Leading Off (9/19/08)

1. The suggestion to rename Ross Avenue for Cesar Chavez was rejected, as was the idea to rename Industrial Boulevard “Riverfront Boulevard.” But the idea to rename Industrial after Chavez was reintroduced. Meanwhile, my plan to rename every street in Highland Park after a character in The Shawshank Redemption was never discussed. Which makes me sad, because I really want to go cut through from work to the Monk by driving down Red Way, hoping the beer is as cold and frothy as it is in my dreams.

2. Some sheriff department members didn’t like having to fill out a survey about their attitudes on homosexuality and bisexuality, with one suggesting it “was trying to promote the gay lifestyle.” Like they have to worry about that at the sheriff’s office. Have you seen those uniforms? TACK-EEEEE!

3. The Southlake Carroll principal switched the play that the drama department was scheduled to perform, yanking Sweeney Todd and for The Sound of Music because the former is too dark. Said the freshman Booker T theater major standing behind me: “OMG! They are high school students. I think they can handle it.” She then darted to her room to hear Kidd Kraddick’s take on the matter.


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30 responses to “Leading Off (9/19/08)”

  1. Yes, a family fleeing Nazis is a lighter topic.

  2. Eric Celeste says:

    And, yes, I know Tim had that item yesterday. But I liked my joke too much not to use it.

  3. JS says:

    What the heck is that link to in #1?

  4. Good job, Eric. You linked to a virus site.

  5. Which makes sense, given what today is, ye scurvy dogs. Arrrrr.

  6. MushMouth says:

    Y’all got a problem.

    “In many of the recent cases, the malvertizements were created using a popular ad package known as Fuse Kit. Hardmeier recommends in-house ad personnel apply extra scrutiny to graphics that were created using the program.”


  7. wes mantooth says:

    In other amazing news today that will not make your computer sick and barf bits, Jacqielynn Floyd wrote a prescient and insightful column in the DMN this morning regarding the convention center hotel.

    Seriously, it was a good read. I would make some snarky remark conflating a blind squirrel and a stopped watch, but I really did like the column.

  8. Bethany says:

    Wes, will you make it anyway, please?

  9. Carol says:

    The credibility of both Dallas government and the Dallas media will remain a laughingstock as long as whether or not the dream world internet survey respondents who produced this magical change in real world Dallas were even Dallas citizens voting only once each remains a deliberately buried issue.

    Do a majority of Dallas citizens want to rename Industrial or Ross? Let’s put it on a real ballot, find out, and go with the winner.

    But in the meantime, this silly dream sequence masquerading as real Dallas city government and serious press coverage of it rightfully makes Dallas the cartoon butt of jokes by those who wisely decide to locate themselves, their businesses, and most importantly their families somewhere not capriciously designed by Lewis Carroll and ruled by his Mad Hatter.

  10. John M says:

    It’s true, I took one of those surveys once and just a few hours later I was trolling for men in bathrooms on Cedar Springs.

  11. Phyllis Schlafly says:

    There is some disturbing censorship being practiced on the Frontburner comments, and perhaps the editors could elucidate why.

    In yesterday’s post about Stephanie Quadri’s birthday party (http://frontburner.dmagazine.com/2008/09/17/d-mag-style-director-has-birthday-party-looks-stylish-kinda/), some commentators noted that her balloon hate resembled the male member (using, as you’ll note, the “p” word). A few other commentators disagreed, arguing that it more resembled the female counterpart to the male member (using the “v” word). The posts with the “v” word were deleted, but the posts with the “p” word were left.

    None of the v-word posts were any more salacious than the p-word posts. Therefore, the deletions seem to imply either than we females have a more delicate sensibility and are incapable of reading the v-word without falling into a dangerous faint — or that the v-word is dirty and shameful and should not be spoken in polite company.

    In other words, the deletions are at best patronizing and condescending — and at worst insulting.

    Can the censors please speak to this?

  12. JS says:

    Johnson: Colonel, you better have a look at this radar.
    Colonel: What is it, son?
    Johnson: I don’t know, sir, but it looks like a giant–

  13. Bethany says:

    Phyllis, I said the P-word, and it got deleted. Even after someone said it was the quote of the day.

  14. JS says:

    Bethany: Pecker.
    Man: Ooh, Where?
    Woman: Wait, that’s not a woodpecker, it looks like someone’s–

  15. Phyllis Schlafly says:

    Apparently, an adult discussion is impossible on this board.

  16. wes mantooth says:

    If the 2004 (2006?) November election that would have had the Cowboys stadium at Fair Park referundum on the ballot is any indication, the last thing that the Dallas GOP wants on the ballot this fall is a referundum on renaming anything after Cesar Chavez.

  17. jrp says:

    the censors have spoke

  18. That… is a great point, Wes. I don’t think anyone considered that one.

  19. Phyllis Schlafly says:


    No, the censors have not spoken. They’ve simply deleted without explanation. The v-word is apparently verboten, and half the population is thereby infantilized.

  20. Bethany says:

    BTW, Phyllis, I know of one person – at least – that is willing to talk vajayjay with you.

    Phyllis, Jane. Jane, Phyllis.


  21. Modern Caveman says:

    Trey, that’s a great one.

    It’s weird how Tim Rogers and Eric Celeste are always quick to jump in with an explanation of this or that, but are strangely silent on this issue (especially since it involves censorship).

    I’m surprised that none of the distaff members of the staff have weighed in, but my guess is that they were long ago “infantilized” in the D editorial power structure.

  22. amanda says:

    Phyllis, girl, if you’ve got some junk in your trunk and need to vent, then let it out. This is a safe place. We’re all adults.

  23. @Modern Caveman

    Sorry, if you expect me to go along with you dogging my friends and coworkers, it ain’t going to happen. They’re kinda busy. Magazine and all.

    And if you expect me to go against my principle of absolute respect for property rights — then you are waaaay off. Them that own the blog makes the rules. It’s only censorship when government does it.

  24. Amanda — please don’t suggest anyone vent their junk in the trunk. This is not a German porn site.

  25. Oh My Eyes says:

    I know the real Phyllis Schlafly

    I have debated the real Phyllis Schlafly.

    You are NO Phyllis Schlafly.

  26. Spamboy says:

    3 = I deduce that it was Sweeney Todd that was carving the “X”es into Hummers in Southlake Carroll’s parking lot

  27. Modern Caveman says:


    “coworkers”? Are you back working at D again?

  28. Never really left. I am a contributing editor. They’re my work family. Except Tim. I hate him.