Live Blog From American Airlines Flight

AA has started to offer wifi on some of its flights. CrunchGear is at 37,000 feet, bloggin away:

So far is giving me 1,748 kbps down and roughly 290kbps up.

So there’s that.


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6 responses to “Live Blog From American Airlines Flight”

  1. Idunno says:

    Can I blog on my flight to France next week? I’ll everybody posted on my vodka cranberry consumption as well as the wife’s Makers and water tippling.

  2. JimK says:

    So that’s not very high speed by today’s standards, but I guess it’s good for e-mail and maybe a Friday Fun game of Mahjong, or something.

    But just wait until everyone on the plane is using it at once, especially if most of them are using it for video.

    I hope AA did some serious load testing.

  3. CBS says:

    how much?

  4. amandacobra says:

    I’m betting American “Make Soldiers Pay For Bags/Make Everyone Pay for Sandwiches/We’re Not Getting You There On Time” Airlines probably did NOT do load testing.

  5. AnonyMouse says:

    Here’s my prediction: Within 2 years, they’ll start using tiered access, so they can squeeze more and more money out of fliers.

  6. Bobby Ewing says:

    down and up….not two words I like to hear about a plane ride. Plane ride, I said.