John Edwards Admits Affair, Dallas Retiree Rejoices

So John Edwards admits that he had an affair with a woman he didn’t love, but says the love child he’s accused of fathering is not his. If you believe reports in the National Enquirer, the paper that pursued the story most doggedly, the mea culpa must be a big relief to an unnamed “rich retiree in Dallas” who was allegedly writing checks for $15k/month to Rielle Hunter (the woman) to keep quiet. The retiree was also allegedly writing checks to Edwards’ aide Andrew Young to claim paternity of the child. Radar Online has been tracking it too (and is where I found the Dallas connection).


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82 responses to “John Edwards Admits Affair, Dallas Retiree Rejoices”

  1. Bob says:

    Christian Conservatives are slobbering all over themselves in rabid glee, snouts buried eyeball deep in this chance to slurp up some tangy schadenfreude at Christ’s expense.

    Oh, and they get to call him Silky Pony, too. That’s gotta sting.

  2. DM says:

    Shouldn’t he announce this on

  3. James says:

    Well, I guess it better then being busted in an airport bathroom…

  4. Nate says:

    Now it’s Obama’s turn to get caught, right?

  5. mh says:

    How nice for him that the “major media” outlets refused to report the story for 2 weeks. Is there a bias?

  6. Willi Plett says:

    Better than being busted in the Capital parking garage, too. Right, Newt G.?

  7. J Paul says:

    Can we just skip to the part where McCain does Viagra commercials? I can’t wait to see if he uses Elizabeth Dole’s pronunciation “Vi-AYE-gruh”. Either way, he’ll probably use that Beavis and Butthead laugh at some point in the spot.

    My heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards.

  8. LOC says:

    Any speculation on who the rich retiree in Dallas is? Edwards’ campaign had some obvious ties in Dallas (campaign finance chairmen and the like), but none I would label a retiree. Any word?

  9. Nancy Nichols says:

    What’s love got to do with it–he lied. They all lie and they only love themselves. Oh this makes me crazy.

  10. jrp says:

    man, i got the wandering husband vibe from Edwards from the giddy up

    any man that gets a $400 haircut is doing so to attract the opposite sex

    and he always appears to be crying or on the verge of tears whenever he looks at his wife and everyone thinks it’s because of her cancer or their son and all, but i’ve always thought and and we all now know otherwise, man, it’s because he’s dipping his stick in another oil well and can’t look his wife in the eyes no more without feeling the guilt

    just another sad tale of the sexual exploits of our elected officials. pathetic these cats are. simply pathetic.

  11. Thumberlina Low says:

    Hey everyone..look over here at the sex scandel. Pay no mind to the hundreds of men and women coming home in body bags. Someone had sex outside of marriage. Oh my GAWD!
    This sexual escapade will drive up the price of gas and cause the economy to go into a recession…oh wait we are there already.
    It we are so worried about sex, then we should vote for McCain and Senorita Stretchy Face.

  12. Mike Ramsey says:

    Nancy — how could you say such a thing? This isn’t about him — it’s all a part of his tireless efforts to eradicate Poverty in one of the Two Americas. Campaign funds provided to the paramour served as “seed money” that resulted in a newly born little girl who has a rich lawyer for a Daddy. Everybody wins in John’s America.

  13. jnw32 says:

    What a red letter day! The silk pony and the “rich retiree in Dallas” wiped out from national politics in one fell swoop! The country is truly better off.

  14. Thumberlina Low says:

    Having a President that has sex outside of his marriage is better than having a President with Alzheimers any day of the week, is better than a President that leads us into an worthless war, destroy our economy, ruin our relationship with the world, be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, lie to all Americans and claim to be some sort of man of some sort of god. Probably about half the men who condemn this have had a sexual relationship outside of their marriage. Same with the women.
    Is the country really better off because John Edwards had sex with someone other than his wife? Can you explain that?

  15. Bethany says:

    Did I fall on my head and miss the part where John Edwards is running for something right now, or has been elected for something, or is an official?

  16. ScurvyOaks says:

    Thumberlina, you need to find a new one to replace the “hundreds of body bags” line. Have you been living under a rock during the success of the surge?

  17. jnw32 says:

    Bethany, I guess you must have fallen on your head. Did you think John Edwards was going away? Do you think that the “rich retiree” is not a prominent figure in Democratic political circles? Do you think that John Edwards would not have been appointed to a cabinet level position in the Obama administration, perhaps as AG?

  18. Thumberlina Low says:

    We wouldn’t need a freaking surge if we hadn’t invaded a country we had no right to invade in the first place. The “hundreds of body bags” will haunt this country for decades to come no matter how hard folks like you would like to brush it under a rug.
    Is the surge working? I don’t know, ask the families of the men and women who have been killed since it begain and include the children that have been killed too.
    For why? Why are these people dead? Why are you more concerned about someone elses sex life than the fact that all men are created equal? If you want to make a story local, why hasn’t this blog reported on Harriet Miers who is avoiding a hearing. If you are concerned about some lawyer giving money to John Edwards, why aren’t you concerned with Halliburton?
    How do you ever rationalize they way you pick and choose your issues. Are you really that hung up on sex?

