Not a Good Week to Be a DMN Scribe

Wednesday is the deadline to accept buyouts at the Dallas Morning News. On that day, managers will discover that they are way short of their buyout goal. That means lay-offs will come shortly thereafter. Coming on the heels of the TexMo layoffs, where Sam Gwynn was let go and everyone had to take a salary cut (the company said 2 percent, but staffers there say it’s as much as 10 percent for some folks), it ain’t a good week for the wordsmiths. How are we doing within the D Empire, you ask? Great. Awesome. Just working away, under my desk, typing with one hand, holding onto my effing hat with the other.

Update: I should have pointed you to this website, which is keeping track of the buyout as it unfolds.


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26 responses to “Not a Good Week to Be a DMN Scribe”

  1. amandacobra says:

    I was just talking about this with some friends the other day. So it’s not a good time to be a writer. It’s also not a good time to be a restaurant owner. Or the owner of a tourism-related business. Or a SUV dealer. Or an airline. Or a homebuilder.

    So what is it a good time to be? A repo man? A collections rep?

  2. Tom says:

    An ExxonMobil board member
    An undertaker (people die every day)
    A Cowboys stadium construction worker (just stay off those falling cranes)

  3. Brian says:

    I need to add, a photographer. Not good, time wise.

  4. Andrew says:

    It’s a great time to be a photographer as long as you don’t expect to make a living from it. πŸ˜‰

  5. Mike says:

    You can be a photographer, just don’t work
    for douchbag newspapers. You’ll work will never be seen, because no one is reading rags where you photograhy looks like crap, due to the printing process of newspapers.

  6. Sway says:

    A Bartender…as many are drinking more these days

  7. Bethany says:

    That’s so true, Mike. The DMN’s photogs totally won their Pulitzer’s on photos nobody saw.

  8. Viv says:

    The best use for DMN paper is for the homeless to cover their heads during the rain : )

  9. Tom says:

    DMN photos may not look great on “douch(e)bag newspapers,” but they were quite impressive here, and in the many magazines that paid to use their Katrina images, aka “you’ll work.”

  10. Dirty Deeds says:

    Pulitzers don’t mean crap, when DMN even lays off their “talent” that they like to preach to us about.

  11. sweatman says:

    From what gets reported it’s only the news and production staff that’s being affected, not any of the opinion columnists. Are Steve Blow and Jacquielynn Floyd really the big engines driving what profits remain?

  12. Brian says:

    i used to be a DMN photographer. I think the current Photogs do great work! Tom Fox is doing amazing work, and one of my old bosses, Jim Mohoney, now just shooting pictures, blows my mind. Still like all, they are just one dumb decision from the freelance world.

  13. Brian says:

    oh dear, maybe so… I need work πŸ˜‰

  14. Susie Q says:

    Good one, Viv!

  15. Brian says:

    btw, I wish I was evil too!

  16. Eric Celeste says:

    Let’s try to keep the b-sucking comments to a minimum, FB peeps.

  17. Iron_man says:

    It would be funny if DMN, a supposed news company, would have front page news of the
    layoffs and interviews of the people getting laid off in tomorrow’s newspaper. Sort of like the ENRON news stories we got.

    I know, I am evil.

  18. amandacobra says:

    Or if, as a courtesy, they would allow their own (future former) employees first peeks at the Jobs section.

  19. Brian says:

    wow eric, now my last two comments dont make any since. Much like me. evil is as evil does.

  20. IAB says:

    on the flip side, my subscription ran out in July but they still keep delivering the paper.

  21. Bethany says:

    You have to call in dead, IAB, if you want that to quit.

  22. jrp says:

    i hear word on Young St. is that it’s not a good week to be a DMN editor/middle manager as they’re going to be the ones that get the ax to meet the numbers

    also heard that all the IT of a certain NY-based publisher that was acquired by a foreign concern within the past year has been/will be outsourced to India

    also heard said NY-based publisher is vacating a mammoth campus outside Princeton in Jersey ahead of moving nearly all ops back to midtown

    adapt or die, people
    change or get run over

    wish someone would offer me a buyout…shit, man, anything in five figures would work

  23. DirtyBastard says:

    You people at DMN better start looking for another job because the ax is coming.

    I don’t understand how you people can work
    for such a dirtbag company and the dirtbags
    in management there.

    Good luck to all, and get off that sinking ship!

  24. Bethany says:

    Uh, glad you clarified.