Sexy Casey Thompson Snaps

So I’m looking at Casey Thompson’s pictures from her recent trip to the Hamptons. Hot dish! But here’s the question I have: what’s that tattoo peaking peeking out from under her bikini bottom? Inquiring minds want to know.


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23 responses to “Sexy Casey Thompson Snaps”

  1. IttyBittyWussy says:


  2. Towski says:

    I retract my earlier objection to the photograph requirement for posts.

  3. Toga, Toga, Toga! says:

    Long live the photo mandate!

  4. Casey Thompson says:

    Hey, give a girl a break! I haven’t had a beach vacation in years. Thanks for asking, it was a really fun time.

    As for the tattoo, we all had some college moments we would like to forget…

  5. Adamundo says:

    Any pic of Casey is sexy! Just hope she doesn’t take her T’s (talents!!!) away from Dallas.

  6. Tim Rogers says:

    Again proving why I love Casey. She’s got a sense of humor.

    C’mon, though, Casey. What is the tattoo of?

  7. Filth and Fury says:

    AnonyMouse, you mean stacked and packed ; )

  8. JS says:

    Maybe this was too easy …. I feel a little horny.

  9. publicnewsense says:

    Why some people never show up on the “laid-off/buyout” list….

  10. Tim Rogers says:

    To those who are wondering why I deleted your comments: come on, guys. If you’re going to be saucy, you’ve got to be clever (see JS’ work for reference). Please don’t post a comment that you wouldn’t make to Casey herself, in person. She’s a friend of the show, and she’s obviously reading.

  11. The UnTim Rogers says:

    When we admited to admire her T’s, we meant the tattoos. Boy, Tim you sure have a dirty mind.

  12. Tim Rogers says:

    Also, try to spell.

  13. The UnTim Rogers says:

    Sorry, “admitted” okay? Is that okay, daddy?

  14. Nancy Nichols says:

    You are so on notice.

  15. The Night Crawler says:

    Nancy, Here! Here!

    Take Tim to H.R. for discipline.

  16. Hellraiser says:

    JS, great “point”! Sorry, I couldn’t help that joke either.

  17. SureThingDude says:

    Who is Casey Thompson?
    Why do I care?

  18. TimmyToo says:

    Dearest Casey:

    In keeping with Tim Roger’s dictum that we shouldn’t post anything that we wouldn’t say to you in person, please accept the following in the spirit in which it is intended: “Oh, my effing God, I am so torked up! You are so freakin’ HOT I can’t stand it! Please, please, please, pretty please, PLEASE! I would eat all the sand on that beach to be your rainbow.”

  19. Dave from Ennis says:

    No one else has said it so I will..

    Casey, you are so horny! 🙂

    Damn, you are gorgeous.

  20. The Collin Cad says:

    I’m going to do an Ernest Borgnine, after checking Casey out:

  21. DallasKink says:

    OK, I’m worried. Who is this Casey? Why don’t I know of her?
    Most importantly; however, how does one *get* to know her. (She’s kinda hot!)
    Oh, and just cause I’m curious…
    Where did you get that hat, and umm…what is the tattoo?

  22. Tom says:

    @Tim: I appreciate the spelling mandate, but must note that Casey’s tattoo is “peeking” out. Perhaps something else is “peaking.”

  23. Tim Rogers says:

    @ Tom: I’m an acknowledged homonymophobe. My apologies.

    @ DallasKink et al.: Casey Thompson is the former chef at Shinsei and a competitor on Top Chef.

    And with that, I’ll close comments. Tired of deleting the unseemly.