Leading Off (8/14/08)

1. The Dallas City Council voted to deny Woodard Paint & Body Shop a special-use permit to stay open on Ross Avenue, because the city wants restaurants and apartments there instead. It means the business will have to close in 2010, which is great, because the Woodard family has owned its shop there since 1920 and I made a bet with Bill Woodard they couldn’t make it to 100 years.

2. American Airlines is forced to give up and waive its third-bag fee for the military, even though just about every carrier has a similar policy and most soldiers either got a waiver or were reimbursed for the fee anyway. Probably not a bad idea to stay away from the sixth floor over at AAHQ1 today.

3. And finally, Southlake Carroll will start offering sushi at one of its concession stands at Dragon Stadium. Oh, heavens. [good-natured head shaking] Raw fish? [paternal chuckle] What will they think of next?


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39 responses to “Leading Off (8/14/08)”

  1. bw says:

    I like to read that third item in Hank Hill’s voice.

  2. Tom says:

    The story says Woodard Paint and Body can stay open through 2012, but you’ll still win the bet.

  3. Marci says:

    ….regarding the AA decision to not charge for the third bag…I was reading today…that yes the soldier was being charged, but they were reimbursed by the pentagon for the cost…I don’t remember reading that anywhere before…anyone know if that’s true?

  4. Tom says:

    @Marci: I heard a radio report about it. Yes, the soldiers were being reimbursed, but military leaders felt it wasn’t fair to ask soldiers to pay $100 for anything, given that most of them make about $17K a year and face any number of challenges on the job, including not getting killed.

  5. govdrone says:

    Yeah, troops do get reimbursed for extra baggage charges, but only if extra baggage is authorized on their orders. If it’s not, they’re SOL and for the kids that haven’t been in the service very long, $100 is a big hit at the counter.

  6. Bethany says:

    One of the worst cases of food poisoning I ever got was from nachos at a high school concession stand.

    I think I’ll be passing on the sushi. And I like sushi.

  7. JLL says:

    Best mechanics in our neighborhood, what the hell are we supposed to do Angela? Go to KwikKar, gimme a fucking break!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was your biggest supporter, love your hot little car and your red dresses. Damn!!!!! Now I have to find a new woman to lust after besides my wife.

  8. IttyBittyWusy says:

    Even if they do get reimbursed, they still have to front the money out of their own pocket and then wait a month to get paid back.

  9. VM says:

    I’m usually with Angela but not on this one. I’ve gone to Woodards for over 20 years, they are great. And do Texas Paints and Oriental Rug Cleaners have to move also? Bad call Council.

  10. jamesn says:

    Reimbursement really isn’t the issue. The problem is AA demand of money at the check-in counter from United States Military Personnel. Not paying will prevent you from getting on the airplane. Last I checked, we weren’t exactly paying our Solders and Marines the BIg Bucks like Wick pays Zac so demanding $100 on the spot probably a bit more problematic than demanding the same from those your read FB.

    Also, I wonder what this says about Tim Wagner’s very unseemly insistence that AA as being very “generous” it’s extorting money from from a Serviceman over a checked bag.

  11. Towski says:

    I’m going to make this comment here because it simply needs to be addressed:

    Tammy Dombeck’s new hair.


  12. JS says:

    Tammy Dombeck has hair?

  13. http://www.dadscenter.org/2008/08/american-airlin.html

    I’m glad to see they took some action. I think they should throw in a trip to Hawaii for the solider and his significant other/wife for causing this whole stir.

  14. Zac Crain says:

    Yeah, it would be problematic for me, too. I’m only paid in handshakes and affectionate shoulder punches.

  15. Towski says:

    @JS I know, I was surprised as well. But the new do made me drag my eyes north.

  16. Davie Dave says:

    The last thing a soilder needs to be thinking about is the triplicate paperwork they need to fill out to get reimbursed.

    They should be thinking about Tammy’s… OMG she does have hair. Will wonders never cease.

  17. Brett says:

    One of the fondest memories my wife and I have of being poor and working in downtown Dallas was of the kindly bedside manner the good doctors at Woodard always presented us with every time they triaged our tired old car, letting us know which repairs just had to be made and which could be postponed until the next payday. I think they treated everyone with that same care and respect.

    Now that essential service will be replaced, like the Marcus house, with the current urban fad, which itself will be zoned out in a few years to make way for those shadow-dancing vegetable vendor establishments discerning Dallasites just can’t get enough of. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, ya’ll.

  18. Zac Crain says:

    I should clarify. The reimbursement–yes, it’s a pain, and I wouldn’t want to do it either. My point was, and I’m not sure this makes it any better, but all the airlines do the same thing, and Continental charges even more. American was the only one that got pinched for it. So I think all airlines should share the backlash, and they should all do away with the policy. OK, everyone happy?

  19. yikesdallas says:

    Ross is already filled up with empty lots that haven’t been redeveloped. I find it extremely sad that a reputable business that has been in an area for decades can all of a sudden be zoned out of existence because of…. what? I don’t think Starbuck’s is going to come in at this point and build anything. And by kicking Woodard’s out, their land value probably plummeted, since anyone negotiating with them knows they have to close no matter what.