  19. Bethany says:

    Possibly, but there’s an awful lot of maybe in there. And the rich retiree angle is from the Enquirer, so there’s that.

    And I do think that he was incredibly boneheaded – if the accounts are accurate regarding his chase through the hotel and hiding out in the bathroom, etc. – in the way he handled it.

    But before we get all salaciously panty-bunched over all this, let me introduce you to this guy over here running for president on the Republican ticket, who met his current wife while still married to his first wife.

  20. mm says:

    Yeah, but his first wife had been in a horrible car accident, and wasn’t hot any more.

    Be fair.

  21. Bill says:

    Thank you for reinforcing the point that Democrats don’t have a problem with adultery.

    It’s called character, Alice. Look into it.

    His wife is going to die, his kids will forever hate him, his political career is over.

    Pretty easy to figure out who the “retiree” is, he’s one of the biggest attorneys in Dallas. Hint. hint.

  22. The Other Marty Cortland says:

    At least now those who have suffered from the Cone Of Silence imposed by the Liberal Print Media here in the United States will now know what everyone in the Blogosphere has been talking about for the last couple weeks.

    And is there ANYONE who believes this Rat Bastard’s newest denial that the LoveChild is not of his making?

    Or that Edwards is unaware as to whom is orchestrating the PayOff of his Love Interest?

  23. jnw32 says:

    “And the rich retiree angle is from the Enquirer, so there’s that.” Hmm, is that the same Enquirer that just nailed the Edwards story, then had the the whole of the rest of the media totally ignore it for two weeks until Edwards admitted it? Why, yes it is. And, by the way, what is doing Edwards in as much as the affair itself is the elaborate cover up and lies that went with it.

  24. J Paul says:

    The real tragedy is that this story has buried the news that fellow Carolinian Clay Aiken became a father today. All that work he did aiming at a cup…down the drain.

  25. Incognizant says:

    Man, what in the hell did you expect? He’s a plaitiff’s trial lawyer.

  26. Laughing His Ass Off says:

    Has anyone above used the term “Fred Baron” yet?

    Fred Baron!

    Fred Baron!

    Fred Baron!

    Ohmigosh that was better than sex.

  27. Jack E. Jett says:

    J Paul is so right. Clay Aiken became a Father and had no sex at all. Immaculate conception,or reception. Either way,no one had to bump uglies, or hide in a bathroom at the Beverly Hilton (which is primarily used for bumps to go).
    It is the beauty of birth. A baster, some Spamalot, and wham…a new Claymate. I wish it had a Dallas connection.

  28. Mike Ramsey says:

    More Anti-Poverty Efforts!

    Baron: I provided assistance
    Submitted by bniolet on August 8, 2008 – 5:45pm.
    Under the Dome – Charlotte News & Observer

    Fred Baron, the chief campaign money raiser for former Sen. John Edwards, said he provided help to those involved in Edwards’ extra-marital affair.

    “I decided independently to help two friends and former colleagues rebuild their lives when harassment by supermarket tabloids made it impossible for them to conduct a normal life,” Baron, a Dallas trial lawyer said in a statement, Rob Christensen reports.

    “John Edwards was not aware that assistance was provided to anyone involved in this matter,” Baron said. “I did it of my own voilition and without the knowledge, instruction, or suggestion of John Edwards or anyone else. The assistance was offered and accepted without condition.”

  29. Dubious Brother says:

    Thumberlina Low,

    Quit ranting about President Bush lying to the American People and read this which along with the Edwards story did not deserve coverage in the DMN or any of the MSM. Tons of yellowcake removed from Iraq and not a front page story. The surge was really the Marines being sent in to do what they do if allowed to and it worked. Now they are off to Afghanistan. Everyone in the military knows the risk and although it is sad to lose soldiers, we have lost less in 5 years than were lost is some days during other wars.

  30. Bob says:

    Over at the News, you’d think Dreher’s seminal vesicles would be about drained dry by now over this thing, but damn if he’s not still trying for one more.

  31. Thumberlina Low says:

    Like Cheney did with Chalibi. Like Cheney did with Halliburton. Like Bush did with Blackwater. Like Republican Congressmen did to the Tillman Family. Helped, like the way the soilders covered up the rape of a 14 year old girl, then killed her by blowing her brains out. This administration has done so much to destroy our nation that they should not have the nerve or be allowed to point fingers and preach at anyone.
    McCain left his sick decrepid wife to run off with a blonde bimbo airhead heiress. Newt Gingrich did the same thing.

    I must be hard for you guys to support a candidate that can barely remember his name or where he is. A man who is so demented that when asked about HIV, he said he wasn’t sure what that was. He doesn’t know what a lot of things are. That is because he is OLD….as in dinosour old. I am not even sure he should be allowed to eat with a fork and knife much less run the country.

