Talking Ads on FrontBurner

We’ve gotten several complaints today about the talking ads on FrontBurner telling you that you’ve won a triquarter tricorder or whatever. All I can say about that is, I prefer a talking ad to a “voluntary separation package.” IJS.


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23 responses to “Talking Ads on FrontBurner”

  1. Fake Celeste says:

    What? What have you heard? I knew I should have been nicer to the Wickster.

  2. Josh Pearson says:

    Sorry about the ads. Audio ads should not have been in our run and we’ve removed that campaign from our ad serving software. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you’re welcome for all the free iPods and MacBooks. Let’s just call it even, mm-kay?

  3. Josh Pearson says:

    I should’ve added that it will be about 15 minutes until the change we made on the backend take effect. So please wait at least 16 minutes before posting snarky comments about how the ads are still showing for you.

  4. DM says:

    Just let me know when you guys launch the talking Jessica / Stampede Beer ad…

  5. allison says:

    I thought all computers came with a mute button.

  6. Tom says:

    The Grammar Police tips its collective cap to Josh for proper use of “effect.” The first round of Stampede Light Plus is on us. We can’t wait for our MacBook Airs to arrive.

  7. Gadfly says:

    I’m an Apple gal, using Safari’s browser, and never got talked at while checking in various times today. Are y’all discriminating?

  8. Josh Pearson says:

    Thanks, Tom. I wish I could say that Tim and company let me post comments without proofreading them… twice…

  9. Gadfly says:

    I figured it out! I think. The ads are targeting the unenlightened PC types.

  10. amandacobra says:

    If you are unlucky enough to have a company who provides you with a PC laptop and you want to continue to listen to your while you clock surf the Friday away, it was an issue. But it’s all been solved and will never be a problem again once my MacBook Air gets here. Unless I break it like Kanye.

  11. Eric Celeste says:

    “TriQUARTER?” Seriously? Seriously? Let’s ignore the gap in your pop culture knowledge. Is your internet broken?

  12. Chris says:

    Adblock Plus 1, Frontburner ads 0

  13. Jay says:

    Um, “tricorder” or whatever?

    Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not an editor

  14. mm says:

    “until the change we made on the backend take effect.”

    The Grammar Police giveth, the Grammar Police (noun-verb agreement division) taketh away.

  15. Jay says:

    Mother Vulcan!

    Trumped again by the length of time it takes to write a joke.

    Live long in Prosper Eric Celeste.

  16. Josh Pearson says:

    Tough crowd. Until the change we made on the backend takes effect. I blame my comment editors.

  17. Grammar Apologist says:

    Sorry mm but proper use of effect clearly trumps forgetting to add the s to take. It can only be deemed a noun-verb agreement violation if it can be proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that young Mr. Pearson clearly did not grasp the noun-verb agreement concept. Of course if he were to attend DISD this year, he could simply skip that homework assignment and blame it on a faulty education.

  18. Tom says:

    I wonder if the Grammar Police ever get trapped in elevators with Sherrif Valdez. Aye carumba!

  19. Tom says:

    That’s “Sheriff.” Apparently I’m not the Spelling Police on Fridays.

  20. Louisa Meyer, Dallas ISD parent since 1993 says:

    Make Dalton the pop-up complete with full audio and I’ll refresh all day long.

  21. Peterk says:

    yup ABP and FireFox 3 uber alles
    didn’t even know there were talking ads until you said something.

  22. Bethany says:

    Cool…today I got a free Mac AND a free doctor.

    Do I have to pay shipping?

  23. er says:

    Should have started them earlier in the year so you could avoid the involuntary seperations that took place.