Leading Off (8/12/08) [Internet-delayed edition]

1. A killer described as “the devil himself” is scheduled to die tonight for the execution-style murders of two Casa Linda Blockbuster employees in 1994. Yeah, I’m a liberal, and I’m against the death penalty, but I won’t be sad to see this guy go, to be honest. (I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite.)

2. According to a study by the online real estate site Zillow, 10 percent of Dallas-Fort Worth homes were sold at a loss in the past year. Which doesn’t surprise me, because times are tough and all. But, I’ve always thought Zillow’s online estimations of home values were rarely on-target, so I don’t know how much stock I put into this report.

3. Texas Rangers closer C.J. Wilson announced on his MySpace blog that he is going to have season-ending surgery. If you check the blog, you’ll see that “Deron” wishes him good luck and hopes “you get some hot nurses.” Awww.


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13 responses to “Leading Off (8/12/08) [Internet-delayed edition]”

  1. Daniel says:

    Doesn’t make you a hypocrite. Seeing a scociopathic monster deprived of his life brings one the undeniable, primal satisfaction of vengeance. Thing is, the letter and spirit of the law isn’t and shouldn’t be about primal satisfaction, or vengeance. If it is, why not simply have public stonings?

    So I’m as glad as you are to see this scumbag rubbed out. And I will continue to be anti-death penalty. And I don’t feel hypocritical about that, or even that it’s a disconnect of any consequence. Not at all.

  2. Rawlins' No Thanks for the Memories Review says:

    I was at the gas pump at the Chevrom at Buckner/Garland Rd. when this double murder happened. The Blockbuster was brand new. The scene was grotesque chaos followed by the wailing sound of a woman I suspected was a victim’s mother.

    I’m with you, Eric, on this one. I have my doubts about the death penalty (who in life after Henry Wade would not?) but tonight I will raise my glass to those two young men whose lives were snuffed a few hundred feet away.

  3. LB says:

    How about Band MOM!! Ms.Kay? (on the ranger blog comments) She is HOT!

  4. amanda says:

    #1 I can certainly understand opposition to the death penalty on many different levels. This guy seems to be the poster child for it…

    Zac and Daniel, it’s not hypocritical at all. It’s being truly honest about what ultimate penalty is “fair” or “just” in the face of pure evil.

  5. LakeWWWooder says:

    According the the article, it wasn’t the first time the man killed someone. And his behavior in prison doesn’t exactly indicate remorse. I say send the man on his way to hell. And I hope the guys who recently murdered the young men in Garland are not far behind.

  6. Rollins von Munchhausen says:

    I was just outside the Garden of Eden when Eve gave Adam the fruit of the Tree of Life and doomed all of us to a life of misery.

    So don’t beat yourself up too badly, Eric, it’s just the price some must pay.

  7. Harvey Lacey says:

    Double doggone darn, I spend all morning attempting to compose a narrative explaining why I’m so smart and the Examiner as in Patent Examiner is such a idiot. It was hard to do without using simple english.

    Hit the door. It’s raining and I’m not that cute in a wet t shirt.

    So I come back inside and go online. Eric and Daniel are remorseful about their lack of remorse over state sponsored murder.

    Both of them, Eric and Daniel, are closer to be aligned with that obnoxious dude on the am dial about lunch time than they are to believing like I do.

    I don’t buy into the death penalty for the godly reasons, vengance. Heck, Moses and his God slaughtered little kids because they could for vengance sake, sick puppies, can you imagine ordering your troops into thousands and thousands of prisoners or war and slaughtering all but the verifiable virgins? That’s what they did, again, sick puppies.

    But, and this butt is of the Barr (Rosanne or Bob, your choice) variety. If death is the most sure guarantee that we have of separating a predator from polite society then so be it. Not for vengance, that’s sick. But because we have an obligation to protect our innocents from predators.

  8. Daniel says:

    Fair enough, but: Henry Wade.

    BTW, which dude on the radio dial might that be, Harvey? Most people ’round these parts seem to think I’m a flaming liberal, though I’d disagree with a snort if they asked rather than accusing. It seems they march in lockstep with certain Manichean denizens of the AM dial.

    But God knows I’m not conservative in the way that word has come to be understood in recent decades.

  9. Laverne and Surely says:

    Today’s lessons la vida lame:

    > ‘I P’ address means ‘I’m private’ in Virginia but it means ‘Internet public’ in Texas.

    > Selling your condo takes prayer.

  10. Zach in NY says:

    F CJ. That bastard could have taken a shot, rehabbed, and been back blowing 3 run 9th inning leads in 2 weeks. What a coward. I hope he loses arm during the surgery.

  11. Brandon says:

    I doubt CJ will ever appear in a Rangers uniform again. His teammates don’t even like him, and the fans obviously don’t like him. Good riddance.

  12. Rawlins Batter's Up says:

    CJ’s fans include those on either side of the sexual aisle who like bad boy athletes hotties. (Think Soup-to-Nuts Nichols). I say he’s a strikeout poster child for sterilization initiatives.

  13. LakeWWWooder says:

    Jack has an excerpt from a letter from the mother of the victim: