Stephen Colbert to Apologize to Canton, Texas?

As has been reported extensively on this blog, I do not get cable television service at home. If you hate me, this is because I’m cheap. If you love me, it’s because it frees up time for reading the classics. In either case, an alert FBvian tells us to keep our eyes watching the Colbert Report next week:

In case you haven’t been watching the Colbert Report, every few days Stephen has taken to apologizing to towns named Canton and in the process insulting other towns also named Canton. This started when he insulted Canton, Georgia, and then apologized for it on July 30. Then he had to apologize to Canton, Kansas, on August. Last night, he apologized to Canton, South Dakota.

Based on the final few moments of his apology last night, I suspect that Canton, Texas, will be featured next week.

Eric, will you please ask an intern to TiVo this for me?


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10 responses to “Stephen Colbert to Apologize to Canton, Texas?”

  1. Bethany says:

    Dear lord. You can set up a Google reader account and subscribe to all of Colbert’s videos, you know.

  2. JB says:

    I bet Canton China smells like a real $h!+hole,

  3. darley says:

    Or, less work, go to and watch the whole show.

  4. jrp says:

    Yeah, man, while I commend anyone that goes sans telly, that’s no longer a reason to “miss” shows, as there’s always an intern to implore that TiVo thingy for ya and the Interwebs here where so many shows (The Office, Colbert, Daily, South Park, The Simpsons and many more I’m not aware of) are available soon after airing on the idiot box. (Oops forgot that’ll trip sensor. So think of something that doesn’t rhyme with boob tube.)

  5. jrp says:

    B oob gets censored, too, huh? who knew?

    What about titty-twister? or dingleberry?

  6. Bethany says:

    We should do that for the rest of the day. See what words get past Frontburner censors.


  7. Bethany says:

    So we can say all that, but not anything that casts aspersions on someone’s intelligence, or any word that is related to a woman’s chesticular area.

  8. jrp says:


    HA! That’s rich, Bethany. Good stuff. And i meant to write “…that’ll trip a sensor.” As a kind of a pun but forget the *a* so I just looked like the moron that I am.

    Great scene in What About Bob? when Bob and Siggy are yelling “cuss” words as they go to sleep.


  9. yikesdallas says:

    Sorry to barge into your dirty word fun, but yeah, – Canton showed up last night…

  10. Zac Crain says:

    I’m tired of deleting comments.