Carol Kent Accuses D Mag of Being Allyn & Co. Stooge

A few days ago, I put up a post about possible push polling in District 102, where Democrat Carol Kent is challenging Republican Tony Goolsby. (And I thought I put up a follow-up post, after I talked to Will Stovall in Kent’s office, but that post appears to have gotten lost in the ether.) Comes now a new release that says we’ve been used by Goolsby’s consultant, Allyn & Company, in the perpetration of “dirty tricks.” See for yourself:

Carol Kent calls on Tony Goolsby to fire campaign consultant

20-year incumbent’s campaign operative is a proven dirty tricks expert

DALLAS — Today, Carol Kent is calling upon Tony Goolsby to terminate his relationship with his campaign consultant, Rob Allyn and his firm, Allyn & Company, for its pattern of negative campaign tactics.

Last week, Goolsby’s campaign encouraged D Magazine, the Dallas Morning News and the Quorum Report to falsely report that the Kent Campaign had run a so-called “push poll,” when in fact it had not done so.

A “push poll” is a paid phone-bank, disguised as a public opinion poll, which is designed to spread malicious falsehoods about a candidate. As reported by the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Allyn & Company has used this dishonest tactic on behalf of its political clients in the past.

“I am particularly disappointed about this,” Kent said, “because I sat face-to-face with Tony and told him we had not done any sort of push-poll.” Kent continued, “The state of Texas faces serious issues, and the voters deserve nothing less than serious discussion of those issues. Any candidate who cannot win an election without the help of discredited dirty-tricks experts is not worthy of the public’s trust.”

The Goolsby campaign has a long association with Allyn & Company, paying the firm at least $300,000 over the past 5 years.

“Rob Allyn is infamous for manipulative campaign tactics,” said Will Stovall, Kent’s campaign manager. “It’s time for Goolsby to disassociate himself from consultants like Allyn & Company-to start talking about the issues that the people of District 102 care about, rather than disseminate lies he’s made up about his opponent.”

The only thing I’ll say about that is this: I was careful not to say that Carol Kent was responsible for what appeared to be a case of push polling. So I hereby call on Carol Kent’s campaign to RETRACT the statement that D Magazine falsely reported that the Kent campaign had run a push poll.

I’m waiting.


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58 responses to “Carol Kent Accuses D Mag of Being Allyn & Co. Stooge”

  1. Insider says:

    What’s a “stoog”?

  2. Amanda Manning says:

    Seriously? You did run an article that implied a connection. I thought so until I read her press release. I would cut her some slack on this and not take it so personal.

  3. Bethany says:

    I re-read the post. Carol Kent isn’t mentioned anywhere in it.

    Anyone could do a push poll. An organization with a vested interest in who wins, for instance, could do a push poll or run an ad or anything – hence swiftboaters,, etc.

  4. Doug says:

    So, you are taking HER word that she didn’t run a push poll????

  5. Long Memory says:

    So you didn’t mention her name? I wonder how many names there are on the ballot, other than Tony Goolsby. I don’t know why Goolsby thought this was a good idea, but as I said at the time, Nixon thought the Watergate break-in was a good idea, too.

  6. And where is the evidence Goolsby’s campaign did this?

  7. Daniel says:

    Where is the evidence that anybody did this at all? It’s all mommy-there’s-a-man-in-my-closet.

    It’s inspired me to do push-polling of my own, however. Would you date Alicia Foster if you knew she would embarrass you every time she drinks, which is, like, nightly? Oh, yeah? Well, would you date Alicia Foster if you knew that, while I was visiting my ill mother in Delaware, she slept with a filthy punk who had served a five-year sentence in Huntsville?

  8. PR says:

    Carol’s campaign is being managed by a radical left wing organization out of Washington DC. Her largest contributor is Fred Baron — you know — that great guy who gave secret “donations” to John Edward’s mistress.

  9. Beth Annie says:

    Timmy Tim Tot Tootie Toe.

    You are never wrong. You are always fair.
    Even though you are called on it several times a year and it always comes from the left, we know you are right. Right?
    Sometimes things get lost in ether or dots going missing, but if anyone might hint that you are wrong will result in a full page of bashing and grammer corrections.

  10. Beth Annie says:

    Oh no, not the radical left? How radical are they? Do they stand up for what the believe? Is that what makes them radical?

  11. Beth Annie says:

    Oh no? John Edwards is involved in this?
    Then that is proof that Tim is right. Right?

  12. Beth Annie says:

    I bet you anything that Edwards and Baron
    have paid Carol Kent 700 billion bucks in order to set Tim up. Am I right? Right?