  32. Thumberlina Low says:


    We shouldn’t have lost ANYONE. This was a war that everyone now knows was based on lie and innuendo. There was not reason for anyone to die. I know that is really hard to take and to wrap your head around, but it is a fact. You can’t color it anything other than what it is …useless deaths. Parent who have lost children, children who have lost parents, brother lost sister and on and on….and WHY???? Can you really tell me what has been accomplished that was worth even ONE life or ONE limb.
    When the flag waving dies down, and we have our guys and gals safely out of that hell hole, reality will sit in and it will not be pretty. We will see then, that just like Viet Name, it was a big waste of life.

    That is hard for people to deal with. You loose your young 19 year old brother and you can’t figure out why? We should never ever elect another person who is some sort of evangelist. They screw up everything and I think we know they are not above having sex with boys, girls, men or women and happy to pay for them with your money.

  33. Dallasite says:

    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” – Winston Churchill

    Thumberlina, you qualify.

  34. SLR says:

    Break up your family and ruin your career over someone who is 44? What an idiot! And you can’t blame his stupidity on the fact that he’s a Democrat. At least Bill Clinton, the Beaver Hound in Chief, had the decency to bang a young intern who was trailer-park hot (before she got fat, that is).

  35. Thumberlina Low says:

    You know that describe George W. Bush more than me. Remember WMD’s? Nobody could change his mind. Remember Larry Craig, no one could change his mind. A surplus that is now a deficit. Why don’t one of you tell us about your candidate McCain. Tell me how smart he is. Tell me how faithfull he is.
    You can’t and wont because you know your candidate doesnt know his rear end from a hole in the ground. He freaks out at the sight of a banana peel. This is the reason the little wuss butt McCain is playing the same old swish boating games they played before. The fun thing is, as proven on this blog everyday, is that the swift boaters mentality is not able to take being swift boated back. They whine and moan about someone elese sex life, stem cells, abortions, thing that for the most part are none of your f**cking business.
    If you voted for Bush in 2004, then you will have blood on your hands for the rest of your life and if your god will forgive you for that, then he/she is no god at all.
    Bush is a war criminal. Same with Cheney,
    Powell, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Feith, and the list goes on. The MOST corrupt administration in the history of America and you people try to defend it by trying to distract us to look over at the sex scandel.

    Guess what, we are too busy trying to figure out how to pay for gas, food for our kids, insurance for our family, the lack of jobs, the downsizing of our insurance, taking proper care of the elderly….but no HELL no we have to spend hundreds of billions in Iraq while our people suffer. We spend billions killing people when we coudl spend it to help people. What the F*ck is wrong with that concept? Irag has 80 billion in the bank and collecting interest. I have friends who don’t know how to cover their elderly Mom’s prescriptions or their childrens. So many people one paycheck away from being homeless…and yet ooh…sex scandal over here.

  36. DM says:

    I can’t believe my above post was over everyone’s head. Step up people!

  37. Harvey Lacey says:

    This story hurt my heart.

    I’m a leftie clean clear through. But I think I would have felt just as bad if the story was about a conservative politician.

    It’s just sad.

  38. BF says:

    Why aren’t people railing on Fred Baron’s conduct here? His farcical explanation aside, he was clearly trying to cover up Edwards’ escapades rather than to protect this woman. Why? Was Fred trying to cover it up because he was humiliated that he had spent hours raising millions to support a candidate of poor character? Or does Fred really think that character doesn’t matter for politicians? And is either of these possibilities a good thing?

  39. kittykelly says:

    So Clay Akins, the gay guy, has a (turkey)baster baby today and is proud and claims it’s his. John Edwards, the straight married guy, has a bastard and claims the baby is not his. Another good argument for gay marriage.

  40. DM says:

    on the upside, Elizabeth Edwards had a PR response better than any I’ve read in a long time. It made me want to vote for HER.

    On the flip-side of the upside. Who would have thunk that the Inquirer would have written a real story?? wow, life is interesting!

  41. Dave Thomas says:

    It’s hard to say this, but the National Enquirer is due some credit on this one. They got a tip and persued it. The other national media outlets (ABC,CBS,NBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc.) knew about the allegation but decided not to go after it.


    The simple answer is they didn’t want to hurt a Democrat. They love this guy and just didn’t want it to be true. After all, such stories hurts their cause of advancing liberalism.

  42. Neal says:

    BF, I agree. Fred Baron is a liar. The idea that John Edwards had no idea that Baron was (is?) paying these people is simply not believable. And isn’t it convenient that earlier today, Edwards said that if anyone was paying them, he didn’t know about it? Perfect setup for Fred to step in this afternoon and admit to the payments on his own terms before the news went public in some other way outside of Baron’s control (which surely would have happened in a matter of days). And can someone explain to me how Baron would have even known about Rielle Hunter and her supposed baby daddy (both low level Edwards campaign workers) if he hadn’t received some sort of heads up from Edwards or one of his associates? Edwards and Baron are both scum but I’m finding it hard to muster any disgust or outrage about any of this. The adultery, the under-the-table payoffs, the lying, the half-truths, the phony apologies, the limited admissions and the expectation that we should just accept their explanations at face value and move on are all just so…ordinary.

