Woodrow Senior Has Sense of Humor

They recently had themselves a fundraiser at Woodrow high, Rod Dreher’s favorite Dallas ISD school. Seniors paid to paint their parking spaces at the school. You can see pictures of their fine work here. Good stuff. But my favorite is this one.


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19 responses to “Woodrow Senior Has Sense of Humor”

  1. Trey Garrison says:

    The kids at PISD are not nearly so clever. Nor do the maintenance guys, it seems, get up to the roofs much in PISD. http://www.streamingjohn.com/2008/08/pshs-roof-graffiti.html

  2. Nate says:

    That is pretty darn impressive. If only we were so creative in high school…back in the old days.

  3. vceleste says:

    There is a family of Mormons at Woodrow. One of the girls was in my daughter’s class last year. Very nice people. The mother is super cool.

  4. Noah says:

    I did this once upon a time. It rained the night we painted the lot. Two of our cheerleaders were sharing a spot they intended to mark with the phrase “CHEERLEADERS DO IT BETTER,” but the downpour started before they finished the first ‘e’ in “BETTER”. I thought “CHEERLEADERS DO IT BI” was a lot more creative, but they didn’t agree.

  5. TLS says:

    There is some serious talent there. You gotta love that The Dark Side of the Moon is still getting shout-outs!

  6. Michael in LH says:

    Wow. Only the white kids get parking spots.

  7. El Rey says:

    Kids that walk or take the bus just painted their names on the street, apparently.

    Back in the old days, I just carved your mom’s name and number into the bathroom stall…

  8. El Rey says:

    Whoever did the DISD parking space needs to be the next intern for a local magazine’s art department (hint, hint).

  9. LakeWWWooder says:

    You have to pay to get the spots – it’s a fundraiser. Did you miss Crystal, Olivia, TG, Lily and some others? I know we shouldn’t let LH people see this – they will copy us..

    “The Horseshoe” is infamous and a source of good stories among Wildcats since 1928. Here’s a picture of it (to the left) just after Glasgow was paved: http://catalog.dallaslibrary.org/Repository/PA83-32-14.JPG Once there were homes there.

    It was renamed “Wildcat Way” many years ago. I understand LH now wants to name a street “Wildcat Way” – that one is taken, you will have to settle for “Copycat Way”.

  10. AS says:

    Grade: A+

  11. Daniel says:


    Actually, results may vary. But it always weighs out, at least. And every day, the paperboy brings more.

  12. in vain says:

    If they are Seniors, then they are 18 years old…..right?

  13. the cynic says:

    The swimmer’s: Eat my bubbles was nice

  14. Beverly says:

    You had to be 5 to be in kindergarten way back in 1995 when these kids started. That means they will be turning 18 sometime during the school year. Some will be voting, some will not be old enough.

    And there were some parking spots not purchased; it was open to any senior who can participate in the fundraiser. Students who don’t need a parking spot paint the horseshoe drive for free. It was so hot that day!

  15. LakeWWWooder says:

    More at: http://www.lakewood-now.net/view/article/4225?page=1

    My favorite part of these pics is seeing the kids having as much fun as we had (some of them are children of my classmates). They will be friends for life and will share that special spirit we have at “The Star in the East”.

    That includes the tradition of waxing Woodrow while spouses and others do the eye-roll..

  16. Woodrow Painter says:

    So i’m the guy the painted it. No i don’t have (or use)any kind of weed. I just wanted to make something fun that the students (my peers) would like and hopefully laugh at. Just an inside joke from DISD and hope yall enjoy it. =)

  17. Woodrow Painter says:

    I apologize.
    The weed comment I thought was directed at me. The Pink Floyd design was cool though.