Has the Blue Star Eclipsed the Yankees’ Pinstripes?

ESPN analyst Tony Kornheiser thinks so. Kornheiser might have been swept up in the seesaw battle between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philly Eagles last night, but something inspired him to gush about how Jerry Jones has built the Cowboys into the biggest sports brand in the United States. And maybe he’s right – Major League Baseball certainly has seen its popularity wane, while the NFL is reaching out to the rapidly growing Hispanic community. And the Cowboys are America’s Team. Right? Then again, maybe Tony’s just been hanging around with Mr. Gulpy too much.


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22 responses to “Has the Blue Star Eclipsed the Yankees’ Pinstripes?”

  1. Kornpone says:

    What was he apologizing for saying? I had been listening and didn’t notice anything offensive.

  2. For the record says:

    I believe he was apologizing for a stupidly non-humorous “translation” of a Spanish-language ad for the NFL’s recognition of Hispanic Heritage month.

    Specifically, Tony said that although it he had not taken Spanish classes since high school, “I believe that either he said ‘We are fans of the Dallas Cowboys’ or ‘Please pick up my dry cleaning.’ ”

    Swept up in the moment, no doubt. And it could have been much worse, obviously.

  3. DKC says:

    Maybe rename them the Cesar Chavez Cowboys??

  4. Sam Merten says:

    “Major League Baseball certainly has seen its popularity wane.”

    Except for MLB setting record attendance numbers this year.

  5. yeah, um. says:

    for no reason in particular, here are reasons why I hate football:

    too many commercials
    too many timeouts
    too many showboats
    too much coaching
    too much wasted time
    too many a-hole know-it-all commentators making big proclamations as if their words mean everything to the world of sports

    This game had great moments, too bad I lost interest everytime it went to commercials or play stalled or the commentators proceeded to brain dump all their football know it all on my face.

  6. Gwyon says:

    Kornheiser’s pre-composed digressions always make me cringe a bit, but that one was beyond the pale.

  7. Dave Moore says:

    @Sam — I was referring to the big picture … not a snapshot… http://www.harrisinteractive.com/harris_poll/index.asp?PID=866

  8. Not so fast... says:

    According to Forbes, “The National Football League is the strongest sport in the world..”

    The Richest Game – Forbes

  9. investor says:

    Is The NFL a sport? It’s the most popular league because of 2 things, fantasy football and gambling.

  10. Long Memory says:

    Hey, “yeah, um”: You might say all those things about basketball. Football and basketball seem almost pure. Oh, hell, now I’m sounding like a football announcer. (Please don’t tell my mom.)

  11. Peterk says:

    “here are reasons why I hate football:
    too many commercials
    too many timeouts
    too many showboats
    too much coaching
    too much wasted time
    too many a-hole know-it-all commentators making big proclamations as if their words mean everything to the world of sports”

    and all reasons why I prefer to follow soccer
    no timeouts yes there is stoppage time but it is called by the referee and is added on at the end of the half
    commercials don’t intrude, plus you have the boards along the sidelines and endlines
    showboats only after a goal is scored and then the whole team takes part
    Coaching – that takes place prior to the game

    and the best part when televised the games fit neatly into a two hour window unlike football where it can take 30 minutes to play 2 minutes

  12. El Rey says:

    At least football doesn’t have a bunch of prima donnas taking dives every two minutes like soccer (and basketball)…

  13. …and to think we all used to hate this guy when he first bought the team and fired the well-past-his-prime Tom Landry. He’s a football man plain and simple.


  14. amandacobra says:

    In the case of football v. futbol, I present to you:

    the penalty shootout after 90 minutes of hot, scoreless action

    I’ll take the commercials and Tony Kornheiser’s Rosetta Stone course any day.

  15. wes mantooth says:

    amandacobra, if I weren’t married and you weren’t half-snake, I’d propose to you.

  16. JB says:

    People, Tivo and DVR are made so one does not have to sit through stupid announcers, commercials, or even halftime. Just start watching at least 15 minutes or so after kickoff and speed over the B.S. parts.

  17. jrp says:

    actually, JB, employing the mute button or turning the volume all the way down has always been the easiest way to not have to listen to Kornhole and his ilk, or commercials

    invite friends over, watch the game while on mute, and provide your own commentary

    been doing as much for years and really enjoy it

    you don’t have to listen to the commentators, if you don’t want to, but we’re so programmed to sit, watch and listen that many people won’t even think of watching TV without sound

    kinda sad really how programmed television programming has made us

  18. investor says:

    Dave Moore
    My 2 year old would say, “funny”. Kornheiser should ask ESPN how did it ruin Monday Night Football in such a few years. Has anyone looked into cloning Howard Cossell. There was nothing like his introductions of each team with the old MNF music playing in the background.

  19. jrp says:

    not intorductions, but a quick search found this


    classic and better than anyone today. period. and i used to be a cosell hater

  20. Kevin says:

    Commentators are the worst part of football, and most sports. Are there really that many new viewers each week? Why else would they have to tell you a 72-yard touchdown pass was a great play? “It’s third and long. This should be a pass.” Well, duh. What happened to value-add?

    MNF apparently is the dumping ground for talent-less talet these days, and it’s current crew has obvious biases towards and against teams. If I hadn’t started the game late (DVR in the house!), I would have turned off the sound and listened to the radio.

  21. Exelente entrada, aguante el futbol !!!