    You know what really depresses me? It’s that stupid Edwards campaign aide, Andrew Young, who claims to be the father. This guy is married with three kids. There are two possibilities: (1) he slept with Rielle Hunter and fathered her child shortly after Edwards says their affair ended, which means Edwards and Young basically treated has as the campaign “pass-around” (can you imagine what would have gone through Edwards’ mind at that point? “Haha, look at little Andrew Young, pickin’ up my scraps”), or (2) in exchange for a tiny bit of Fred Baron’s dirty money, Young agreed to falsely admit paternity (though not on the birth certificate) and relocate to California. The conversation where he convinced his wife that they should take Baron’s offer must have been appalling. The fact that he apparently lacked the character to say “hell no” to Baron and Edwards is just pathetic.

  43. Bus Reilly says:

    No, I don’t agree with what John Edwards did, and my heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards. However, let us remember what some guy named Jesus said when a flock of folks were nearly ready to stone a hooker: let the first one of you WITHOUT SIN throw the first stone.

  44. Laughing His Ass Off says:

    Bus reilyy:

    Had Edwards not vehemently and uncategorically been denying these rumors throughout the course of a Presidential campaign, I would agree with you. Yet the fact is, however, that this entire affair (excuse the pun) has only exposed the degree of the man’s unabashed hypocracy and naked opportunism.

    The commentators above were not the aspiring pol who during 1999 said of Bill Clinton “I think this President has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, for the moral dimensions of leadership, for his friends, for his wife, for his precious daughter. It is breathtaking to me the level to which that disrespect has risen.” John Edwards did.

    Within weeks after taking the “adultery followed by the angriest of denials” page out of the Clinton Playbook, during 2007 while running for President Edwards claimed “I want to see our party lead on the great moral issues – yes, me a Democrat using that word – the great moral issues that face our country.”

    I mean, think about it.

    Let the Pharisee rot.

  45. I’m surprised that no one has brought up the fact that Baron’s payments probably violate campaign finance laws.

  46. The Other Marty Cortland says:

    Indeed. And I really like the takes of what Laughing His Ass Off and Incognizant above. Smart stuff.

    Fred Friggin’ Baron. Man, that Dude and his poilitical bucks just turned to Toast.

  47. The Other Other Marty Cortland says:

    It gets worse. Are Hunter and Young reporting the payments as income? Is Baron trying to write off the payments as business expenses? If not, he falls into the trap of not reporting the payments as gifts. (A husband and wife can give, jointly, up to $24,000 per donee per year. Any gift to that donee in excess of the $24,000 limit is taxable to the donor — i.e., Baron.)

    I see the IRS having a field day — especially since Baron has already admitted to making the payments.

  48. Janice Jack says:

    Fred Baron, John Edwards, both trial attorneys, both morally bankrupt.

  49. Puddin'Tane says:

    SLR: “Break up your family and ruin your career over someone who is 44?”

    Obviously you have missed out on the much discussed subject here on The Burn of Older Woman being the sexual preference now-a-days for quite a number of men.

    And are you really that dense to think that the age of the woman in question really has anything to do with overall actions of Edwards?

    Fake Cortland: gotta love that term “rat bastard.”

  50. The Real Other Marty Cortland says:

    “Edwards told ABC News that he met secretly with former lover Rielle Hunter as recently as last month in a California hotel room at her request because ‘she was having some trouble, she just wanted to talk.'”


    “Edwards denied knowing anything about any support being provided to Hunter or to Andrew Young, the former Edwards campaign aide who has said that he, not Edwards, is the child’s father.”


    “[Former Edwards campaign finance chairman Fred] Baron said that he ‘decided independently to help two friends and former colleagues rebuild their lives when harassment by supermarket tabloids made it impossible for them to move forward on their own….I did this of my own volition without the instruction or suggestion of anyone, and made a conscious decision not to tell anyone, including John Edwards, that assistance was provided. The assistance was offered and accepted without condition.””


    “Pressed to clarify whether the child in the picture was Hunter’s child, Edwards suggested that the tabloid may have digitally altered the picture, but also noted the frequency with which politicians hold babies. ‘Do you know how many pictures have been taken of me holding children in the last three years? I mean it happens all the time.'”


    “Edwards finally told Woodruff that he did not remember a baby being present at the meeting last month in California.”


    “In his interview with ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff acknowledging the affair, Edwards said he knew the child was not his because of the timing of the pregnancy and the affair. ‘I would welcome participating in a paternity test,’ Edwards said. ‘I’m only one side of the test, but I’m happy to participate in one.'”



  51. Incognizant says:

    I was trying to call Fred Baron to get further comment as to his Political kingmaking Aspirations, but no one is answering the phone at 800-ITS-OVER.

  52. Jack E. Jett says:

    Yeah, I saw the interview and I have never understood why someone chooses to become
    partially honest. You know he is still not telling the entire truth which will only drag this thing out longer. Not good.
    Then to add an extra layer of sleaze on the issue is that his wife is so ill. It must be a happy day though, in the McCain camp.

    I don’t think Edwards will be able to pull a David Vitter and come back to a standing ovation.

  53. amanda says:

    Jack, believe me when I say that as a Republican this is not a “happy day.” It is nothing short of tragic. And, I would have the exact same response, and have, when a Republican is involved in similar bad behavior.

