Talk Radio Station Debuts, And It’s Not Right Wing

Will DFW support a progressive talk-radio station? The folks at Rational Radio 1360 AM are betting half a million bucks that it will. Their new station, owned by Fort Worth’s David Clifton, boasts a lineup including left-wing talkers Ed Schultz, Bill Press, Stephanie Miller and one Jack E Jett. (FrontBurner comments readers may recognize Jett.) Station Manager Jack Bishop says 1360 has learned from the mistakes of the now-defunct Air America affiliate KXEB-AM here, which suffered from a weak signal (1,000 watts) and a problematic sales strategy. 1360’s got 50,000 watts, Bishop contends, plus a sales staff that could reach six or seven over time. Says Bishop: “We hope to kiss a pig.”


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21 responses to “Talk Radio Station Debuts, And It’s Not Right Wing”

  1. MIssing Dots says:

    “We hope to kiss a pig.”

    Now I see the connection to Jackie Jett.

  2. Incognizant says:


    Why not just call it “Left-Wing”? Or is that not as easy to swallow?

  3. Roman says:

    Rank amateurs.

    ’nuff said

  4. Brandon says:

    Will they get Bob Ray Sanders?
    Mr. G. had a better chance of kissing the pig.

  5. Andy says:

    how long before Rod Dreher (Dallas Managed News) is out front, in his white sheet, picketing “Rational Radio 1360 AM”s very existance as a sign of the apocalypse, warning us to keep all our White wimmen and children locked up inside, away from the radio …

  6. Becca says:

    Are liberals even allowed to kiss pigs? Won’t it violate some of the porker’s civil rights?

  7. Roman says:

    Liberals don’t kiss with the tongue,
    they are too afraid of leaving a carbon footprint, since there is heavy breathing
    involved. 🙂

  8. huh? says:

    Why on earth would any progressive movement get involved with terrestrial talk radio? that’s an old man’s demographic. Outside of maybe NPR, you don’t find young or middle-age progressives listening to AM or FM radio. That would be the equivalent of starting a daily newspaper in Dallas that focuses on liberal causes. I’m not saying that to knock conservatives either, it’s just a dying format. As soon as internet radios are enabled in your car, which is possible now via an iPhone application, people will turn away from local radio, except maybe to check traffic…which you can also do on your phone. Forward thinking Progs and Cons would all be better served to pour their energy into online activities.

  9. Jeff says:

    I guess I’d be classified as liberal or progressive but I’ll never listen to this station. The idea of listening to any talk radio that is remotely like the current conservative lineup of biased, one-sided, name-calling, shallow “entertainment” regardless of the bias does not like sound a valuable enterprise to me.

    Now give me a talk show that really examines both sides of various issues with depth, diligence and respect – giving equal time to the positives and negatives of both sides, well… THAT’S filling a void in the marketplace.

    I know I CAN’T be the only one (progressive or conservative) that would rather have that..

  10. amanda says:

    Progressive? Nice word choice.

  11. Neal says:

    I thought “progressives” were demanding the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine. I guess David Clifton and his “progressive” hosts just settled that argument. Somebody tell Nancy Pelosi the free market works after all.

  12. Harvey Lacey says:

    I’m a liberal. Yup, you want to have a poster to pin put up a mug shot of yours truly.

    I like the term progressive but it doesn’t have the punch that liberal carries. Liberal like the N word gets it’s power from the attitude of those who use it as a weapon.

    I wish bro Jack the best but I personally don’t believe liberal talk radio will succeed.

    Yeah, I know Oberman and MNBC are a kick in the butt and they are handing Fox it’s head. But that has a lot less to do with liberal perspectives than it does with conservatives running for the bathrooms seeking relief from compassionate conservatism.

    Liberal talk might catch a conservative crash bump. But long term it will fail. That’s because the nature of liberals versus the nature of conservatives.

    Conservatives who listen to conservative media are the Jewish mothers of the political spectrum. They’re whiners. And they get their feel goods over the feel bad. It’s all about them and theirs. And how things are changing and it isn’t for the better.

    Liberals on the other hand are the stereotypical glass half full sort. They see inate good where the conservative only sees inate bad. They’re not whiners and they’re not into talking about how bad things are going because times are a changing.

    So initially the liberal talk audience will consist mostly of conservative talk radio types wanting ammunition for attacking liberals. Or they’ll get the whiners wanting to eat their own for making conservativism a reality and it sucking so bad. They’ll tire of the different beat of the drum and go back to whining for the sake of whining because whining is what I want to do.

