Lloyd Bockstruck’s Genealogy Column to Be Dropped by DMN

Big changes are coming to your daily paper on October 5. A bunch of stuff is going away, and all kinds of lifestyle-y stuff will be combined in a new, as-yet-unnamed section. Jump if you want the details.

Guide Live, Comics & Puzzles, Taste, Home, Healthy Living, and Sunday Life will combine to create the new, unnamed section, meaning each will no longer be a free-standing publication. The new section will have the following focus days: Tuesday, health; Wednesday, food; Friday, movies; Saturday, home; and gardening content happens on Thursdays.

More changes: Kids Day will go away from Sunday Life. There will be 10 fewer comic strips and two fewer comic panels. You like advice columns? Now you’ll get just two per day (Abby and Hax). Ask Amy, Harriet Cole, and Miss Manners will go bye-bye. Heloise runs once per week. And these puzzles and columns will be ditched: Diagramless (Saturdays), Wonderword (Daily), Bridge column (Daily), Lloyd Bockstruck’s genealogy column (Sundays), Cryptogram (Saturdays), Lucky Dog Poker (Thursdays).

To me, this all makes sense. Reducing the number of freestanding sections will make the paper easier to read. Tip a 40 for Miss Manners, though, boys.


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39 responses to “Lloyd Bockstruck’s Genealogy Column to Be Dropped by DMN

  1. publicnewsense says:

    His family tree says “struck” not “strum.”
    Maybe they’ll run a blank page with the note “This space provided for your doodling pleasure.”

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    Thanks, publicnewsense. Fixed.

  3. Brent D. says:

    Sounds like they’re going back to the old Lifestyle section from a few years back.

  4. Me says:

    It’s the old Lifestyle section, only with less content. Just more shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  5. amanda says:

    Any news on when D plans to ditch Marty?

  6. Joan says:

    Dang! One of the reasons I subscribe to the paper is to read the “advice hags” (phrase coined when it was pretty much just the aging Ann & Abby). And poor Lloyd! First he gets mugged, now this.

  7. Daryl says:

    @ amanda

    I am sure one of the offices to Wick’s left are already on that question. Bean counters at that company are sure to ditch anything that doesn’t have revenue tied directly to it.

  8. Danno says:

    David Leeson has left the building also.

  9. Melanie says:

    Isn’t charging subscribers an increased price knowing they were soon going to not give them what they thought they were paying in advance for fraud? It is pretty much anyplace else.

    I guess you can get a refund, but still, they’ve taken your money under false pretenses to use for themselves until then. IJS

  10. amandacobra says:

    Now I will only have one chance a week to read about what Heloise has made out of old pantyhose?

  11. allison says:

    They’re taking away my Wonderword AND Ask Amy? Basturds!

  12. Nostaligilicious says:

    Why don’t they call it Today?

  13. Grumpy Demo says:

    Wow, I love paying the same price for less. Since half the paper is nothing but cut-and-past from the NYT I think I’ll just cancel and buy the Sunday NYT.

  14. Bethany says:

    They’re gonna replace Ask Amy with a column called Blow-viate in a bid to have Steve Blow multitask.

    First column:

    Dear Steve:
    I recently broke up with my life partner of four years, and we’re arguing over who gets to keep our vast collection of gay porn and Village People memorabilia. He says he should get it, because he spent the most time on E-bay, and I say I should get it, because he used my credit card. What do you think?
    – Snaped and Villaged

    Steve: Um, well, golly gee. Out here in Sunnyvale, the closest thing we get to gay porn is when one dog sniffs another’s hind end, if you know what I mean. Heaven’s to Betsy.

    Dear Steve:
    I am an executive at a large newspaper company. I make a lot of money, but I have to keep firing everybody. And people are laughing at me now. Just last week, 5,000 pairs of whitie-tighties were thrown in my yard in protest of my latest offering to rich people who are too busy to read the paper. I’m sad, and alone. What should I do?

    Rearranging Decherd Chairs

    Steve: Keep doing what you’re doing. I like you. I like you a lot. I think you’re probably the best boss ever. Can I buy you lunch?

