Gas Shortage in Dallas?

I play poker with a guy. He’s in real estate. And last week at the card table, he says something to the effect of “My brother-in-law is in the energy business. He says fill up your tank now, because what Ike did to the refineries around Houston will be felt in Dallas in the coming weeks. We’ll have a gas shortage.” At which point, everyone else at the table began mocking him — and the mockery continued in the days that followed, with e-mails sent around to the entire poker group every time someone filled up his car and THANKED GOD that there was actually enough gas to do it.

But hang on. A friend told me this weekend about not being able to find anything other than super premium at one gas station. And I’ve seen more than one station with plastic bags over pump handles, indicating a dearth of gas.

It it just me?


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33 responses to “Gas Shortage in Dallas?”

  1. dallasnewsgirl says:

    There are a few spot shortages, usually not more than 24 hours at any particular station. It’s more pronounced at some of the independent stations.

    However, give us (the media) enough time, and we can get everybody to PANIC! and ensure gas shortages everywhere for everyone!

    PS Stock up on toilet paper too

  2. jrp says:

    the chicken little act is getting a little thin…if i want to know how close we’re coming to the end of times, i’ll read Dreher’s latest tome

    gas shortage? really? what do you people think this is: Russia? this isn’t Russia…is this Russia?

    the fear and panic that sooooo many people seem to live in bewilders me

  3. Droopydave says:

    No Premium Unleaded at the Flying J at I20 and Bonnie View when I filled up today. I did see the tow truck driver in front of me stop to pick up a hooker…

  4. Eric says:

    I remember the Phoenix gas shortage of 2003. That was fun. Following tankers around town. Waiting in line. Wondering how to make my 50 mile commute. The city almost plunged into a Road Warrior-esque culture.

  5. Kisten J says:

    I haven’t seen a real gas shortage here in Dallas yet, but Friday my son who lives just outside Nashville, TN called about their gas shortage. He told me that they’re experiencing long gas lines & cannot get anything except Supreme @ about $4.89 a gallon. I guess there are some gas shortages out there, but we’ve just been lucky.

  6. Investor says:

    There will a few stations with some gas shortages but more and more of the refineries are starting-up or are producing gasoline now. The Flying J didn’t have premium gas because most people don’t buy premium. The only thing premium gas does for your car is it gives you a little more HP. You can use regular and it will not hurt your car.

  7. jamesn says:

    The Nashville thing sure looked like market manipulation. There was no shortage of gas until the press started reporting rumors that there was a shortage of gas. Once the rumors got out, gas station owners reported selling 2-3 times their normal volume in one day. A classic run on the bank.

    No one has been able to pinpoint the the nexus of the original rumor.

  8. Nate says:

    Unless your fuel injection system is designed to work with the engine and transmission at the higher 93 octane level…there’s a whole science that I still don’t understand about it completely. Yes, you can use regular or the middle grade octane for 1-2 fillups, but you may hear “knocking” like they say. How bad it is for your car is debatable, but if your car is under warranty still, you may not want to risk it by not using the properly recommended fuel.

  9. chandler says:

    Gas stations run out of regular from time to time. It’s called we-didn’t-buy-enough-regular. Also, that should tell you something about buying premium octane gas. It sits there longer and begins to negate the effects of it’s premium-y properties.

  10. shanson says:

    I live in Nashville now, and there is no gas. None. Maybe a few half full trucks are getting in, but it’s been this way for the last week. They are saying at the earliest, Tuesday things will be solved, at the latest, this weekend.

    It sucks and is a bit scary. More infuriating that we are in the 21st century and dealing with this crap.

  11. ChuckE says:

    Nashville’s shortage appears to be self-fulfilling panic buying. I know the refineries are supposed to be switching over from “summer blend” gas soon so maybe there are spot shortages as inventories are worked down.

  12. Billusa99 says:

    Be VERY careful when buying premium-Y gas if you are female. Your motor will eventually seize. If you are female, you should only buy premium-X gas.

    And don’t let your bottled water sit around too long, either. It will get waterier, and eventually drown you.

    (Lotsa people eating crackers today, wot?)

  13. Chris says:

    yes, its just you tim.

  14. He Kexin says:

    According to Ed Wallace regular works just fine in any car. He has said on his show that he has never used premium gas in any car that he has reviewed or owned. He says your car’s computer will adjust to the grade.

  15. Phil Harvey says:

    Just filled up my tank today. Whew.

    Planting some corn tomorrow, just in case.


