When The Going Gets Tough… Start A Magazine!

We love new magazines, we really do. They send more salespeople out on the street to sell the idea of magazine advertising, and they train new writers, editors, and art directors we can steal. That said, this is truly an idiotic time to launch a competitor to Texas Monthly. If their investors’ pockets are awesomely deep, I give them 18 months — and that’s only because I’m nice.


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17 responses to “When The Going Gets Tough… Start A Magazine!”

  1. Towski says:

    I have a feeling that finding a good time to launch a new magazine requires a heavily modified Delorean and Libyan plutonium.

  2. Wha? says:

    I’m not sure if it’s ironic or tragic that a magazine aimed at depicting “the best aspects of life in Texas and the exceptional people, places and events that make Texas so vibrant” has Rick Perry on it’s first cover. But it’s definitely one of the two.

  3. JB says:

    Texas Monthly is so overly advertorial that I don’t know anyone who actually reads it anymore, even though they may subscribe to it to put on their coffee table as a decoration because that is what you kinda do as a Texan. Most up and coming stores and boutiques can’t afford to advertise in it and PR firms can’t get through the advertorial hurdle for their clients. If a new magazine comes out more like, say, Texas Highways, and has a reasonable ad space charge then It may have a chance as allot of smaller places may be willing to advertise and the content is actually interesting. What makes up for a quality say, Neiman’s ad may be made up for in quantity of smaller ads. Just my opinion.

  4. nb says:

    Hmm. Is Mr. Allison so worried about competition that he takes a pre-publication swipe at the new mag? Seems that way. What is sad is that he exposes his unethical conduct so shamelessly.

  5. Kathy says:

    The second comment here really defines why this magazine will work. Some people actually like Rick Perry. The fact that he has stood with the Patriot Guard Riders and the Boy Scouts of America is what a lot of Texabs look at as postive and good.

    Texas Monthly can be too elite. We need a more down to earth look at Texas.

  6. gl says:

    I’d welcome any Texas magazine that is made up of real editorial rather than “special advertising sections” and “best of…” lists that just happen to include only advertisers of said magazine.

  7. MIssing Dots says:

    My Lifestyle Compass hasn’t been working since the last issue of Re:d Magazine came out. Didn’t take them long to flop.

  8. pookie says:

    Wick clearly is revealing his liberal media roots with his swipe at this new magazine that will focus on solid Texas conservative bedrock fundamental values inspired by Rick Perry, the Patriot Guard Riders and the Boy Scouts of dad-gum America.

  9. The Omniscient Narrator says:

    OK Pookie, that last comment made me spit up laughing. Wick Allison, former publisher of the country’s premier conservative magazine, The National Review, is showing his “liberal media roots.”

  10. Prison Mike says:

    All magazines are pointless.

    Except Hustler.

  11. Prison Mike says:

    Oh yeah.

    And National Geographic.

  12. pookie says:

    Omni — two words: Potemkin conservative

  13. Rawlins says:

    Seconding Omniscient’s post per ‘pookie’.

    Wick Allison’s ‘liberal roots’ run about as deep as a blade of St. Augustine in the tundra.

    Now Rick Perry? Nothing about him runs deep.
    Believe me, even when he was a teenage lifeguard they knew he was best placed at the shallow end of the pool.

  14. pookie says:

    Oh how easily you’re misled Rawlins. Wick is actually short for Weicker, who as we all know was the Connecticut senator who brought down the Nixon administration. And Weicker now poses as Wick, the (ahem) “conservative” editor of D Magazine. I mean, c’mon now. Who’s he fooling?

  15. Steve Buck says:

    As Publisher of THE magazine DFW and THE magazine Los Angeles let me first thank you for your warm Texas sized welcome to your community!!! But let me clear up a few misconceptions, I like that word better than saying you just got it all wrong. THE’s focus is on the contemporary art scene in North Texas. We will cover it all from visual to performing, from Dallas to Fort Worth to Plano. The art scene in North Texas is amazing and few publications if any cover it. We will, and relax there is plenty to write about and plenty of ad revenue to go around to support our efforts. See you on the streets October 1, 2008. Regards, Steve Buck, Publisher, THE magazine Los Angeles and THE magazine DFW.

  16. People can say what they want about Wick but in an age where magazines come and go, he is a survivor in a brutal market. I give him props for being a marketing genius for coming up with a business plan and making it work. Even his critics have to give him credit.

  17. er says:

    C’mon. How hard is it to print list after list of the supposed “best” and special advertising sections.