Leading Off (8/19/08)

1. When Reunion Arena is dismantled, it’s possible there will be a public auction of its unusable parts, including the green seats and, most likely, the remnants of James Donaldson’s knees. Implosion is an option only if someone in Hollywood wants to pay the city to film it for a movie. No offers yet, although my action-adventure screenplay (think Die Hard meets North Dallas Forty) just got a new scene added.

2. A Frisco homeowners association is telling a Stonebriar resident that he can’t park his brand new Ford F-150 truck in the driveway because it’s not classy enough. This is understandable. It’s Frisco, after all. If it doesn’t look appropriate in the Ikea parking lot, it shouldn’t be allowed within city limits.

3. Nastia Liukin takes silver! Nastia Liukin takes silver! It’s her fifth medal of the Olympics! She’s very bendy!


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29 responses to “Leading Off (8/19/08)”

  1. Daniel says:

    “Classy” and “fancy” are words only used by people who aren’t.

    Nouveau riche yahoos.

  2. Towski says:

    As opposed to blog commenting, long the bastion of old money.

  3. Daniel says:

    Blog commenting is a socioeconomic marker? Who knew. Well, for the record, there is nothing but fancy ketchup in the Daniel household. Have to nick it from Whataburger, but anything less wouldn’t be classy enough for me and my kin. And I wouldn’t care to live next to the kind of people who don’t use fancy ketchup. What, you thought I was white trash or something?

  4. Towski says:

    I have a theory that, if graphed, internet familiarity resembles a bell curve on the socioeconomic scale. Neither the very poor nor the very rich have much in the way of web presence.

  5. drew says:

    I like the part where the HOA board member says the rule “has been in place for decades” — since their inception in 1989.

  6. JG says:

    Love that they allow the “plush” Lincoln Mark LT but not the F-150. When both trucks, as you can see from the WFAA video, are nearly identical in appearance.

    It’s the same as saying you can park a Lexus ES350 in the driveway, but a Toyota Camry, that will get you a $50/day fine.

  7. Taylor says:

    I had the misfortune of working in Frisco for awhile and from my experience, this is no real surprise. People there are obnoxious. As a lifelong Dallas resident, there were numerous occassions where I had to bite my tounge not to remind the “Friscoites” that Frisco was once the home of Michelle’s Ranch, The Tub Club and The Doll House. Nothing says “classy” like *****houses!

  8. El Rey says:

    I wish they would bottle that ‘classy’ Whataburger Ketchup. Until then, those ‘fancy’ tubs will be hoarded in my pantry.

  9. Brandon says:

    1) Okay. Reunion Arena resides at 777 Sports Street. After it’s torn down, Sports Street will be an obsolete name…so why don’t we name THAT Cesar Chavez Boulevard?!?

  10. Don in Austin says:

    Taylor, how could you possibly leave out April’s?

    I used to live in far NE Frisco and we hunted dove from our back yards. All Frisco HOAs are not created equal.

    I wouldn’t have chosen to live in Stonebriar even if I could have afforded it…those neighborhoods are way too close to the lead smelter (that’s still there).

  11. jrp says:

    hey, Trey, this is Exhibit Q in ways the suburbs suck arse. let’s hear you defend this with an Oh Yeah!

    how vacant is your soul when you enact/enforce a statute such as this?

    Stay smug, Frisco.

  12. Chris says:

    Don, where is the lead smelter? google map link?

  13. monkey god says:

    What’s the difference between a HOA and the government of China?

  14. Don Ho says:

    …and their high school has the most racist mascot ever.

  15. dazzling urbanite says:

    Frisco High didn’t make the Newsweek Best Schools list, either. Five Dallas high schools did. Lead in their Kool-Aid?

  16. Daniel says:


    Tsk tsk. Trey moved there for the values. And by values, he means “empty consumerism serving as a stand-in for culture, so as to prop up the aspirational yearnings of graceless philistines.”

  17. Bill says:

    Frisco does not have the most racist mascot. It’s the newcomer yankees that decided a “Fightin’ Coons” is somehow racist. What other animal running around a rural cotton town is worthy of mascot status? Possums? Mockingbirds?

    I knew times were a changin’ when people started complaining of the catfish heads hanging on the fence just south of downtown.

  18. For the record says:

    Don Ho, you’re unaware of the “Fightin’ Coons” intent. Back in the day, one could navigate between small towns without a road map, based on the local water tower’s proud boast of “Podunk, Texas – Home of the Fightin’ Podunks!”

    The snarling raccoon on the one-story, ground-level Frisco water tank (not even a tower) was never considered the least bit racist until people like, frankly, YOU showed up and decided it was racist. The (few) local black people were in the know all along, and supported the term and the team.

  19. jrp says:

    my bad, Daniel

    and to kinda further your first comment up there, people that use “eclectic” and “eccentric” as modifiers of their lifesytle usually paint their walls mauve or tapue or other muted, boring tones and live vapid existences in places like effin Frisco

    damn, i think i hate the suburbs more than some folks hate DISD

  20. JB says:

    I’m from classy and fancy HP and I think they should change their mascot to “The Fighting Cesar Chavez’s.”

  21. Don in Austin says:

    Exide Technologies, Frisco. They recycle auto batteries, so technically they are a secondary lead smelter.

  22. DM says:

    and nothing says ‘classy’ like a hybrid Tudor, Arts & Crafts with hints of Greco-style architecture topped with tile from Milan.

  23. Laramie says:

    Geez this is twice now. I watch the Olympics when I get home from work and choose not to click on any websites prior to that reveal the outcome before they play on TV. Why can you not put the results behind the jump?

  24. Pointy Finger of Doom says:

    I would suggest hermetically sealing yourself in a pod for the next week, Laramie. If you don’t want to know the outcome, don’t click on Web sites belonging to news providers.

  25. For the record says:

    Laramie, you’re from Frisco, aren’t you? 🙂

    (just to start tying this up)

  26. Daniel says:

    Ha ha, fair enough, DM. Welcome to the West, though. This ain’t frickin’ Boston. (Nor was meant to be.)

    A little Laurie Anderson to keep y’all on your toes:

    Hey, pal! How do I get to town from here? And he said: Well, just take a right where they’re going to build that new shopping mall, go straight past where they’re going to put in the freeway, take a left at what’s going to be the new sports center, and keep going until you hit the place where they’re thinking of building that drive-in bank. You can’t miss it. And I said: This must be the place.

    Golden cities. Golden towns. Golden cities. Golden towns. And long cars in long lines and great big signs and they all say: Hallelujah. Yodellayheehoo. Every man for himself. Golden cities. Golden towns.

    You know, I think we should put some mountains here. Otherwise, what are all the characters going to fall off of? Yodellayheehoo.

    Here’s a man who lives a life of danger. Everywhere he goes, he stays … a stranger. Howdy, stranger. Mind if I smoke? And he said: Every man. Every man for himself.

    Every man,
    every man for himself.
    All in favor say aye.

  27. DM says:

    @ Daniel: I’m just saying, people in glass houses…. oh, that and Language is a virus.

  28. Daniel says:

    People in glass duplexes should invest in heavy draperies. Christ, even Lee Harvey Oswald could afford curtain rods.

  29. Spamboy says:

    When they tear down Reunion, can I snag Craig Ludwig’s sweat-sponged leg-pads?