New Tailgating Restrictions at Texas Stadium

I know one driver of a converted school bus who will not be pleased with the news that tailgaters are now relegated to the outer edge of the parking lot at Texas Stadium. Here’s the policy in a nutshell:

… [W]e will continue to permit tailgating as a festive, fun way to enhance the game day experience. In order to ensure our parking lots are used in an efficient manner, we will be requiring our tailgating patrons to limit activity to designated areas; when those areas are full on a first come, first serve basis tailgating will not be permitted in other areas of the lot.

Cowboys spokesperson Rich Dalrymple told the DMN tailgaters at the Houston Texans game were receptive and accommodating to the new policy:

“When they learn it’s a safety issue and for the traffic flow and to make everyone’s experience better, they are supportive and say, ‘We’ll make it work,'” Mr. Dalrymple said.

Hmm. They musta asked the non-drinking tailgaters first.


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6 responses to “New Tailgating Restrictions at Texas Stadium”

  1. Dallasite says:

    Dishonesty just comes naturally to the Jones’ organization.

  2. Johnny Cochran says:

    this is stupid. what a waste of blue parking.

  3. Patrick says:

    Wow, way to crack down on the last year for the stadium! I guess the other 30 years you didn’t care about safety or traffic flow?

  4. Kevin says:

    The Jones organization hates their fans. They don’t like tailgating for Cowboys games, they don’t like tailgating for Desperados games, and ticket prices have doubled (or more) in two years. They’re pricing tickets too high for anyone without a corporate AmEx. Do they really think their teams will play better without all that noisy, distracting cheering in the background?

  5. Wes Mantooth says:

    WTF? Goddell comes out with these fan policies, and then all the NFL teams use them to crack down on tailgating? At a time when Nascar is imploding due to lack of racing competition (that Car of Tomorrow sure was one swell idea, geniuses), baseball can’t catch up, and the NBA continues to be beset by a lack of competitive spirit bourne by the guaranteed contract (Keith Van Horn calling), the NFL is heads and shoulders the best major league sport. So why are they going to make it the No Fun League now? Insane and stupid. They should be promoting more tailgating, not less.

  6. Rich says:

    Is there any other lots near the stadium that they don’t control to tailgate at?

    I was planning on renting an RV for the Redskins game, but am having second thoughts having read this.