  15. Spamboy says:

    They could buy the S-T, move those orphaned columns and comics into it, then sell them at the same newsstand — the last newspaper standing wins.

  16. Miss Grammar says:

    It’s “Heavens to Betsy”. No need for the apostrophe, unless you want to write: “Betsy’s Heaven.”

  17. Pete says:

    The Chicago Tribune and New York Times are ditching free-standing sections as well, but their decisions are more substantial. Each is folding its local news and business sections into one main news section so their three daily sections will be News, Sports, Features. How long before the News heads in that direction?

  18. Bethany says:

    Um, it was on purpose.

  19. amanda says:

    @ Miss Grammer…boocoos of thanks for the help with Bethany’s nefarious ” ‘ ” usage. (I know, she gets on my last nerve, too.)

  20. Billusa99 says:

    So, the Guide Live is kaput now. If Wednesday will be Food and Friday will be movies, does that mean Bill Addison will now be pushing drinks, decor and daikon-worshiping on Wednesdays? Or, will he be penning all his reviews from a Studio Movie Grill or an Alamo Drafthouse on Fridays?

  21. Miss Grammar says:

    Of course it was, dear.

  22. Bethany says:

    *wishes cockroaches on Amanda’s abode*

    If you were a regular reader of Steve Blow, you’d know I meant to do that.

  23. Miss Grammar says:

    Bethany, the Steve-Blow-made-me-do-it defense doesn’t work in this courtroom. Nice try.

  24. amanda says:

    @ Bethany…your wish has been granted…

    I got it, but then again, I am a huge Steve Blow fan…

  25. Bethany says:

    You are so sucking all the funny out- with a crazy straw.

  26. Tom says:

    Miss Grammar may be in violation of the “no name-calling” rule. Can we get a ruling from the judges?

  27. Miss Grammar says:

    Amanda, I’ll forgive the misspelling of Grammer. It’s obviously a sophmoric attempt at humor. But, be a dear and don’t use words like nefarious. Be yourself.

  28. Miss Grammar says:

    Um, it was on purpose. If you were a regular reader of Steve Blow, you’d know I meant to do that.

  29. Gwyon says:

    Did Miss Grammar just misspell “sophomoric”?

    How disappointing.

  30. Gwyon says:

    Dammit. I am slow.

  31. amanda says:

    MG…if you will dig deep into the bowls of FB history, you will find “nefarious” is a Bethany word…and, Bethany makes a sport of mocking Steve Blow.

    Me, I’m a true fan…I think Bethany is an *****. (Can I get a ruling from the judges? Is “*” use considered name calling?)

    Anyway, right now, I’m drinking pink wine from a Steve Blow coozie, while wearing my “Golly Gee” t-shirt, waving a Steve Blow foam finger, and looking at Sunnyvale house porn on ebby.com. In other words, its’ another day in paradise.

    Take that wordsmiths.

  32. Miss Grammar says:

    Gwyon. Don’t be so idiomatic on yourself.

  33. Bethany says:

    I really should stop it, too. I mean, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel to mock the King of Cliches.

  34. Spamboy says:

    “You are so sucking all the funny out- with a crazy straw”

    @Bethany Great, we’ve gone from Blow to suck!

  35. Bethany says:

    I played suck AND blow in high school. If you think that’s something dirty, you need to see “Clueless” again.

  36. Arnold says:

    Print media is a drag.

  37. Susan says:

    A few years ago the Dallas Morning News purchased the independent Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise, a successful, 100-year-old, (Pulitzer Prize winning) daily.

    Through several permutations, anything Features has now devolved into a section dubbed “Local-Plus.” Eight to ten pages of obituaries, comics, entertainment including daily TV log, and a handful of columns. Sunday is a joke, with only the pared-down Comics, Travel and Perspective sections augmenting the daily fare.

    My guess is that “Local-Plus” is also in Dallas’ future. Editors can move any local news to the new section, and routinely do so here.

    Hunker down DMN subscribers, you’re in for a shock.

  38. Cherri Roemeling says:

    I just moved back to the Dallas area, the only reason I subscribed, and looked forward to it was Lloyd Bockstruck. Now whatever will I do?