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18 responses to “Programming Note: Eric Celeste to Appear on Gordon Keith Show

  1. Wes Mantooth says:

    I’m hoping that he made some sort of prediction about what the kids are doing these days and what they will be doing with their free time in the near future. His prediction will be known as The Celeste-Teen Prophecy.

    I’ll be here all week.

  2. Towski says:

    Just when the show couldn’t get more forced and awkward…

  3. Not Me says:

    gordon keith = way over-rated

  4. mm says:

    I’m just glad to know, once and for all, that Eric Celeste and Robert Wilonsky really are two different people. It’s the first time I had ever seen them in the same place.

  5. gl says:

    Great. Now the three people watching it will be able to laugh at Eric’s dome.

  6. Mr. Clean says:

    How come I wasn’t invited to join the panel? Is it the earring? Come on, you can tell me.

  7. Cancer patient says:

    I got left off the panel, too. What gives, Gordo?

  8. Eric Celeste says:

    there was a high-five

  9. And beer in the green room.

  10. Ex-employee, ex-subscriber says:

    Thank God TR was so busy hustling up a picture of Tom Wolfe’s book for Wick’s post that he didn’t burden us with a picture of Eric or Gordon. Word.

  11. Ex-employee, ex-subscriber says:

    My bad, TR. Just saw the amplified, clarified image posting policy on the leading off thread that is now sans-Disney image. Don’t feel bad Zac, Disney won’t let kindergarten teachers show Disney DVD’s in the classroom without paying a fee. So now all the teachers make a beeline to those $1 bins at Wal-Mart and rainy recesses are filled with 60-year-old Three Stooges capers… nyuk, nyuk, nyuk… why I oughtta . . .

  12. Eric Celeste says:

    Just got this note from the Gordon Keith show producer, the VERY smoking, cougar-y Kerri. (Looks like someone has a career in the television coming):

    Hi Eric!
    Thanks for coming on the show last night as one of the round table guests. We were pleased with the outcome! Keep up the great work over at D.

  13. da'man says:

    I don’t know Gordon Keith, I don’t know Eric Celeste, so it doesn’t matter. Life sure is good not knowing.

  14. Bobby Ewing says:

    Kerri sure can write a generic congrats note. Hi {insert name}…

  15. Dave from Ennis says:

    Gordon Keith is not funny.
    He’s not entertaining.

    I would rather watch a PBS pledge drive rerun of Doo-Wop than watch or listen to GK.

  16. Gordon Keith says:

    Eric was great and pleasant as always. So was FOF, and the rest. Especially Kerri. Mmmm.

    The intent of the show is to be awkward and forced and I think we accomplish that every Saturday night at 11:35PM on Channel 8. Well, unless football knocks us back into infomercial territory. Then we just accomplish it later.

    And don’t you have to show up in the ratings to be way overrated? Curious.

    Look, I know everything I do sucks, but I am happy to do it for the people who enjoy it and aren’t near as discriminating as blog comment leavers. But Jesus said if you can’t fight ’em join ’em, so I am going to crosspost the hell damn outta this.

    Belo sucks. The Ticket sucks. Lisa Garza sucks. Wick isn’t allowed to make a point. Tim’s Prius hates my freedom. The Office sold out. Jessica Simpson doesn’t deserve to live. Let’s kill Jenny the elephant. The DMN doesn’t care. Things were better twenty-five minutes ago. I have strong opinions about picture posting policies, and I liked Sara Jaffe before she was born and sold out by going post-natal.

    I’m leaving the comments turned on.

  17. Gordon Keith says:

    And she REALLY sold out when she added the “h.”

    I am turning comments off, then back on.

  18. Kerri says:

    Sorry Bobby Ewing I didn’t know my generic note of “thanks” (not “congrats”) would be published for all to see. I will be sure to make my “thanks” extremely personal from now on.