituency! That’s what is behind this ridiculous suggested name change of a wonderful Dallas boulevard. No, not the Ross/Chavez Avenue debate going on right now at City Hall. I’m talking about the idea to change Yale Boulevard to SMU Boulevard. Heresy! My memories of Yale-B would forever be tarnished: falling down outside the Green Elephant because the street was spinning; getting lost as I tried to find my way from Milo’s to the Green Elephant during the St. Patrick’s Day parade; hiding behind cars as my wife circled Yale Boulevard trying to find me to take me home and end the day’s revelry. Wait. I guess that’s all the same memory. Ah, go ahead, change it, what do I care?