Sheriff Lupe Valdez Trapped in Elevator

Kevin Krause has the story of the harrowing events of yesterday. Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey was trapped with her. As some of the commenters to that post pointed out, something ain’t right about a failed elevator in a medical wing of the jail — and no one noticing for 30 minutes. Shouldn’t there be an alarm in an elevator like that? Note to self: if I ever get locked up in the pokey (again), don’t get sick.

Update: A politically minded FBvian points us to this video of a protester in a chicken costume calling attention to the fact that Valdez won’t debate her opponent. Except Valdez has agreed to a debate.


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9 responses to “Sheriff Lupe Valdez Trapped in Elevator”

  1. PR says:

    She couldn’t come out of the elevator? Perhaps she used all her energy coming out of the closet…

  2. Marcus says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. drew says:

    If only this had been caught on tape…it might have had a place in Zac’s “Top Five Elevator Action Scenes” list.

  4. Trey Garrison says:

    “and no one noticing for 30 minutes.”

    Kinda difficult to notice someone missing when they’re never there. That has to be the longest time she’s spent at the jail.

  5. Mike says:

    Is there a “proper elavator usage” section in the law enforcement officers exam?

  6. PR says:

    Where is the GOP candidate for Sheriff on this? Seems like his campaign advisors would have been all over this since it is symbolic of her performance as Sheriff.

  7. Millie says:

    I’ll bet that was the most time Lupe has spent in the jail!

  8. illiterate says:

    Nice re-tread Millie. Might try reading the other comments before posting next time. (see Trey – 4 posts above yours and almost an hour before)

  9. Coo Coo says:

    The phone in the elevator was working. You think she liked it in there?