    There is the first and most obvious immediate concern (recoil/disgust) that Mrs. Edwards is dying, which makes the whole thing so torrid (more than it would be anyway…). But, there are the three, possibly now four Edwards children tangled in this very adult, very political story. It. Makes. Me. Sick.

    And what about Fred Baron? That he wanted to pay off this woman while at the same time litigating against his own son… Baron will hold his own son responsible for a business debt, but not hold Edwards responsible for his character? It. Makes. Me. Sick.

    And it took a tabloid to go after the story? Does anyone pretend to tell me that the MSM wasn’t aware of this prior to 2 weeks ago? So it’s okay for the MSM to go after a Republican but not a Democrat (again)? It. Makes. Me. Sick.

  54. Thumberlina Low says:


    So if you are concerned about Elizabeth Edwards and her children, why does it bother you that the MSM didn’t pick up on the story.
    Do you think that if more publicity is brought to this story, it will make Elizabeth and her kids feel better. If you think your fellow Republicans are not having a field day with this, take about ten minutes and watch Fox News. You know that MSM that delivers nothing but the facts.
    Anything that Edwards or Baron did pales in comparison to anyone who voted for George W. Bush in 2004. Did Larry Craig
    Vitter Foley
    Troy King Ted Haggerd Bob Allen
    Glenn Murphy Gingrich

  55. amanda says:

    TL…you may need to be medicated. Or, take a remedial punctuation course? Or both…

    Are you comparing “anyone who voted for George W. Bush” to OUTWARDLY lying to the media and people? Oh, please… What was my choice in the last election? What is my choice in this one?

    I think it’s deplorable that the media would “edit” content while an election looms. But, then again, trying to alter the outcome of an election is nothing new.

    Yes, it make me ill when anyone entrusted with the sacred responsibility of the people’s trust lacks character on any level, any party, any time, for any reason.

    I have NEVER on this blog seen such a spew of distortion as I have from you TL. I’m wondering WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? WHAT are you trying to achieve? If it is to change people’s hearts/minds/votes, then you have failed. Your posts look like the ramblings of a bitter, unhappy, and unreasonable person.

    I can politely disagree with someone, and yet, not attack them. Your version of “facts” leave much to be desired.

  56. Thumberlina Low says:

    You mention an attack? I was asking a question. I didn’t say you should be medicated. If you look at your own words you will see attack after attack after attack. So be it. Now answer the question.
    If you are concerned about Elizabeth Edwards and her children, then why are you concerned about the MSM lack of coverage? You say that I spew distortion but admit to voting for Bush after he spewed years of distortion that resulted in many innocent people dying.
    The people I listed in the above post, are those involved is sexual escapades, you know the kind that
    Give me some facts amanda. Stop the attacks.
    What am I distorting? Do I sound bitter because I don’t agre with you, or because I question your hypocrisy?
    Yes, I am comparing anyone voting for Bush to someone lying to the media. Bush lied to the media. Cheney lied to the media. I can’t think of anyone in this current administration that has NOT lied to the media. The difference is that you can take a look at liberal blogs and you will see that they are bashing Edwards for his affair.
    Have you ever seen this blog or other conservative blogs openly discuss the
    criminal acts of George Bush even though they are listed in the paper everyday.
    I appreciate your debate but please try to keep it above board, and not stoop to blatant personal attacks.

  57. Thuggy Bear says:

    To have a perfect marriage is an unreasonable aspiration. Sure, some of you married folk are reasonably happy, but if you think for a second that your spouse hasn’t thought about nailing the chick behind the counter at Starbucks (or, ladies, the guy doing squat thrusts behind you at the gym), then you’re insane.

    Adultery happens. It occurs because people get tired of having pedestrian sex with the same person over and over again. (Until it stops altogether.)

    My guess is that Mr. and Mrs. Edwards stopped having sex long before she ever became ill. Bill and Hillary probably stopped having sex 20 years ago. As far as Cindy McCain, I just look at her and think, “How…? Why…?” Especially since John ditched his last wife.

    On the other hand, I don’t think we’ll have that problem with Barack. Michelle Obama is HOT, and they’re both still pretty young. So I think we’re good to go for a while…

  58. amanda says:

    TL: you just demonstrated (again) you have NO sense of humor… Work on that.

    You want to know why I am concerned about MSM coverage? Let me tell you. If you write for any magazine, that publication is only as good as the intellectual honesty of its editors. At D (and sister publications), for example, Wick, Tim, Eric, Christine and others have gone on record either leaning to the left, or supporting Obama for personal/philosophical reasons. However, if, as happens on this blog a person confronts the editors with a “tip,” they pursue it…I’ve seen this in action many times. If any MSM news division received a tip on this story and FAILED to pursue it, it’s a travesty of journalistic cannons. At the point that Edwards touted himself as a moral compass, and promoted his own character, this became an issue. HE put it in the public domain.