    The liberals whom the station targeted won’t ever visit for more than a minute. That’s because they have information radio, NPR. They have kickass interviewers asking the questions you would ask if you had the opportunity to ask the questions.

    If you’ve ever listened to Dianne Rhems, Terry Gross, or our very own super wonderful Krys Boyd you know what I’m talking about. They don’t whine or jump up and down on a political point like conservative talk does. They find interesting people with intelligent perspectives and they ask them fantastic questions.

    Most of the liberals don’t listen to talk radio period. That’s because they’re living and not whining. They have music, ideas, work, family, the fun of the present and the hope of the future. And they don’t abide whining. It sucks.

  13. Sky Masterson says:

    Funny stuff, Harvey. Thanks!

    Liberals working…

  14. “Progressive” – Term used to describe the democratic march toward a socialist state.

  15. ScurvyOaks says:

    Progressive talk radio is a doomed business model, period. There’s already a commanding liberal radio presence with an impeccable brand: NPR. Part of why NPR cannot be dislodged is that it attracts its liberal audience with the most irresistable marketing ploy of all, i.e., pretending that it’s not ideological. Liberals eat that faux-neatrality stuff up with a big spoon. Throw in the facts that NPR (1) gets government money and (2) makes a point of sounding both nice and smart (and all liberals know that they are all nice and smart, right?). There’s just no way that Air America or any other overtly progressive radio organization can dislodge NPR.

  16. Thumberlina Low says:

    The riches of all that speak without any restraint or write without any restraint shall consume the man that spews it. Jett is dammed and he has sold his soul to corpocracy. For he and it are shallow.

  17. Harvey Lacey says:

    S-O, it might do you some good to read up on NPR instead of doing the ditto head dip e doo.

    Over and over again surveys of NPR programming has shown their guests have been predominantly conservative. This is probably because most of those whining is done by the conservatives. The conservative perspective gets plenty of opportunity to air out you might say. You can’t blame the network because the conservative balloons fall to the ground instead of floating off into never ever forever land like they do on the A M dial.

    On second thought, it might be about the thinner air above C level that causes passed gas to sink instead of soar.

    Or maybe it’s the chorus line. You ever notice how the top forty and conservative talk always have to a have chorus line repeated after one or less statements? That might also explain why conservatives have such a problem with hip hop.

    Seriously, aren’t you glad your daughter has Click and Clack to ask the questions she’d never ask her father?

    Admit it, the cowboy skits done by Garrison and company make you smile. And really when Guy describes that doll, doesn’t your mouth water, just a little?

    And have you ever, I mean forever ever, ever heard a funnier song than Forty Acres and a Fool?

    I heard it on NPR.

  18. Harvey Lacey says:

    T-L, either you know something the rest of us don’t. Or you are missing some n’s.

  19. ScurvyOaks says:

    Harvey, I never listen to Rush and think he’s an idiot. (For good measure, I don’t watch Fox News and think that, with the exception of Brit Hume, they’re idiots, too.) So whatever else I am, I am not a ditto head.

    Yes, there’s a lot of good stuff on NPR, I’ll grant you. And I agree that there are plenty of conservative guests on it as well. The conservative views are always rebutted by the hosts. A high percentage of NPR stories have three segments: liberal thesis, conservative antithesis, liberal recapitulation. It’s a form of liturgy, really. You can tell when the third segment begins, because there’s always that wise sounding “but” from the NPR person. Sound familiar?

  20. julie says:

    I’m a proud liberal, and I’ll tell you liberal talk radio will never succeed.


    Listen to Rush Limbaugh and his ilk. 98% of his show is
    –bashing the Liberals
    –making up lies and false stories about Obama/Pelosi/Clinton/the Dem du jour
    –screaming about how he’s right and the libs are wrong
    –interviewing dittoheads who slober over his every utterance.
    This makes for exciting radio, like listening to a 3-ring circus.

    Liberals, on the other hand, would rather talk about solutions, policies, and ways to compromise and move forward. This, unfortunately, makes for very boring radio.

    Broadcasters looking for ratings would rather have the 3 ring circus (led by the drug-fueled ringmaster) than a sedate, sane discussion of solutions to our country’s problems. Who can blame the broadcasters?

  21. julie says:

    I forgot to add that if Rush emulated talk radio and talked about conservative beliefs (end Social Security, erase pensions, healthcare only for the wealthy, schools only for those who can pay, tax the middle class out of existence, etc), then Average Joe Dittohead might figure out that he’s been voting against his own best interest for years, and become a Progressive.