  13. Beth Annie says:

    Carol. You better say I’m sorry Tim or you will never ever win D’s Best Taco of the Year Award? He will cry and the Erica Celeste will come to your crying and screaming. Bwahhh Bwahhh. Bwahh.
    Nobody, and I mean nobody talks bad about my Tim on this blog. Right? Of course Right!

  14. PR says:

    Beth Annie,

    So radical that they would bring their Washington-style attack politics to Dallas.

  15. Like, OMG says:

    Ok, so that’s, like, super annoying.

  16. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    I miss the good old days when Tim was just accused of hating Southlake.

  17. Free America says:

    I wish everybody would just go back to where they came from and leave me alone. And GET OFF MY LAWN!

  18. amanda says:

    @ beth annie…

    Tim runs like a girl. There, I said it. Let the evil forces of D do with me what they will.

  19. Beth Annie says:

    I couldn’t agree more PR. While Swift Boating in 2004, I insisted that they keep the decks clean.

  20. j.d.w... says:

    I miss the good old days when Dave Little would chime in and make me chuckle.

  21. I don’t know, j.d.w., I’d hate for Dave to interrupt Beth Annie when she’s in the middle of her crazy time.

  22. Beth Annie says:


    Crazy for Tim Rogers? You are right. Right?

  23. Bethany says:

    Oy. Like the world could handle more than one of me.

  24. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    Can we start the rumor that Rob Allyn is in cahoots with Sandra Crenshaw?

  25. DM says:

    Carol Kent just totally SEO’d you guys.

  26. Beth Annie says:

    Have you got the flowers from Carol yet? I called and told her that she was wrong wrong wrong to suggest a decent Republican might do something so underhanded as push polling.
    Who do she think she is having an opinion that is different that ours? I know, yes I know the issue is not if Allyn & Company participated in this, but the issue is someone had the nerve, the freaking nerve, to question you. OMG! Right?

  27. Free America says:

    This lady needs to get off my lawn!

  28. Daniel says:

    Oh no, the radical left wing strikes again! Look, if Carol Reed is involved with an organization that wants to overthrow our government and/or social institutions, or that is gearing up for a bloodbath to advance their nefarious vision, please give us more specifics.

    Otherwise, go back to listening to talk radio.

  29. Daniel says:

    (preceding post directed to PR)

  30. Ed says:

    Liberal loons, all.

  31. amanda says:

    @ Beth Annie;

    I know Bethany, and you are no Bethany, Beth Annie.

  32. Beth Annie says:


    You, my friend, are right. 100 percent Right! Who do these freaked out, dope smoking, hippie, war hating liberals think they are, having an opinion and all? Rush and Hannity were talking about this very issue last night. Liberals should not being breathing the same air we breath, much less expressing an opinion that directly contradicts Tim Rogers. Right?

  33. Dept. of Homeland Security says:

    After an unexplained rise in the number of thread hijackings, we have decided to raise the threat level to fuschia.

  34. FN says:

    The last line of your first post on this issue was “Is someone out there playing dirty?”

    Well who do you think people assumed that was, huh? By implication you indicted Carol Kent, since she is the only other candidate besides Tony in the race. But NOOOOOO! You didn’t actually SAY the name Carol Kent, did you? So you’re off the hook, right? No way, bozo! Carol doesn’t owe you an apology. You owe HER one!

    And by the way, Mr. “Journalist”, how much evidence do you really need to know who’s the bad guy in this race?

    Geez! You are THICK!

  35. Daniel says:

    There’s an Asterisk Warning in effect until 8 p.m.

  36. Former Filthy Punk says:

    Does anyone have Alicia Foster’s phone number?

  37. Louise says:

    Hey, PR. I told you during the posts on the original article that NO WASHINGTON GROUP IS MANAGING HER CAMPAIGN. I challenge you to check her upcoming TEC filings to see who she pays what to and why. AND her largest contributor is NOT Fred Baron. Two different PACs and Carol & her husband are the largest contributors based on the 6/30/2008 TEC report and then watch for the next one. Baron is not even close. By the way, what about all the industries that have Tony in their pocket … have you looked at his past TEC filings? How about that he owns about 8million in Exxon Mobile stock himself. Think that might be influencing him just a bit?!!

  38. Jason says:

    The radical left is running her campaign? Wow, I had know idea Fidel Castro had setup a consulting office in Dallas.

  39. Mike Ramsey says:

    Reading all of this makes me dizzy. Wouldn’t this be a good time for everybody to push-poll your bartender and have some Cactus Juice?

  40. PR says:

    Geez Louise, thanks for the advice. I didn’t think about looking up her TEC filing but I just did.

