Some Sporty Quick Hits For Fans of Sporty Things

  • Maybe this has been mentioned on this site, but did you know that Gordon Keith’s blog has a new look? You’ll see it as you read Gordo’s take on the lesbian SMU basketball story. And, yes, it’s as awesome as that tease sounds.
  • Your Texas Rangers trounced the Oakland Athletics, 14-4, last night in Arlington. Don’t look now, but it looks like it might be a pretty good year for the ol’ Rangers.
  • And reason No. 17,942 I love Jimmy Johnson: Talking today on the Dan Patrick radio program, Johnson gave his take on the recently regurgitated story of how Michael Irvin badly sliced the neck offensive lineman Everett McIver with a pair of scissors:

“The way he [McIver] played in a couple of games, I wanted to kill him a couple of times myself.”


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7 responses to “Some Sporty Quick Hits For Fans of Sporty Things”

  1. Gordon Keith says:

    Note: The new site look is only temporary until I can get a webdesigner to make a manly stylesheet for WordPress. Currently it looks way too Gay Wedding Photographer, which is somehow so me…

  2. Daniel says:

    Well, Gordon, the mugshot on yur blog isn’t quite as bad. But if I saw that photo and had to guess What’s Your Line? I’d totally go with “John Tesh tribute act.”

  3. Marcus says:

    Gordon, can we date?

    PS – Rangers game was at 1:00 yesterday, but you’re not the only one that thought it was last night. I had ticket vouchers in hand and was headed out there until I found out.

  4. Bill says:

    Speaking of sports, that David Feherty article in next months issue is kick ass. Lotta people been talking about it.

  5. Gordon Keith says:

    And my favorite John Tesh cover? “Milquetoast in G minor” See me every Tuesday at the Nasher with my wall of keyboards.

  6. Marcus says:

    @Bill – Agreed, it was a fantastic read.

  7. Mike says:

    Great read. Still, Gordon, don’t take that as encouragement to take us down the “Why do humans?” road that fits better in an Intro to Philosophy class in a special needs high school than on radio. The straw-manning that goes on in those segments is unbearable.