  16. chandler says:

    The knocking sounds are multiple detonations inside the cylinder as the extra crap in regular octane gas has different combustion than a purer mix. Most cars that require premium gas have a sensor that will pick up knocks and work to eliminate them, assuming that the sensor hasn’t malfunctioned or the detonations aren’t outside the range of the sensor’s ability to compensate.

    Also, some people have apparently never had the experience of using old gas while trying to start the lawn mower.

  17. A.B. says:

    No regular unleaded late last week at the gas station at Spring Valley/Midway. I drove a bit further and filled up, no problem.

  18. Eric Celeste says:

    jrp: nice use of caddyshack quotes

  19. j.d.w... says:

    Nothing but Regular at my neighborhood station…

  20. jrp says:

    wasn’t me…it was my roommate, Mitch Cumstein

  21. Billusa99 says:

    Extra crap in regular octane. That’s a rich mixture, that one.

    I hear you knockin’
    But you can’t come in.

  22. He Kexin says:

    What’s pure mix? Last time I checked all gasoline in this area has 10% ethanol. That’s what causes your knocking.

  23. Investor says:

    They splash mix gasoline with the ethanol so you could get a hot spot of pure ethanol in your tank. Some engines have been ruined because of getting pure ethanol. I’ve heard that some marinas in Hawaii have gas pumps with gasoline only. The same as old gas in a lawn mower they get old gas in boats tank and ethanol makes the problem worse. I mix RXP with the old gas and my mower runs perfect. Since they’ve started putting ethanol in place of MBTE, I put one bottle in my gas tank every time I change my oil.

  24. chandler says:

    @He Kexin

    “Purer mix.” Regular unleaded(as well others but less so) has far more than just ethanol in it and is has more or less less ethanol depending on the time of year. All of these substances have different combustion temperatures that can contribute to knocking.

  25. He Kexin says:

    I guess if you want to keep paying an extra forty to fifty cents a gallon have at it. I also use RXP in my gas. I put it in my tank once every 4 fill-ups and my vehicle doesn’t knock. Gas should never have more than 10% ethanol unless its E-85. More than 10% ethanol will destroy your vehicle unless you drive a flex vehicle.

  26. Gotta Go says:

    Out of everything @ Inwood & Forest this morning. Out of regular @ Midway & NWH.

  27. Joe Ro says:

    I say “Drill Baby Drill”

  28. Dirty South says:

    I just got back from Atlanta for business, they are out of gas too. Every gas station around my hotel was out, and the few stations scattered around that actually had some left had 2 block lines waiting to get in. They were expecting more on Tuesday, but it never came. The EPA has waived clean air requirements for Georgia, allowing the gas companies to truck in the dirtiest fuel available just to alleviate the problem. There is a gas shortage in the south, but how much of it is real (insufficient supply), and how much is hype (increased demand through media manipulation)?

  29. Matt says:

    Some really bad misinformation here given/repeated by people that don’t know enough to be giving it. Use the octane recommended by the manufacturer. If you just can’t get the required octane, you can run lower octane but you’d be wise to drive conservatively. If in doubt, read the owner’s manual.

    All modern cars have knock sensors that can retard timing if they detect knock/ping. But octane is only one factor in whether an engine will knock. Load and temperature are two more. So in the summer in Texas if you’re running lower-than-recommended octane gas in hot weather and drive hard, the computer may not be able to retard timing enough to prevent knocking. Prolonged or severe knocking can lead to engine damage.

    We’re also seeing more turbocharged engines nowadays which are more heat and knock sensitive than normal cars. Some of these engines will retard timing in hot weather even with the recommended octane. Running low octane fuel in these engines is an invitation for disaster.

    Some blanket statement that it’s okay to run any car on regular unleaded is just plain false.

  30. Bill says:

    Both gas stations around DFW airport were out of gas yesterday @3:00 pm.

  31. tony says:

    shortage bull| the price of a barrel of oil is at its lowest price ever. also we have a surplus of oil. the public consuption is down . then why is the price of gas still going up? why is the price of desil, heating oil and any petrolum product still going up. does the goverment and big corporation think we are stupid. thing always seem to go up like whith this last scare where gas went almost to $5.00 per. galion everything else went up. but when gas came down because it was killing the ecomney of america, everything else stayed up in price. how do they think the american people can live if they can’t even pay for there heating bill. because our pay doesen’t go up because our boss says they are broke. so up our taxes up our heat and transportation cost, food and hope we have enough to pay our mortage? i don’t think so. the answer is to lower our expentures to meet our pay.