Leading Off (9/29/08)

1. Several firsts yesterday: the Cowboys lost for the first time, T.O. threw his first mini-fit over his role in the offense, Felix Jones didn’t score for the first time in his pro career, and Jerry Jones was fined ($25K for criticizing ref Ed Hochuli) for the first time in his tenure as owner. There was also one 204th (Wade Phillips looking vaguely confused), a 501st (Tony Romo asking a ref to throw a pass interference flag after a missed throw), and a 32,542nd (Joe Buck sucking all enjoyment out of the broadcast).

2. The TRE is adding several new routes, including a late-night 11:45 p.m.-12:15 a.m. trip from Union Station to CentrePort. Or, as they’ve been calling it around the office, the Hey I Don’t Want Any Trouble Just Take My Wallet and Don’t Hurt Me I Have Kids Express.

3. And finally, KXAS/Channel 5 turns 60 years old. We now go back to Jane McGarry in the studio. Jane? “Tonight at 10, why a seemingly normal anniversary MIGHT KILL YOU.”


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15 responses to “Leading Off (9/29/08)”

  1. Spamboy says:

    3 = Great, so now KXAS is half as old as Harold Taft and 1/5th the size of Mike Snyder

  2. mediawonk says:

    C’mon – the TRE is actually very clean and safe, and much less threatening to ride at that hour than the DART rail (which isn’t all that bad either). I’ve ridden the DART rail on both the last train of the night (around midnight) and the first train of the morning (5-ish) and I didn’t find either experience to be scary. Just be aware of your surroundings and you’ll be fine.

  3. Eric Celeste says:

    I used to take the TRE from Union Station to Centreport and back. Yes, it’s clean and safe — during daylight hours. The few times I jumped on at night, the fright factor did get turned up a bit. Nothing awful, but creepy enough that Zac’s post made me laugh out loud.

  4. Daniel says:

    Christ on a cracker, folks, if you’re scared of the TRE at midnight, just move to Anna, have yourself embalmed by a licensed professional, and sip hot toddies while watching reruns of Lawrence Welk. My Lord.

    Corner of Bryan and Fitzhugh at midnight = scary enough to engender an animal state of hyper-awareness

    Corner of Parry and Carroll at midnight = There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; there’s no place …

    TRE at midnight = Wish I had a beer to keep me from falling asleep. Wish there were a 24-hour diner waiting for me right at the terminus. On account of I’d like biscuits!Wish those teenage girls would stop giggling.

  5. jrp says:

    tell ’em, Daniel

  6. I think Daniel had himself some Grape Nuts this a.m. at that figurative 24-hour terminal diner.

    Anyone been to John’s Cafe on a weekend morning lately? Man it’s good to have him back on Lower Greenville.

  7. amanda says:

    Daniel, living life on the wild side…

  8. Daniel says:

    That’s right, Amanda. Just call me “Sugar Plum Fairy.” I came and hit the TRE. Looking for soul food and a place to … pee?

  9. amanda says:

    Daniel, you just made me spew Coke Zero on my keyboard and monitor…

  10. Zac Crain says:

    @Daniel: Well, you got me. I had nothing. When in doubt, prey on ridiculous fear.

  11. jrp says:


  12. Zac Crain says:

    Just getting ready for Thursday’s debate.

  13. jrp says:

    i can see Cockrell Hill from my house!!!!

  14. Rawlins Gilliland says:


    Watching last night’s Cowboy game end, I understood how the 14 year old girl down the street said she felt upon learning that Clay Aiken was gay; “used and crushed”.

  15. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Joanna, the fine print on Locklear was more relevant to current events than first blush. The fine print later disclosed by insiders suggests that Locklear was not only ‘drinking’ after an ‘inconsolable’ all-night session described by Washington heavyweights as ‘brain trust brainstorming’ with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the bailout strategy.