Leading Off (9/30/08)

1. DISD trustee Carla Ranger says that the fact she heard from a reporter (and not superintendent Hinojosa) about 63 district employees who were pink-slipped is a “tragic situation.” I think she needs to call those folks who were let go and discuss what is and what is not “tragic.” Getting laid off, tragic. Non-preferred line of communication, irksome. Here to help, Carla.

2. The Dallas Police Department released a video of an officer who fatally shot a hit-and-run suspect who punched the officer while the officer had his gun drawn. Some have criticized the officer and the DPD for the officer’s actions. With all due respect to the victim’s family, when you run from the cops, and then you punch the cops, you will get shot. I think we all know that. And, frankly, I’m comfortable with that.

3. I love folks freaking out that T.O. was upset after the loss to the Redskins. Two things about that: one, this story seems to make a big deal out of his having a private conversation with Tony Romo about the offense, like, maybe, he’s supposed to have those conversations with Bradie James, I guess; and two, he wasn’t as upset as I was–you wanna hear some sweet new made up curse words, you shoulda been at Tim Rogers’ house Sunday evening.


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14 responses to “Leading Off (9/30/08)”

  1. Davie Dave says:

    But “frac” is just so much better.

  2. DM says:

    Conversations are good! T.O. should also have a conversation with Hinojosa about how to run the DISD. After that, he can talk with two of my clients about paying their bills on time…

  3. MIssing Dots says:

    I don’t think we need to know about you whispering sweet nothings in Tim’s ear on Sunday night.

  4. Brian says:

    maybe T O can help find Earth, or at least tell Tony. Okay enough.

  5. Sharon Boyd says:

    Thanks for backing up the cop. The drugged out thug has probably hit many people smaller than him and gotten away with it before the attacked the officer.

    I’m sick of rants of racism about this. It’s racist thinking to assume all big black men injest PCP and then try to beat up a cop. This was a bad guy who happened to be Black. The officer happened to be Hispanic. Their pigmentation had nothing to do with the drugged out thug picking on the wrong smaller guy — a smaller guy with a great big gun and a badge.

    Go DPD!

  6. Daniel says:

    I think it’s a little crass to crow “Go DPD!” in a case like this, Sharon. I would hardly want to encourage them.

    That said, what did this kid expect exactly? Warm fudge brownies with mint ice cream? (Because, let’s face it, warm fudge brownies with mint ice cream is pretty damn good — you know it, I know it, and that kid knew it, too.) In the immortal words of Hunter S. Thompson: Buy the ticket, take the ride.

  7. Daniel says:

    Actually, the article doesn’t specifically mention his age. This certainly would seem to discredit my assertions about mint ice cream!

  8. jrp says:

    the utter lack of respect many show to police officers is contemptible

    respect the laws of society or reap the consequences. period.

    another police officer was shot a

  9. jrp says:

    oops, fingers moving way too fast there

    during a “routine traffic stop” another police officer was shot and killed in Philly last week, which is four now dead officers in the past 11 months,

    imagine how trigger happy Philly cops are now

    these men and women risk their lives every day to ensure our streets are safe, either respect that or take a bullet

    this isn’t something that open for debate

  10. East Dallas Eccentric says:

    Remember to email the entire DISD board http://www.dallasisd.org/about/boardcontact.htm
    this week and copy to [email protected] and [email protected] before your favorite teacher gets “Hino-hosed”.

  11. Sean says:

    I’ve always been a fan of “fudgadinkus.” Thanks, Jub Jub.

  12. El Rey says:

    1. Carla Ranger always seems to be the last to find out about new developments. IJS

    2. I’m comfortable with that, too, Eric. If you bring a fist to a gun fight with a cop, you deserve what is coming to you.

    3. Blame for the Cowboys loss should lay squarely at the feet of Jason Garrett. You gotta make adjustments if you are not making progress!

  13. wes mantooth says:

    I feel badly for the family of the dead driver because they’ve lost someone they loved, but the someone they loved made a fatally bad decision. The officer was clearly in the right to use deadly force.