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Re: Cesar Chavez, Ross


An interesting idea from an unrelated-question-having FBvian:

Hey, I was just reading your most recent piece about the Cesar Chavez Way controversy, and it made me think about how Chicago deals with similar issues. They don’t actually change the names of the streets, but they designate them “Honorary” streets, with supplemental brown “vanity” signs rather than wholesale replacement of “real” street signs. That’s how Studs Terkel, Paul Harvey, Barbara Taylor Bradford and about 1,300 other people (I am not joking) have Honorary Street named after them in Chicago. The mayor, aldermen and various other “made” people rename streets at the drop of a hat. And, it being Chicago, I am sure there is some sort of contribution being made to facilitate the honor.

[in barely masked Scottish burr] “That’s the Chicago way!”