    Found that Fred Baron and Baron & Budd PC have given her $7,000. Lone Star Fund has given $3,500. And, the Texas Values In Action Coalition has given her $10,750. Oh, the latter two … they are funded by Fred Baron and the money he earned as a personal injury lawyer. Actually, looking over her finance report, looks like the largest givers were lawyers. So much for tort reform!

    The Lone Star Fund/Project out of DC is running her campaign. The Lone Star Fund/Project has been her mouthpiece since they recruited her to run. Anyone can just Google and find until this week, the LSF has been carrying her water.

    And Jason, if Castro did live in the district, he would vote for Carol Kent.

  41. DL says:

    Hey, if Castro was running, and I had to choose between Fascist Goolsby and Commie Castro, I’d pick Castro any day!

  42. Beth Annie says:


    You are missing the point. If Tim Rogers says it, that is enough. You can bring in any facts that you want. Tim and his blogosapians do not deal in facts, just grammer. It doesn’t matter if Baron gave Kent 5 bucks or 700 billion. What matters is Baron supported John Edwards who screwed around which means that Kent will screw around too. It is seven levels of separation. Am I right, Timmy Pootie Pants, Tippy Too Too BWaah BWaah? Am I right?

  43. Beth Annie says:

    Oh PR, I forgot.

    That Geez Louise line. Super duper.
    Witty as a corncob on a drunk sailor at Christmas time. Lawdy Lawdy is you funny?

  44. PR says:

    Beth Annie,

    You are getting away from the talking points provided to Carol Kent by her Washington DC consultants. Please, go back to the better tested messages — or perhaps, try the messages “tested” in the push poll.

  45. I’m just glad this didn’t all weird.

  46. Bethany says:

    I know, right? I was afraid we’d end up talking about snack foods and drinks and meat products.

    This is MUCH better.

  47. Adam Smith says:

    Where am I? How did I get in here?

  48. Beth Annie says:

    Beth & Trey
    Me too. I am so glad that we made certain that there is room for only one opinion on this blog. Now we can settle back with a glass on Pinot Grigio/pate/water crackers to watch our beloved President pull us out of this financial mess those damn liberals have got us into with wasteful spending on hunger and homelessness. Let’s get back to the killing business and grammer corrections.
    Just the thought that someone would even suggest that a conservative might play dirty politics makes me so angry, I have a good mind to write a letter to Karl Rove at Fox News. Right?

  49. PR says:

    sounds like someone is having a bad day. perhaps she spilled her starbucks on her village voice.

  50. amanda says:

    Why do I get the feeling y’all know each other?

  51. Bethany says:

    Maybe they pick up their paychecks at the same place.

  52. Daniel says:

    B @ A,

    Yes, it all does seem oddly … staged somehow. Very few people are genuinely as cuckoo as PR or Beth Annie — very few people who live indoors, at any rate. We’re the bozos for taking their bait, or “feeding the trolls,” as they say.

  53. Daniel says:

    B & A

    as in the previous two posters. Highly regular posters. [Insert Grape Nuts joke here.]

  54. PR says:

    Hey, wait a minute. The more I read Beth Annie’s blog entries, she does remind me of a bipolar ex-girlfriend I had back in college.

  55. amanda says:

    PR and Beth Annie, if y’all don’t cut it out, Trey is going to get a hose…

  56. just wondering says:

    To get away from the inane ramblings for a moment, I couldn’t tell if Tim was being sarcastic when he said this: “I hereby call on Carol Kent’s campaign to RETRACT the statement that D Magazine falsely reported that the Kent campaign had run a push poll.”

    Because it would seem that her statement was very careful to not say that D Magazine falsely reported Kent’s campaign was behind the poll. In fact, it says:

    “Last week, Goolsby’s campaign encouraged D Magazine, the Dallas Morning News and the Quorum Report to falsely report that the Kent Campaign had run a so-called “push poll,” when in fact it had not done so.”

    It doesn’t say he wrote that, it says Goolsby’s campaign encouraged him to report it. I’m just pointing this out since he wants to mince words. The original post (not the one that got lost in the “ether”) didn’t explicitly say she did it, but it implied it. Her statement didn’t explicitly say he did it, it just implied it. If you don’t want people implying stuff about you, you shouldn’t do it yourself. Do unto others etc.

  57. ERG says:

    Push polls are the least of Goolsby’s problems now. The DMN endorsed Kent, basically saying that Goolsby had time to become a leader in the legislature, and has not done so. The real problem Goolsby has is that Craddick wants to be the only leader and he sets the agenda.