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I Went to the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show and Luncheon, and All I Got Was This Lousy Bag

By Sarah Eveans |

Just kidding. I like my bag, pictured here. It was the party favor we got for attending the Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show and Luncheon, held at Neiman Marcus Downtown. Oscar de la Renta is the official designer for this year’s Ball, and as you saw earlier, he was there to schmooze with the ladies. And everyone loooooves him. “A Dallas woman is a very special woman,” he said, complete with charming Spanish accent (insert nodding heads and thunderous applause here). For those who care, follow the jump for a recap of my afternoon.

11:25: Arrive at Neiman Marcus. A member of the valet army switches seats with me in record time and drives away. As planned, I arrive just as the reception is ending, in order to avoid prolonged awkward conversations. I head to the second floor where a runway has been set up, complete with tiered seating. My seat is in the K section next to Jill Rowlett who is decked in burgundy Oscar and so sweet and gorgeous. On my left is DMN reporter Jason Sheeler who is very dapper.

11:45: Things get underway. There are approx 500 people in attendance. Neiman Marcus pres Karen Katz speaks, then Gloria Martindale speaks, the CCB chair. She says Annette and Harold Simmons just donated $1 million to the cause, for the third year in a row. Much applause for this. CCB Luncheon chair Julie Turner announces $851,000 dollars has been raised for the luncheon as of yesterday afternoon. Then Pamela Fiore from Town and Country mag introduces the CCB 10 Best Dressed for this year: Charlotte Anderson, Pam Busbee, Alison Farrow, Ola Fojtasek, Kelly Ford, Heather Furniss, Libby Hunt, Di Johnston, Amy Turner Leon, Betsy Sowell, and Norma Hunt, the Hall of Fame honoree. They are wearing Oscar designs and are escorted down the runway by tuxedoed male models. Tim asked if they seemed nervous about this but all seemed very calm.

It is very hot. Spotlights are shining on us and Jill wonders if we are getting suntans. This is where I should mention that these women are mostly dressed for fall in skirt and pantsuits. There is hardly a bare leg in the room — people are in tights. Nuts. Lots of red.

12:15: Models begin showing the 2009 ODLR resort collection. I am not Stephanie but here’s what I’ll say about it: some high-waisted pants, lots of bright blues, greens, oranges, lovely strapless dresses, some ikat but mostly solid colors. Whew. One thing I like about fashion shows (and I’m only talking Fashion at the Park; I’ve never been to the real thing) is the music, but this time, whoever was in charge of the tunes dropped the ball. They started off strong with Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida,” and then played what sounded like the Polyphonic Spree (Choir member Jenny Kirtland was sitting right behind me, ahhhhh she’s so fabulous). Then they played the SAME Coldplay song again … and again … and again. Until the end. Strange.

12:35: We move to the fourth floor for lunch. Round tables everywhere with bowls of green apples in the middle. I’m seated at 25 with Yvonne Crum, Barbara Brice, Jill, John Clutts, Carolyn Lupton, Karen (freelance writer), Tierney Kauffman from Park Cities People, and Terry Van Willson. You saw what we had for lunch. Yes, people ate it. Unfortunately a waiter spilled a shot glass of gazpacho down the Barbara Brice’s back, but she could not have been more gracious and we got a bottle of Champagne (yay!). There was also white wine and dessert, a trio of rice pudding, pineapple vanilla cake and chocolate cheesecake (all meh).

That’s it. Overall it was a very nice afternoon. Now I must fit four hours of work into one hour — I mean 45 minutes.