    The City can close down good businesses like this in heartbeat, but can’t seem to shut down illegally operating bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, etc? Sad, sad, sad.

    I’m VERY disappointed in Angela for taking the lead on this.

  20. Marci says:

    I agree with everyone who stated our troops shouldn’t be charged at all for extra baggage – I have several family members who are serve – young ones who wouldn’t have the extra $$$ to pay for bags…but I guess what I do understand is that American Airlines IS in the business of making money, right? My thought is our government should have been responsible for those extra costs all along, maybe they should have made some direct payment deal with AA instead of having the soldiers front the funds. right?

  21. Good point Zac. They all should be showing compassion and understanding, particularly for those who are going off to fight. That was the point we could not get Tim W at AA to understand when he started quoting stats, etc.
    Super-human care is what these fokes deserve, not quibbling over the cost of a third bag.

  22. Brandon says:

    The good news about the Woodard eviction is they won’t have to send postcards to all their patrons saying “Same Place…Different Address!”

    (Cesar Chavez Boulevard)

  23. Long Memory says:

    Dragons love raw fish, you know. They say it melts in the mouth.

  24. Wylie H. says:

    Southwest, as a matter of practice, has never done this. Indeed, it formalized its free bags for the military policy way back in January (before it even became an issue).

  25. El Rey says:

    1. Woodard was the first body shop I ever did business with and they treated me with great respect and gave me a fair price. I would use them more often except I have a rare need for bodywork.

    2. I am still waiting for an Army travel pay voucher I submitted in May…of 2000. And to add insult to injury, they took my taxpayer incentive check back in May of this year – due to a clerical error. And I got out of the Army in 2003! Ask any soldier about getting shafted by Defense Finance (DFAS) and I guarantee the stories will blow your mind. The moral of my story is businesses should be aware of the sacrifice paid by members of the military and do what they can to ease the burden on these young men and women.

    3. But will they win state?

    4. Tammy Dombeck – why does her name remind me to get some cantaloupe at Tom Thumb tonight?

    5. Any news on the Heeley’s (sp?) – Skechers merger?

  26. Bethany says:

    Other than they raised the offer to $5.25 a share after hours yesterday?

  27. Brandon says:

    4. That’s strange…it reminds me to get eggplant.

  28. Meredith says:

    That is sad news about Woodard. Dallas really needs more restaurants and apartments. Oh and 30k/ yr millionaires and strippers at the lake.

  29. bc says:

    Tammy Dombeck = saggers

  30. Dallasite says:

    Woodard should have shut down when either, a) they were made an offer for their real estate that they couldn’t refuse, or b) they decided it was time to retire.

    A government should not have this much power over people’s property and lives.

  31. JLL says:

    Dont forget that Ross Ave Ignition is on the same lot. They do all mechanical work you need done on your car, tires too, and Robin will give you a ride home,…..and pick you up. Richard is a great mechanic and so is the other guy there that never talks!!!!!OK we’ve got two older cars…

    Do they have any recourse since now as yikes points out that the property is now about as valuable as a bucket of shit? Or have I just realized how the sup process works? Devalue property by kicking them out and your “buddy” I mean, reputable business person buys property for nothing and then sells it for a truckload of dough……wow how slimy

  32. Daniel says:

    1) As if Dallas doesn’t already have enough soul-less glitz, now City Council is determined to shove more down our throats — at the expense of honest businesspeople, no less. I usually admire Hunt, but she’s she’s showing an unbecoming side of herself here: a tendency, and willingness, to kill ants with a cudgel.

    The West Village is fine for what it is, but who wants an entire city of it?

  33. drew says:

    Zac unless I’m reading the story wrong, you had it right in the beginning. The shop has to close in 2010. The special use permit would have allowed them to stay open only until 2012 — not indefinitely.

  34. jrp says:

    next time you’re at DFW and see a soldier heading off to wherever he or she is going kindly pay for their extra bags/lunch/whatever else he or she may need

    it’s the least we can do

    skirting laws/policies/fees is a hobby of mine that i wish more of you would take up

  35. uh oh says:

    Zac you were right. Suck it Tom.

    Because it failed to win a special-use permit Wednesday, the shop will have to close in 2010, city officials said.

  36. Eric Celeste says:

    BC: More Dombeck for me. Glad to see you’re out.

  37. GMOM says:

    JRP – Love the way you think, like the movie “Pay it Forward” If you see a kid in uniform in an airport, ask if you can help him/her!! The kids that demonstrated about Booker T becoming Nancy Hamon Arts Mag. certainly won, so why can’t “concerned citizens” do the same on Ross Avenue? Who ARE these peeps that want to change everything?

  38. Tom says:

    Comment retracted. Either way, I agree with the rest of yous — not a good move by the City Council. We seem to say that a lot around here.

  39. jrp says:

    thanks, GMOM

    i call it being a responsible adult. i know, i know crazy right? actually acting like you’re a functioning part of the Earth and all, paying attention to what’s going on around you. novel idea, no doubt.

    it’s been my experience that you get what you give.

    corny, yeah i know. but so is this and i love it so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA_0cvd1EUM