Sean Avery Likes Older Women

I think I’m going to like the newest Dallas Star. This Sean Avery kid has moxie. He’s a newsmaker. A gossip generator. A swain unafraid, apparently, to tread where Calvin Klein has gone before. Comes news in Page Six this morning that Avery, 28, is dating Klein’s ex, Kelly Klein, who is 23 years his senior. My only fear is that Dallas isn’t going to offer Avery the diversions he’s grown accustomed to in NYC. He’ll be in town next week to throw out the first pitch in a Rangers-Yankees game. Ladies — and upscale fashion boutiques — take note.


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17 responses to “Sean Avery Likes Older Women”

  1. allison says:

    I’m 28 and my parents are 23-24 years my senior. That’s gross.

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    @ Allison: Yes, dating your parents would be gross. But Sean Avery is unrelated to Kelly Klein. Look at it from Kelly Klein’s perspective, and it starts to look a lot less gross and a whole lot more like awesome.

  3. Rawlins says:

    It’s worth noting that (Calvin Klein’s ex) Kelly has, in this outting, the opportunity to play ball in bed. From what I saw in her time at bat with Klein, there was no inning.

  4. allison says:

    I am well aware that Sean and Kelly are not related and actually dating your parents is gross, but a person who is that same age as my father is still gross. I would not want my dad’s image to pop in my head pre-coitus. *shudders* Maybe I’ll have a different opinion when I’m my mom’s age. As of now, no thanks!

    Would you be all for your future 20-something son gettin’ it on with a friend of your wife’s? If so, I guess I’m just a fuddyduddy.

  5. Tom says:

    So Ms. Klein is a cougar? She should stay away from Coppell next week.

  6. mm says:

    @ allison: So, when you’re 52, you’re open to having your Dad’s image pop into your head at that moment? I’m confused…

  7. Puddin'Tane says:

    But this would be ok if it were a man…

    Btw, many younger men prefer older women because these women know what they’re doing in bed, aren’t hung up and don’t have jealousy issues that the immature younger women do.

    Experience and self assuredness are extremely attractive.

  8. Don in Austin says:

    I’m with alison on this. I’m 52 and the thought of hooking up with a 75 year old lioness is indeed gross.

  9. Puddin'Tane says:

    Don: as in Hugh Heffner gross.

  10. KR says:

    Puddin Tane please do elaborate, seems you finally found a topic that you know more than the average FB’r.

  11. SDM says:

    I think he’s funny, in an interview with BaD radio he said one of the reasons he chose the Stars is because of the women in Dallas.

  12. The Other Marty Cortland says:

    Sometimes methinks that Puddin’Tane Knows Her Stuff.

    But too often she takes action that immediately strips me of that delusion.


  13. Squirt says:

    I’m shocked to learn that Calvin was married…to a woman!

  14. calvin clean says:

    That guy’s as gay as May day. She certainly has a “type”.

  15. Puddin'Tane says:

    Fake Cortland: you are World Famous right here in Dallas,TX. May I have your autograph?

    Btw, aren’t you pretty much delusional most of the time anyway?

  16. Roscoe Purvis Coltrane says:

    git it!