NorthPark As An Economic Indicator

Gross sales through June at NorthPark were up 8.24%, which tells me Dallas did just fine for the first half. The folks there are a little worried, as are the rest of us, about how the current financial crisis will affect consumer confidence, even in Dallas, but they note that so far sales are very much ahead of projection.

Much of the credit for the increased traffic, of course, goes to the $275 million expansion. It is worth noting that David and Nancy Haemisegger (nee Nasher) did not ask for or receive tax abatements, subsidies, or any other goodies from the city to build the additional space, even though their investment will pay big dividends for taxpayers in increased sales and property taxes.


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20 responses to “NorthPark As An Economic Indicator”

  1. SB says:

    $275 expansion. You can’t even buy a pair of jeans at NorthPark for $275.

  2. Dave Thomas says:

    Did the add a sunlight? A small one?
    That’s an amazing bang for the buck. Imagine if they had spent like a thousand dollars.

  3. amandacobra says:

    I had noticed the one water fountain over by Neimans was pumping out particularly cold water when I was there last week. I say it was $275 well spent. Huzzah!

  4. Zac Crain says:

    Funny. But now fixed.

  5. SRP says:

    People who have lost their jobs and homes will find great solace in knowing that
    North Park is doing well. Is your bubble made of stone?

  6. LakeWWWooder says:

    Hey there is a break in the wall so you can get to NorthPark from the Bubble (also to Hillcrest Cemetery).

  7. amanda says:

    SRP, my bubble is made of unicorn tears. And diamonds. Big diamonds.

  8. John M says:

    Seeing a food court and a T.G.I. Friday at NorthPark still brings a little tear of sadness to me.

  9. SRP says:

    Good for you Amanda. Not all people are as lucky as you are. I think you refer to them as whiners, and they refer to you as, well you know.

  10. Mrs. BIll says:

    Sales were up because everything was ON SALE. And no tax day. How about profits?? Curious.

  11. Gwyon says:

    “Gross sales through June at NorthPark were up 8.24%, which tells me Dallas did just fine for the first half.”

    Someone needs to put that in a time capsule. Or on the internet. Whichever.

  12. Paul says:

    Of course sales are up at NorthPark… that’s where the rich shop. The rich haven’t gotten the memo on the economy’s decline. Maybe we should see how sales are at Irving Mall as a comparison.

  13. SRP says:

    Such blatant arrogance is gross. Everyone is one illness away from being a victim of this economic disaster. Comments about diamond
    bubbles are only funny to those who live in them currently.

  14. J Montenegro says:

    Excellent point, Paul. When sales at Northpark plummet, that’s when it will be time to put the cash under the mattress.

  15. GMOM says:

    1. SRP chill, we need a bit of levity these days.
    2.Let’s see how the sales are in the Highland Park Village. That might be scary. I bet one of you crack investigative reporters at Frontburner can find out.
    3.The rich are still using their “funny money”. I can see it now, all the ginormous, architecturally basterdised, faux Tudor, Mediterranean, etc that have been built being abandoned cause they are ugly and way too expensive. (I think I made up some spelling).

  16. publicnewsense says:

    Wow, and that’s even with a suburban mom being shot by a guy obviously out of his approved zip code.

  17. Dave Thomas says:

    I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s great that North Park is doing well. I also think it’s great that the Dallas economy is doing better than the rest of the country. I am also quite happy to hear that so many people around here are considered “rich.” Good for them. Success should be celebrated, not scorned.

  18. Puddin'Tane says:

    It would really be interesting to find out the average credit card debt for the patrons of NorthPark.

    In fact, I’d like to know cc debt for Dallas in general.


  19. Bring It says:

    There is a direct relationship between an increase in gross sales, gross shoplifting, gross car burglaries, gross carjackings and gross attempted murders.

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