Leading Off (9/8/08)

1. Marion Barber succumbed to the not extremely well known but still-dangerous “D Magazine Pulse opener curse,” bruising his ribs in the Cowboys’ season-opening cakewalk over the Cleveland Browns. He’ll be fine. I bruised my thumb rebuilding our shed during the second half of the game. Look for me to be listed as “questionable” on this week’s injury report.

2. Apparently, hunting within the city limits in Prosper and McKinney isn’t a big deal “because the law accounts for the distance that ammunition can travel.” I had a joke here about physics, but then I realized it didn’t quite work. So now, I’m just going to sit back and figure out the odds of the first comment not being made by one Trey Garrison. They aren’t astronomical, but I doubt Vegas would take any action.

3. I’m not sure if you knew this, but turns out, vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin recently had a baby. I just wish someone had made a bigger deal about this. (Yeah, you’re right–I’m openly baiting Trey now. And also biting Eric’s Friday Leading Off style. Rare two-fer.)


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25 responses to “Leading Off (9/8/08)”

  1. BP says:

    I’m not Trey.

    Sorry Zac.

  2. Harvey Lacey says:

    Yup, it looks like Palin’s placement in the Presidential arena has given a whole new meaning to the term “baby bump”.

    McCain’s handlers hit a home run on this one.

  3. Bill says:

    Belo sure has been hammering this whole dove hunting thing. Seems strange they have such a fixation on one issue.

    I think the whole thing is funny.

    You have to really darn close to Dick Cheney someone with bird shot.

  4. Ross Garner says:

    They did make a big deal about Palin having a baby, just in a round about way. She actually started contractions while attending an energy summit here in Texas. She then got on a plane and went back to Alaska to have the baby (http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/380134.html). Her baby Trig was rumored to be Bristol Palin’s son, however, Sarah dismissed this rumor by revealing that Bristol is 5 months pregnant so she could not possibly be Trig’s mother. This is also why she, and John McCain have made a point to say that parents with special needs children would have a friend in this administration.

  5. Daniel says:

    For God’s sake, Zac! The lady’s family is off-limits — except when she herself chooses to exploit them, of course! Sir, have you no decency?

  6. Zac Crain says:

    I’m very disappointed in you, Trey, wherever you are. But not you Daniel.

  7. MushMouth says:

    Leave Sarah and her family alone!
    We all know Rush and his buddies in the press would NEVER say anything if that black guy running for president had a pregnant unwed daughter.

  8. amanda says:

    #2, Suburbanites, the other, other, white meat.

  9. Bethany says:

    What’s so wrong about exercising your second amendment rights on some doves … and a few cars … and a team of T-ballers … and maybe a guy out mowing his yard …

  10. Harvey Lacey says:

    Many years ago when my adopted son went off on a diatribe about killing dove I had to look at him and shake my head.

    I said, “you know it takes a pretty brave s.o.b. to face down a mean butt dove and only have a twelve gauge.

    Maybe Trey can come on here and explain why some people insist on blowing the internationa symbol of peace out of the air.

  11. CBS says:

    Harvey–we shoot dove and quail because they taste good. Not a big hunter, but I sure enjoy eating with those who are.

    Now hunting within a populated city is simply absurd…unless you are pigeon hunting and that should be lawful everywhere. Everyone should be granted unlimited license to blow pigeons the damn hell away.

  12. Bethany says:

    Speaking of pigeons – the ones at Balls on Northwest Highway are huge. I think they could walk up and take your freaking hamburger away from you.

  13. greg says:

    The law is absurd. It unfairly dampens the pace at which all that potentially profitable sweet land now home to stupid bugs and weeds and wild pigeons could be developed by a few. Houses, lawns, roads, strip malls, cars, rock haulers, density, fertilizer runoff, more density, crime, decay, you know, the things that have people putting their names on a waiting list to move to Dallas and send their kids to DISD.

  14. Spamboy says:

    @Amanda Genius

    1 = Zac and I are on the DL together — while fixing my wife’s guinea pig’s cage before kickoff, my needlenose pliers decided to fly out of my hand and slash my left arm. I typed this whole sentence using my right hand.

    2 = Up in McKinney, off Alma, people shoot off guns all the time this time of year. It’s quite disconcerting to be jogging at sunrise, then hear shots popping off — does alot to help me run faster.

  15. “Maybe Trey can come on here and explain why some people insist on blowing the internationa symbol of peace out of the air.”

    You just answered your own question, Harv.

  16. David Duchovny says:

    Spamboy, I typed this whole thing using my left hand. Quit bragging.

  17. Adamundo says:

    Dove + Jalepeno + bacon wrap + fire = goooooood!!!!!

  18. Cindy Garrison says:

    My husband is no dove hunter. He went to great lengths to save a baby dove born in a hanging basket in our backyard this summer. He even consulted Nancy Nichols. Honey, don’t shoot me for posting this comment.

  19. Spamboy says:

    @David Duchovny I’ve switched to using my prehensile tail for this reply.

  20. mm says:

    Yes, but dove without jalapeno and bacon wrap = notsogreat.

  21. JS says:

    I got arrested once for trying to get some prehensile tail (I think).

  22. mike says:

    If I remember correctly, the law was desinged to prevent alienation of property rights by land grabbing cities. Say you own land that has been rural un-incorporated land for years, one day you wake up and now your land is in Fort Worth.

    I’ve know a lot of dove hunters, I’ve never heard any of them claim they were doing it to prove bravery. No bravery is involved in buying a pre-dead chicken though is there?

  23. David Duchovny says:

    @Spamboy – now that I know you have a prehensile tale, I no longer need the internet. The visual will suffice.

  24. Daniel says:


    Her name wasn’t Sadie, was it?

  25. Harvey Lacey says:

    Cindy, tell me isn’t so! I like thinking of Trey with a twelve gauge. It gives me meat for my munch.

    This is as bad as my wife’s dumbarse dog that rides with me all the time. Darn dog has a cat. Yup a cat.

    How many people do you know with a dog that has a cat? And here I am, a man amongst men, not needing a twelve gauge or a pistolever, and I’m stuck with a dog that rescued a cat and now they sleep together.

    Darnedest thing you ever seen. You look out on the deck and there will be a dumbarse dachsund dragging a full grown yellow tabby by the head across the deck. Or you look out there and the dachsund is being startled out of sound sleep by said yellow tabby wanting to play.

    It’s embarrassing I tell you Cindy. Almost as embarrassing as it has to be for you to have THE gun nut of Dallas in your house and he coddles a baby international symbol of peace.

    I feel your pain.