Promotional Post Alert: D Beauty‘s 10 Most Beautiful Women In Dallas Is Up And Running

The editors of D Beauty, the glamourous member of the D Family, have narrowed the list of Most Beautiful Women in Dallas down to 20. It’s now your task, duty, and privilege to narrow it down to 10. Read the candidates’ profiles, watch snippets of interviews, then vote for your favorite once a day, every day, for the three weeks of the contest. Why your favorite is your favorite (hot pic, beauty on the inside, friend of a friend, etc.), it matters not. Just vote.


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28 responses to “Promotional Post Alert: D Beauty‘s 10 Most Beautiful Women In Dallas Is Up And Running”

  1. CKent says:

    DMag – what a complete waste of time with this contest! What happened to last year’s 10 finalists? Are they no longer beautiful? How about focusing on the 10 Most Influential, the 10 Who Contributed the Most Hours to a Charitable Organization, the 10 Who Are Making Things Happen, the 10 Most Genuine, etc etc….

    All this superficial crap is just another example of why Dallas always gets a bad rap! Why are you always first to reward exterior beauty and never reward for the biggest heart!

    What about the 10 Least Beautiful Women, or is that reserved for the Observer?

  2. Republicrat says:

    Where’s Willa Ford? And some of these broads are pretty old, what gives?

    And don’t even try and get all huffy on me and whine about “inner beauty”. The contest is sponsored by a plastic surgeon and a teeth whitening company.

  3. Barton H. says:

    What in the blue heck? I can find 20 more beautiful women at a random shopping mall than these! No disrespect intended, but the title is very misleading. None of them are above average in appearance. NONE.

  4. Jesse says:

    While we’re at it, let’s have a ranking of D Mag’s 10 most ridiculous rankings. Embarrassing.

  5. jrp says:

    what’s wrong with you guys? since when has debating the merits of 20 beautiful women been a waste of time? and what’s their age have to do with? beauty stops at 25?

    i voted for casey for that pic of her on the beach in the faux viking helmet, although it’s not the hat she was wearing that i remember most…

  6. Really? says:

    Ok, I get that the contestants are to be judged not only upon physical beauty, but upon inner beauty as well. (Charitable work, etc.) So does it really need to be sponsored by a plastic/cosmetic surgery center? What’s next, the 10 most eligible $30k millionaires in Dallas sponsored by D&M Leasing?

  7. CJS says:

    I just think the title is misleading and superficial sounding. I know that Dallas is known for its beautiful women, but spice it up, make it original and put some substance behind that surface sounding title. Congratulations to the women that got nominated though…for whatever reason.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    Oh..I know!…if I visit the sponsors of this contest, maybe the editors of D magazine would find me beautiful too…or maybe someone…anyone…Oh!…I’ll go!…I’ll go!…I mean what could it hurt?…maybe they can remove my prehensile tail…

  9. K.Rutledge says:

    enhancement package my bad…

  10. Puddin'Tane says:

    So “average” or older women can never be considered beautiful?


    BTW, when will we have the 10 Hottest Men in Dallas contest?

    Oh, that’s right!! There aren’t any!!!

  11. AnonyMouse says:

    “D Beauty’s 10 Most Beautiful and Connected Women in Dallas.”

    There, I fixed it for ya.

  12. Bethany says:

    I’m just glad I’m not on the list. You guys are brutal. I’m hoping you’re pretty, too …

  13. jrp says:

    WTF, man, this is ridiculous
    let’s see what you guys rate as attractive…lemme guess:

    and there is no media conspiracy…this poll isn’t rigged…ADVERTISING is how media companies make money. so who would be an appropriate sponsor for this magazine poll? the DISD? Coors Light? Sonny Bryan’s? TI? Exxon? Lee Harvey’s? the NTTA?

    D is going to try and sell a sponsorship at the highest rate to the highest bidder IN ORDER TO MAKE MONEY TO FUND OPERATIONS. it’s called Capitalism. An astute sales rep contacts any and all potential businesses that they think will pay the highest rate to be a sponsor for a specific promotion.

    what part of that is hard to understand?

  14. El Rey says:

    I happen to know Allison and her family. The pic doesn’t do her justice and you will never meet a more genuine and friendly young lady.

  15. Jim says:

    D Beauty contest = target audience.

    Come on y’all, don’t you know D is all about coddling the opinions, curiosities, and vanity of the 35 to 47 Highland Park woman demo?

  16. DGirl says:

    I’m just deeply hurt that I’m not on the list.

    sniff, sniff.

  17. amandacobra says:

    Tony Romo’s hair looks like when you don’t put enough hot water in the Top Ramen cup and some of the noodles stick up but don’t get cooked.

    This comment should, finger crossed, get me in the running for next years Most Impoverished Women in Dallas list.

  18. Paula Jones says:

    Bethany, hon, what have you heard that you’re not telling me? Is there going to be a “10 Most Beautiful Arkansas Prom Queens” contest?

  19. Andrew says:

    Hard to judge this contest since we’ve only seen Casey mixing Dark Ages headgear with a bikini. The others should comply forthwith if they want my vote.

  20. Republicrat says:

    Hey jrp, chill out dude (or dudette). Maybe you’ve been hanging out with Jim Shutze at the Observer too long, nobody has made any mention about any kind of conspiracy.

    Breathe man, breathe, don’t get your blue blood in a boil. Maybe you need to check D’s “1,872 Best Doctors in Dallas” (Feb, 2008 issue) for a doc to write you up a script for some high blood pressure meds.

  21. jrp says:

    i guess i’ve got a case of the Mondays, Republicrat, lost too much moola yesterday on the NFL games

  22. Dallasite says:

    Wow, I’ve seen some venom from these pages before, but this is retarded.

    Yes, those women are beautiful. They don’t appear faked, airbrushed, or anorexic either.

    I have seen some women in Dallas that may be more beautiful (depending on your point of view), but I’ve seen hundreds of thousands that aren’t.

  23. Saakashvili says:

    wendy cruz ftw

  24. confused says:

    I don’t get it. Is this the 10 Most Beautiful or 10 Most Moderately Attractive Cougars Who Love Junior League? Seriously, if you’re going to have a contest like this, at least be honest. Who are you kidding that those are the 10 most beautiful women in Dallas? Also, if this is about beauty, what do I care what BS self-important socialite “charities” any of these people support?

  25. i voted for casey says:

    I voted for Casey. Not because she’s hot, because frankly, she isn’t, but because she was on top chef.

  26. BF says:

    My post yesterday on this topic was removed (for those of you who think The Man isn’t watching) for alluding to the Best Realtor and Best Doctor issues of D Mag. So I will change topics and tell you of my shock that I actually got a spam email today from Marie Reyes (who I do not know) actually campaigning for my vote in this contest. It gives me a link to click and tells me to “vote early and vote often”. I won’t make any negative comment for fear of censorship, but my goodness…

  27. Spamboy says:

    What about “your mother”? I see she didn’t make *this* list.

  28. CKent says:

    WOW! My 2nd post was removed too! I guess the truth hurts DMag. Good luck in your superficial contest. I guess us ugly people will just have to revel in your beauty!