Comerica CEO on Eagles Stalwart: Don Who?

Eagles honcho Don Henley, the Dallas musician Zac once called “terrible,” is famously zealous about guarding his privacy. And, it looks like his efforts have really paid off! Bank CEO Ralph W. Babb Jr.–whose giant Comerica Bank moved here last year from Detroit–recently bought a house in Bluffview that’s not far from Henley’s digs. But at first, Babb says, he had no idea who his famous neighbor was. “He’s a nice guy. We’ve met and talked now,” the bank bigwig said last night at the grand opening of Comerica’s new corporate headquarters at 1717 Main Street. “Initially, though, I didn’t put the name together with the band.” No worries, Ralph; lots of Dallasites don’t know who Don Henley is, either.


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9 responses to “Comerica CEO on Eagles Stalwart: Don Who?”

  1. amandacobra says:

    “Terrible” is going so easy on Don Henley. I prefer the term “musical anti-christ.”

    Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down.

  2. LakeWWWooder says:

    Gee y’all throw everything all the time at Mr. Henley. I’ll be there Sunday night singing along you witchy woman!

  3. Wes Mantooth says:

    I once saw him driving a Cadillac sporting a deadhead sticker. I said to myself don’t look back, you can never look back.

  4. Miss Manners says:

    Now, now, kids, remember, no name-calling! While not nearly as well-known or important, Mr. Don Henley had a mother too and is therefore no less deserving of all our fawning respect. Let’s keep it civil in here, shall we?

  5. amandacobra says:

    @ Miss Manners

    Adam Jones started it when he belittled Henley’s accomplishments last week against the Rams.

  6. Long Memory says:

    Folks don’t know who he is? I’ve a feeling Don likes that just fine.

  7. Whitney says:

    Wes –

    Those days are gone forever. You should just let ’em go.

  8. Cliff Hanger says:

    I can see you

    your brown skin shining in the sun

  9. Feelin' old says:

    does anyone under the age of 30 or so even know who don henley or the Eagles are anymore. i mean, their rock god heydays has looooong since past. when i told my teenage (15 and up) nephews and some of their friends at a family pool party/barbecue i wanted to see the eagles play someday, they all thought i was talking about football. and then i said “no, THE EAGLES, ya know, don henley and the eagles. Hotel California, the rock band, ring a bell?” They all looked at me like i was from Mars.