    I’m terribly sorry that you don’t like the war. I don’t either. A large portion of my family lived in Saudi from 1976 to 1990, my husband speaks two Middle Eastern languages and understands the cultural nuances of the Muslim world, and we do business in Dubai as well as other emerging Islamic countries. I have the ability to filter what you refer to as “lies” through the reality of the Arab street. What you call “lies” from this president and administration, I call the public face of a very, very complicated circumstance. I am guessing you are okay with additional terrorism attacks? You may not want to admit it, but the previous Iraqi government as it was in 2002 was a flash point for tremendous chaos and suffering in the realm of the human condition.

    (As a side note, I will tell you that the Iraqi and Persian people who lived prior to Sadam’s rule appreciate our action and resulting efforts. They lived a freedom and prosperity prior to the lunatic rule. It has been a generation of people living in fear, THEY want their country and lives back. Innocent blood was shed in the founding of this country, too.)

    You want facts, yet deny distorting reality. In your posts, you have mentioned:Alzheimers, war, the economy,international opinion of the US, “lies”, Halliburton, various other figures in similar scandals, the administration, (and I’m sorry, I just can’t re-read or summarize your content…yes, honey, it’s that bad). None of which goes to the CONTENT of the post…”Edwards Admits Affair, Dallas Retiree Rejoices.” It’s about the content of your posts.

    I’m sorry I don’t read liberal blogs, or watch Fox News, and sorry I attempted humor with you. Content and subject: let’s stick to that.

    So what Edwards did is okay, because “everyone” is doing it? (Or someone else did/is doing it? Or did worse?) And the payments are okay, too? Talk about that,and leave: Alzheimers, war, the economy,international opinion of the US, “lies”, Halliburton, various other figures in similar scandals, the administration out of it. In return, I will refrain from attempting humor.

    And, seriously, lighten up. As our beloved Bethany says, “the stuff on this blog is tonue in cheek.” I’ve got mine. How about you?

  59. Barry says:

    You Frontburner guys are LAME. What did you do, skip work on Friday again? The Fred Baron shocker is old news by now. Your readers had to read it in the Dallas Morning News, a full interview with Fred Baron. You’ll boast that you got 73 comments on your blog, but you didn’t have the reporting, at all. The only thing you got was from the National Enquirer, and not even a name. How shameful is that? You’re a bunch of lazy frat boys, even the girls.

  60. Incognizant says:

    Wow, Barry. Your rapier-like analysis is exactly as to why the denizens of this blog await with vated breath each morning their delivery of the DMSnooze.


    And Thumberlina Low? I’ve met Crack Addicts down at the Salvation Army whose evidence greater linearity of thought relative to your rants above. I am unsure as whether the FrontBurner blog — with the possible exception of Sandra Crenshaw — has ever witnessed a greater demonstration of someone who thinks that they know so much that simply isn’t so.

  61. amanda says:

    I forgot about Sandra.

  62. Do you think for one second the timing of the release of this was by accident? My gosh, the release of a bomb like this on a Friday? Obama’s in Hawaii with the Fam. I think what they didn’t expect was Rielle’s decision to avoid a paternity test. Ouch. That’s gotta be making some fokes mad. Comments welcomed over at my site.

  63. Thumberlina Low says:

    Amanda. My question to you in previous post was about the headline of this post. I ask you how you felt such sadness for Elizabeth Edwards and her family but was upset that the MSM media didn’t pick this story up quicker. Again, do you feel that more media would make the Edwards family whole again?

    You do not want to answer. You want to attack, then attack some more. Then preach from your perch. So there is no way to debate someone who is to the right of Ann
    Coulter and Toby Keith.

    This one statement shows us that you are part of that 20 percent.
    What you call “lies” from this president and administration, I call the public face of a very, very complicated circumstance.

    So no more debating, you can continue to be the attack woman, but this girl is in full party mode and it is Saturday night.

  64. Mike Ramsey says:

    Look at the time stamps.

    This site clearly scooped the DMN (and most of the MSM) on the Baron finance angle.

    Unless one of the “Baron & Budd girls” just got something wrong, as they often seem to do (and I think you know what I mean), there is way more to this story that is yet to come.

    God bless flight logs, surveillance cams, YouTube grabs, campaign finance forms, and you name it (dare we say the truth tellers at “The National Enquirer”?). The truth will tell (and this time the “truth” won’t come with an instruction booklet to inform the sworn testimony of the witness).

    Pick your poison. It is either a gracious gift to a former high-level member of the campaign staff from another high-level member of the campaign staff or a campaign contribution in disguise. Either way — bad news for Silky Pony and his fellow travelers.

  65. amanda says:

    TL, the answer is quite simple. I don’t personally feel entitled to or feel I need to know the ugly details of someone else’s life. But we collectively are subjected to these scandals. You listed several Republican figures, if I really wanted to attack, I would have listed all the Democrats going back decades in similar circumstances. The answer is that this doesn’t help anyone’s family, anyone’s children…this story collectivley hurts us all.

    But, I didn’t make it about character and morality. Edwards did. He placed himself on a pedestal while lecturing us on his superiority, and denied the validity of this story until he was trapped. It is significant that he wasn’t trapped by the MSM, some right-wing journalist, but by a tabloid.

