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13 responses to “Chef Casey Thompson Will Increase the Synergy and Occupancy of San Francisco”

  1. jrp says:

    yous can just go ahead and post that photo of Casey once a week for the next 52 weeks just for the hell of it anyway…we won’t mind

    and don’t let any San Franciscans hear you say San Fran and/or ‘Frisco, they no likely that

  2. Davie Dave says:

    Now what am I supposed to do on the days I stalked Casey????? Guess it is all Spider Monkey now.

    The Dallas “talent pool” will sure miss her.

  3. Dirt Monkey says:

    “I’m sure it’s my jugs.”

    — Phyllis Vance

  4. Eric Celeste says:

    I could not be more distraught. First Kelly Clarkson moves away, now Casey Thompson. I may be so sad I have to drink today.

  5. Davie Dave says:

    @ Eric: As if you need a reason to drink.

  6. publicnewsense says:

    Who takes a horned helmet to the beach?

  7. Dallasite says:

    Who doesn’t take a horned helmet to the beach?

  8. Dave Moore says:

    What horned helmet?

  9. Towski says:


    (Please read in best Darth Vader voice)

  10. Patrick says:

    She was one of the breast! She’ll certainly be missed!!!

  11. Davie Dave says:

    But are they truley a rainbow of fruit flavors? (to far??)

  12. Wolverine says:

    Enjoy the illegals in CalI.

  13. Zach says:

    Bottom boob cleavage is SO underrated.