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Re: Leading Off (The Quick Item)

By Adam McGill |

I get the format switch from every weekday to weekly. And I get the concentrated distribution at apartments. But what I don’t get about the announcement is the two incidences of quotation marks: Briefing is described as a “‘quick-read’ newspaper,” and Quick will continue to have “expansive coverage.” Is it just me? Isn’t that a little weird? No one’s being quoted; no official statement is referenced. In fact, the announcement by staff reports (which is a whole ‘nother question mark that had Tim scratching his head just now) is the official statement. So why not get an official quote from Alison Draper or Jim Moroney? Heck, use one from the press release (which I’ve included after the jump). Is it just because “quick-read” and “expansive” are subjective terms that no one who contributed to the “staff report” felt comfortable with including without attribution?

It just struck me as “odd.”

The Dallas Morning News Re-launches Quick
To Better Serve Young Adult Readers
DALLAS (September 24, 2008) -The Dallas Morning News announced today details of its plan to re-launch Quick, which is currently published Monday through Friday as a free tabloid newspaper featuring news summaries and entertainment-related stories and features. Beginning Thursday, October 30, Quick will transition to a weekly publication exclusively focused on entertainment, events and nightlife.

“Since its launch in 2003, Quick has demonstrated strong growth in readership,” said Alison Draper, publisher of Quick. “Recent research conducted among our primary target of 21-34 year-olds has revealed an opportunity to focus Quick more clearly on entertainment-related coverage to make it even more compelling to these readers and better deliver this young adult audience to our advertisers.”

The new Quick will continue to be published in a tabloid format and will include expansive coverage of local entertainment including events, nightlife, music, movies, eating and drinking. In addition, Quick will include new features on topics important to young adults such as dating, sex and relationships, fashion and shopping. In recent focus groups among 21-34 year-olds, nearly 80% said they preferred the new Quick to the current version.

Distribution will also change to better serve both consumer and advertiser needs. While Quick will continue to be a free publication, it will increase from the current 95,000 copies to 100,000 copies. In a groundbreaking new partnership, approximately 50,000 copies will be delivered door-to-door for the first time directly to young adults living in apartments and approximately 50,000 distributed in rack locations in key entertainment districts and retail locations. Plans include continuing to increase circulation at apartments early next year through door-to-door delivery.

Readers have responded positively to the idea of receiving Quick at their apartment, with over 70% of focus-group participants saying they are “extremely interested” in receiving home delivery of Quick. “We’re encouraged to hear of the positive response to Quick among our primary target of young adults,” said Ryan Baldwin, President of Trigon Management. “We are excited to be partnering with The Dallas Morning News to offer delivery of Quick to our residents.” Trigon’s Dallas properties include the Davis Building, Dallas Power & Light, Mosaic, and ilume.”

“Our advertising customers have been enthusiastic about the changes coming to Quick” said John McKeon, President and General Manager for The Dallas Morning News. “The ability to home deliver to apartment residents offers us direct access to young adults who are often difficult to reach through other media, a key benefit other competitors cannot offer. Plans are in the works on new multi-media platforms, including mobile applications, which we will be announcing later this year.”

“The prospect of delivering our ad message to the specific audiences we want, with a proven brand like Quick, is very attractive to us,” said James Hallam, Vice President of Marketing for Ben E. Keith Company.. “The long shelf life of Quick’s new weekly format, coupled with its growing online and mobile capabilities, means we have more opportunities to connect with our target customers.”