    In all of your posts, not one time, have you talked directly about what Edwards did, what Baron did…you have dragged every possible diversion across this topic. Are you capable of an original thought on this matter? Or can we get another round of distorted talking points?

  66. Puddin'Tane says:

    Crenshaw AND Haliburton both brought into this thread.


    Thanks for making my Sunday morning.

  67. Incognizant says:


    January 2007. John Edwards’s One America campaign debuts a series of Web videos about him, made by relatively unknown documentarian Rielle Hunter. The pair met at a bar, where she sold the future candidate on the idea. Hunter subsequently followed Edwards around the country, filming.

    August 27, 2007. The New York Post’s “Page Six” runs the following blind item: “WHICH political candidate enjoys visiting New York because he has a girlfriend who lives downtown? The pol tells her he’ll marry her when his current wife is out of the picture.”

    September 26, 2007. Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein writes about his efforts to track down the Hunter-produced Web videos, which have now been removed by the Edwards campaign from the internet. Stein writes an oddly detailed account of his chase of the videos and points out that both the Edwards campaign and Hunter’s production company blame one another for their vanishing act. Stein tracks down production assistants on the project, none of whom will say much. Finally, Edwards’s people offer to let him see the videos – while accompanied by a campaign minder.


    Edwards, 55, said in the exclusive interview with ABC News he told his entire family about the affair after it ended in 2006, and that his wife Elizabeth, who has incurable breast cancer, was “furious” but that their marriage would survive.

    [NB: by ending the supposed affair in 2006, the date stamp would put the affir conveniently outside the timeframe for possible paternity of Hunter’s child born in February 2008]

    Edwards declined to clarify for ABC News exactly when the relationship began or ended but said it was over before he announced his campaign for the presidency on Dec. 28, 2006.

    [NB: Maybe Elizabeth is just a New Age freethinker who would allow her husband post-confession to publicly campaign with his homewrecking mistress.

  68. Laughing His Ass Off says:

    Mike Ramsey:

    Thanks for the props as to the Fred Baron Scoop, but understand that it was only knowing surmise on my part.

    The only significant “rich retiree in Dallas” connection relative to Edwards was and is Fred Baron. Knowing that both that Baron was Edwards’ longtime Partner In Asbestos Crime as well as the Dignified Senator’s Personal BagMan, it was pretty easy to guess that Baron was gonna fall into this quagmire somehow or another.

    And particularly when you understand the ethics and Naked Lust of these plaintiff attorneys, it’s a no-brainer.

  69. Since John Edwards made a great part of his massive income by suing physicians, in particular OB/GYNs for “bad outcomes” — I find this all poetic justice. All those lawsuits contribute to increased healthcare costs, make a few attorneys super wealthy (the attorneys retain 33 to 50 percent of the judgements)and are PART of the reason why healthcare is no longer affordable.

  70. SLR says:

    I think it’s exceedingly convenient that Rielle Hunter is now refusing to allow her daughter to take a DNA test to establish paternity. This allows Edwards (as I’m sure was pre-planned) to bravely agree to submit to a paternity test, knowing full well that he will not be taken up on his offer. It’s like the young son-in-law who reaches for his wallet after a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant with his wife’s folks, knowing there is a zero percent chance that the paterfamilias will allow him to pay.

    Edwards is a despicable P.O.S.

  71. Laughing His Ass off says:

    Now I am trying to make sense of Edwards’ claims in light of the points made by Incognizant above.

    Edwards has claimed that during 2006 — and before his Dec. 26, 2006 presidential race annoucement — that he conducted (and presumably ended the affair as further told his wife about the sordid deed.

    (Although Edwards was Mum as to when the schtooping began or ended.)

    But an Associated Press photo ( places Edwards and Miss Tress in a Cessna Citation jet on Dec. 29, 2006? And en route to Reno of all places?

    Then the Edwards campaign highlights Web videos made by Hunter, which appear to the Web until August 2007 when the New York Post semi-outs Edwards and the girlfriend?

    Ladies & Gentlemen: Fred Baron had to get Rielle Hunter and supposed Sperm Donor Andrew Young the Hell Outta Dodge at some point during the late summer of 2007, when Hunter flashed the Little Blue Tube at Edwards.

    What a cad. What a hypocrite. Edwards launched into a multi-million dollar Presidential campaign full well knowing that he had Moral Terminal Cancer.

  72. Harvey Lacey says:

    Excuse me, didn’t we have this same scenario, key player suspected of playing with cute hanger around, and staff forcing hang arounder being forced out of the area earlier this year?

    And wasn’t all the hullaboo about McCain and a blond with ambitions?

    Isn’t he the Republican candidate for President?

    Forgive me but it seems to me that if we’re going to run innuendo into the ground we need to inject into this discussion an important fact. The democratic party didn’t make the major player their candidate. The republicans did.

  73. Harvey Lacey says:

    One other thing, all this stuff about how evil attorneys are is b.s.

    They’re our last line of defense the individual has against big business and bigger government.

    I would be that if we had a slimemeter we could use to gauge slime composition in job categories lawyers would be judged at the top or at least near it for lack of sliminess.

