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Mau-Mauing The School District

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The rear-guard action by the patronage crowd continues. (For an earlier look at the fight over the spoils of DISD, go here.) A lawsuit filed in early August contends that the bond money voted in May isn’t being allocated fairly. The plaintiffs include John Williams, who once managed bond sales. What does that tell you? It tells you that the patronage has stopped, and John ain’t happy about it. Ironically, this lawsuit prevents the Texas AG from authorizing the bonds, the proceeds of which would go in substantial portion to — get this — South and West Dallas schools. But who cares about schools when there are commissions at stake?

On another front, the TEA’s decision to install a state moniter on non-performing schools is a welcome development. From everything I hear, Commissioner Robert Scott is a good guy. He knows the battle lines in the DISD, and his decision is another hard shove that will force the patronage crowd to wake up to reality. The good old days are over. The DISD is now being run for the kids, and failure means you’re fired.