The Gordon Keith Show: There Will Be Bald

Even though Eric is right now somewhere outside Amarillo, on his way to the DNC with a Spider Monkey, through the magic of television, he appeared last night on The Gordon Keith Show. Joining him for a round-table discussion of topics ranging from Jenny the elephant to whether we should invade Mexico — for all I know, since I caught only about 45 seconds of the program, just enough to snap this shot, which has become my new desktop picture — were Robert Wilonsky, some other guy, and a woman.

Robert Wilonsky: “You know who’s a name-dropper? Ice Cube.”

Eric Celeste: [to self] “The French cuffs do something for me. I need more French cuffs. And cuff links.”


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30 responses to “The Gordon Keith Show: There Will Be Bald”

  1. MushMouth says:

    You mean someone actually watches that show? Isn’t it on 8.2 or 8.3 at 4a.m. or something?

  2. Gordon Keith says:

    Actually 8.5 at 3:61 AM.

    If I had the show to do over again, I would get a different host, but Robert, Eric, Dean, and Amy were great. I was hoping the name power of “Eric Celeste” would pull in the women and the Guitar Hero crowd, but factors conspired against us. A rainy Wednesday night replete with apathy and malaise kept our studio audience numbers light. Just the way we like it. They can’t revolt as easily.

    We are tinkering with the idea of having more roundtable discussions, and Eric is always welcome. His super awesome good analysis is perfect for a show as picayune as ours, plus I love him.

    As always, I leave you with my boilerplate, bullet proof prototypical blog comment basted in self-elevating negativity. Enjoy with dessert wines.

    Belo sucks. The Ticket sucks. GK sucks. Lisa Garza sucks. Steve Blows. Wick isn’t allowed to make a point. Tim’s Prius hates my freedom. DMN sold out. Jessica Simpson doesn’t deserve to live. And everything in the world is in the dunking booth and I’m holding the balls.

    I’m leaving the comments on to fight evil-doers.

  3. MushMouth says:

    But what about Marty Cortland?

  4. jrp says:

    and Ms. Crenshaw…

    Gordon, loved that Quick column the other day? week? comparing Facebook status updates to the old Mice of Mr. Brice

    good stuff

  5. Gordon Keith says:


    Yes! You’re right. Marty Cortland must be included in any St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of a Frontburner comment. We never tire of bashing him. May the sasquatch hands of Tom Leppert personally deliver the pink slip to Mr. Courtland’s faux French chateau.

    Thanks, good strong. The Facebook update is a curious bit of Lifestreaming that Mr. Brice mastered long ago.

    Here is a link to the column.

  6. WhoCares says:

    Who is Gordon Keith?

  7. Rawlins' Star Crossed Tivo says:

    Retro Via TIVO: This blinding cameo went better than when Rogers was on the hot seat after ‘D’ had written a glowing cover piece about Southlake that was suddenly creating unrest north of 114. Compared to that Meet the Press moment of unrepenting literacy, Celeste’s star turn was a mid-life malaise.

  8. He Kexin says:

    Gordon Kieth
    The one thing you forgot on your suck list is Jenny. Your darkness refreshes me. Now I have to fight the IOC and plan to beat more US gymnastics teams out of gold. The gold I won allowed my family to eat for 2 more years.

  9. He Kexin says:

    Gordon Keith
    Sorry for spelling your name wrong, I’m not so good with the English spelling. I better go before my government cuts my connection.

  10. Gordon Keith says:

    @ whocares

    From police wiki reports- “Gordon Keith is a white male. 6’1″ 190 pounds. Has extensive facial scarring and western themed tattoos. Heard on radio, barely seen on TV, and read in Quick on Fridays. Considered armed and dangerous and can be identified at great distances by his amazing dearth of talent.”

    @ He Kexin
    Jenny ate your medals and must pay by being moved to even crampier quarters.

  11. Spamboy says:

    I love how all of Bob and Eric’s missing hair is on Gordo’s face.

  12. Dear Mr. Keith:

    Are we having a little pot/kettle/black contretemps here?

    It’s an English Tutor — and Mr. Leppert would never make it past the guard tower.


  13. Gordon Keith says:

    Dear Mr. Cortland,

    If you should ever enter my motor court, I shall smite you with gloved fist. Actually, I have no quarrel with you. You are a ray of hope in the world of privilege. Now please rent out your guest house to Jenny and burn enough coal in your outdoor living space to offset Tim’s Prius.

    And stop oppressing me.

    GK- junior college peasant

  14. WhoCares says:

    Gordon Keith ?????????????????????????
    Never heard of you. I still don’t care. Enjoy the local rank amateur act that you have.

  15. Focus on the Family says:

    The new Mr. Peppermint takes the edge to a holy new level. Christian humor is the new black. What he lacks in creativity, he more than makes up for with ego and Eggos. By bringing his religion into his comedy, he has proven that not all your time on your knees needs to be about praying. He also has a lot, and I do mean a lot in common with Robin Williams. God Bless Keith Gordon, you should be proud of your brother, Brother.

  16. He Kexin says:

    Gordon Keith
    Who are you? I’ve never seen your show that airs at 11:30 pm on Saturday. I’ve never heard of 1310 The Ticket. I don’t remember The Ticket Stub or your show with Coach Joe and Jennifer Miller. I don’t know about your local rank amateur act, but I hear it pays better than WhoCares’ job.WhoCares, have good and get a little give. I love you.

  17. SLR says:

    The Robin Williams comparison was a low blow.

  18. Gordon Keith says:


    It is odd that after reading this post, following the the comments, responding twice about me, and then typing my name, that you still have never heard of the name “Gordon Keith.”

    Perhaps you mean you don’t care for my beautiful handcrafted thoughts and my professional rank local amateur act? I don’t either, and that’s why I have left the comments on.

    -Robin Williams’ left hand

  19. He Kexin says:

    To be serious, I think your show would be better if it were longer. I notice that when you have a good guest on you have to rush the interview. Ask WFAA to bump Norm’s Go Fish card show to 12:30. Have good and babyarm karate chop.

  20. vceleste says:

    Eric is going to kill me. I didn’t tape the show!!!!! I am sure he will think that means that I have lost interest in him somehow, like when I don’t read his stories anymore. Hey, do you know what I do?

  21. Gordon Keith says:


    That’s ok. Eric understands. He knows that you have so much going on. In fact, I think you need a massage. Why don’t you come over? I’ll bathe you and rub you down and we can watch the show together, forwarding through the Eric parts…

    -Gordon “whocares” Keith

  22. ROJ says:

    I am certain that every single one of these comments was written by Gordon Keith. Except the fifth one, that’s pure Wick.

  23. Mel Cooley says:

    It is awesome to see so many men gather together that love themselves so much. One must wonder wher Keith “Rob” Gordon finds time in his ultra busy life to be so funny.
    Funny stuff. Chuckles a plenty.

  24. Gordon Keith says:

    Where is this place you speak of where men love themselves so freely and openly in front of one another? As you know, I am neither funny nor ultra busy. But pants are…

    -Rob Gordon

  25. Puddin'Tane says:

    Just remember: if you can’t have hair you can at least have abs and french cuffs.

  26. Mel Cooley says:

    Also, if you don’t have hair, you can steal it. Wear it and claim that it is yours. No one will ever know the diff.

  27. LakeWWWooder says:

    I had an English tutor but I live in an English Tudor. My high school is English Elizabethan.

  28. Dear LWWW:

    Of course you are correct. I am normally accustomed to my editor cleaning up after me.