    Those in cubicles wouldn’t be as lucky after the slimemeter visit.

  74. Bill Enuff says:

    Selective memory? Isn’t this link to Dallas far weaker than Harriet Miers? Has this blog ever mentioned her name and the serious charge against her that is a partial destruction of our Constitution. Edwards was wrong, very wrong,democrats and republicans alike agree he is not worthy to hold office, like say Larry Craig or David Vitter etc.
    I wonder if you consider lawyers that represent huge corporations that have cheated investors out of billions, including the elderly, as sleazy as you do those that protect dying asbestos workers?
    It really is the ultimate hypocrisy to see
    right wing extremist blabber on about hypocrisy, adultry, honesty, openess, and integrity. It is almost like Richard Ramirez complaining that someone swiped his cigarettes. When you work for a company with such a strong agenda, who has almost flapped their right wing off over this, at some point, try and remember that this is
    minor compared to the destruction caused by this administration. Now tell me again, how great of a President you think John McCain will make?
    McClellan said that FOX News got talking points from the White House

    Bush authorized rendition.

    Bush authorized torture. Yes, that means waterboarding.

    Bush authorized a war based on lies resulting in millions of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilian deaths as well as an ethnic cleansing.

    Thousands of our troops have been killed or seriously injured.

    The US dollar is in the tank.

    The housing/mortgage crisis has almost caused a depression.

    How about the trampling of our Constitution with warrantless wiretapping?

    Laptops are being confiscated at airports and the border.

    Under Bush, oil companies are raking in record profits while Americans suffer.

    The US attorney scandal.

    A health care epidemic.

    John Edwards screws around on his wife.

    Monica Goodling

    A standing ovation in Congress for David Vitter’s return.

    Military TV Analysts/Generals scandal.

    Larry Craig’s bathroom adventure.

  75. julie says:

    On Aug 9 at 4:10pm, Amanda’s last sentence in her post is:

    “I can politely disagree with someone, and yet, not attack them.”

    But just a few sentences earlier, in the VERY same post, her first sentence:

    “TL…you may need to be medicated. Or, take a remedial punctuation course? Or both…”

    Maybe it’s Amanda that needs the meds, if she can’t remember what she wrote seconds before…

    Thumberlina, you go girl. I enjoy your posts. Don’t let the crazies beat you down…their day is over, and they know it. The American citizens just woke up from a long nightmare, and they know it.

  76. amanda says:

    Julie and TL, it was a joke. Not a tit for tat, as I said. Later as I also said, I dropped all attempts at humor. You can’t joke on an level, ever, when you have to defend the undefensable.

    And still, the defenders of Edwards refuse to refute his actions…more diversions. There is every other possible political issue, person, and issue mentioned EXCEPT Edwards. That speaks volumes.

  77. amanda says:

    indefensable? word? line?

  78. Daniel says:

    Really, this is all too predictable. The thread even more so than the story.

    Sexual infidelity was quite the scandal when Thomas Hardy was writing his infuriatingly tepid “masterpieces.” Today, it’s fodder for feigned outrage during an election season. Surprise surprise!

    Face it, Vitter and Foley were funnier beacause they were bona fide deviants — not necessarily because they were family-values Republicans, although I won’t pretend I didn’t relish that irony. Like lip-licking, rubbing-my-palms-together-in-glee relish. That’s my right as an American, God dammit.

    Garden-variety infidelity, on the other hand, is barely entertaining enough to sustain a locally-produced half-hour reality show. If Edwards had had a three-way with an 84-year-old woman and a donkey — or more deliciously yet, an elephant — then, then we’d have a story here.

    But Edwards is no JFK.

  79. Bill Enuff says:

    I read it. I didn’t read it as a joke. TL asked you a simple question 3 times and yo never answered it. You gave one attack after another and while making the accusation that TL was doing the attack.
    Look, it is very clear to anyone that knows the system here. Amanda is not upset at Fred Baron for trying to help John Edwards out of this unforgiveable mess by giving him a few thousand bucks, THEY are upset with Fred for giving hundreds of thousands to the Democratic party and liberal causes. They trash him, not for being a lawyer, but for being a lawyer for the poor and the sick. They know members of their own party have done far worse than John Edwards and they are still in office or appearing of the fair and balanced Fox News.

  80. julie says:

    Of course Edward’s actions (having an affair) are indefensible.

    As were Newt Gringrich’s when he did essentially the same thing…had an affair while married to a wife with cancer. Newt managed to top Edwards by asking for a divorce from his wife while she lay ill in the hospital.

    I for one am sick and tired of these guys who can’t keep their pants zipped up, no matter what party they are from. It’s disgusting, juvenile, and shows a disturbing lack of self-control and good judgement.

    I’m shocked by Edward’s actions, and his weak “explanation/apology” that was televised. I wish political wives would start dumping these guys on the spot.

    That being said….he’s not running for anything. Let’s try to stick to what’s important: the fact that after 6 years of total Republican rule, the country is crumbling around our ears.

  81. Daniel says:

    This affects anything how?