Sean Avery Storms Dallas

If you were paying attention, you probably got yourself some Sean Avery in the last 24 hours. The newest Dallas Star did a press conference yesterday (to which he wore a plaid suit whose bottom half was shorts); threw out the first pitch at the Rangers game (a bad throw that he blamed on six or seven beers consumed in the clubhouse beforehand); went carousing with Marty Turco and Brenden Morrow (I’m told the Corner Bar); and did in-studio interviews this morning with Fox 4’s Good Day (during which I’m pretty sure he noticed Megan Henderson’s shapely legs) and the Musers on 1310 AM The Ticket (during which he discussed his new Dallas apartment, how many fashion models he’s dated, and how he almost got killed in a hockey game last year when his spleen was lacerated).

But the people who got the biggest, strangest dose of Sean Avery while he was in town were the kitchen staff at EatZi’s. We did a photo shoot with Avery for a story that will run in an upcoming issue of the “print product,” and EatZi’s was kind enough to let us use one of their walk-in freezers. Imagine you work at EatZi’s. You head back to the pantry for, say, some flour. You turn the corner, and there, crowded into a tiny space, are about 10 people, including a guy with a smoke machine. In the middle, there’s Sean Avery, stripped down to his skivvies, changing into an outfit. It was pretty funny.

What I can tell you about the guy: he is gracious with his time. He has definite opinions about fashion. And he looks better naked than I do.


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19 responses to “Sean Avery Storms Dallas”

  1. LOC says:

    That’s hot – even coming from a freezer.

  2. Bethany says:

    It’s OK. He can have a bad throw. I mean, it’s not like it resulted in a grand slam when the Rangers had a six-run lead or anything, you know.

  3. LOC says:

    Do you think CJ Wilson could blame it on 6 or 7 brews before the game, too? Or maybe that would actually help his pitching?

  4. Bethany says:

    Why not? It helps my driving.

    I kid, I kid.

  5. Roman says:

    What a mumbler.

  6. Roman says:

    He mumbles through the whole interview.
    Oh man, that guy put me to sleep watching the
    Fox 4 interview.

  7. guy lafluer says:

    Ah…. good to see fisherman Sean already trolling for tuna in the channels of the Corner Bar.

    I hope he forechecks better this season than he dresses himself. Shorts/Suit Jackets are the next trend in douchebag fashion replacing, I hope, untucked dress shirts and fashion jeans.

    Say what you will, but this looks good on NO ONE.

  8. allison says:

    I’m sure Sean will bow to Guy as the authority cool, especially considering this awesomeness…

  9. guy lafluer says:

    ROFL. I think I need help getting up off the ground after seeing that one. Priceless info about The Flower.

  10. monkey god says:

    Picture looks like an upper decker

  11. Jay says:

    Let’s get to know our newest Dallas Star in a segment we like to call…

    Sean Avery’s Top Ten Moments

  12. Shane Churla says:

    He looks about the same size as the last Avery to work at the AAC.

    Oh and it’s Brenden not Brendan.

  13. Gary Thorne says:

    When Turco tried to order a drink, did Avery block his view?

  14. Willi Plett says:

    He’s no Dino Ciccarelli.

  15. punny says:

    I am sick of him already…but if he grew a mustache…maybe…

  16. StarsRule says:

    guy lafluer – If I were a betting person I would bet that Sean doesn’t give a flying flip what you or anyone else thinks about his fashion sense. And, why should we care? As long as he does his job effectively on the ice, I don’t care what he wears off the ice. The only statement I want him to make is to be wearing his Stars Jersey and score goals. Hopefully he will keep things interesting during his time here.

  17. DFWMediaWatcher says:

    Is it me or is Sean Avery just VERY unattractive?

  18. SBC says:

    It’s just you.

  19. Jillian says:

    Sean Avery is amazing. He seems so down to earth,loves Fashion, can’t get any hotter than that, except he is also a hickey player.
    I liked the interview, especially when you showed the faces of the guys who needed a little help!!!!
    Can’t wait till he plays Toronto!!!!