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12 responses to “Pictures Inside Tony Romo’s New House”

  1. John M says:

    Can you please get rid of the talking ads? I’m tired of hearing that I’ve won a free MacBook Air.

  2. vceleste says:

    I won an I Phone! I want my I Phone!!!!!

  3. amandacobra says:

    Say what you will but I get to keep this MacBook Air just for testing it out! What a deal! I know this because every time I hit refresh it tells me.

  4. Sway says:

    Whoever let those picture get out should feel bad. I’m sure the house is nice, but the pictures just aren’t doing it justice, or Tony Romo is an idiot for spending that kind of money on that ugly of a house.

  5. Sway says:

    Really Id_iot is a censored word?

  6. John M says:

    Now that the ads are gone I have to add, that is a hideous and cheap looking house. I hope he has plans on gutting and redecorating before he moves in.

  7. J Paul says:

    I see Tony has the same taste in real estate as he does women. Hideous and cheap looking indeed.

  8. Bethany says:

    An all-black bathroom? I thought those were reserved for Whore Island Resorts and Spas.

  9. mm says:

    I Googled that, and there’s no such thing. Thanks for ruining my vacation plans.

  10. Bethany says:

    It’s where all the pirate hookers are.

  11. brett says:

    i figure some magic will be a happening in that sunken bathtub.

  12. JAN says:

    Michael Stribling is to design the Home. Stribling Seen on HGTV’s Design Star,(also working With Jessica Simpsons Sister Ashlee)Is close friends with the ball player and his girlfriend Jessica. You can See Michael Stribling in people mag, with jessica shoping for furniture in Dallas.