Registers at Luke’s Take Tax Break

A worker bee at Luke’s Locker told me that the store has removed sales tax from all its registers. So whatever you buy this weekend, you’re getting it sans tax. Not a bad deal, and it certainly saves time in line. Happy spending.


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8 responses to “Registers at Luke’s Take Tax Break”

  1. Tim Rogers says:

    Um, Stacey? It’s called the Sales Tax Holiday. Luke’s and every single other store in the state.

  2. publicnewsense says:

    I hope that person is not in a decision-making position at the magazine.

  3. publicnewsense says:

    I heard that McDonalds will give you a break on prices if you can present a piece of paper that has a special code and picture of food on it.

  4. More Kunkle Bell says:

    This calls for a, “Thanks, Tristan.”

  5. Randy Brown says:


    You doing anything later?

  6. BSG says:

    And we totally overlooked the observation of “it certainly saves time in line.”

    I cannot tell you the number of times my sales clerk has gotten bogged down with an abacus trying to calculate 7.25%

  7. Stacey Yervasi says:

    Thank you all for your concern regarding my mental capacity. I realize it is tax-free weekend. I was trying to point out, in perhaps a fit of runnernerdness, that all items that Luke’s carries are (were) on tax holiday. That means your GU and Endurox and $100-plus items got the tax-free treatment. Not just the stuff on the the list. Thas all, folks.

  8. More Kunkle Bell says:

    OK, no more questions about your brain power. But, jeez, Stacey, please do a spell check before posting. (Second-to-last sentence: double “the.” Last sentence: “thas” instead of “that’s.”)