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11 responses to “Joel McHale To Bring Awesomeness To Dallas”

  1. tc says:

    linky doesn’t worky

  2. John M says:

    It says:

    CpConsole error ‘800a01a8’

    Object required

    /Console/Library/CPContent.asp, line 130

  3. LOC says:

    Adam, please give Nancy her phrase back.

  4. Adam McGill says:

    All better now.

  5. amandacobra says:

    Nuh uh.

    It’s ok if you didn’t really interview him.

  6. JN says:

    He’s not funny at all.

  7. allison says:

    I heart him.

  8. Spamboy says:

    Joel McHale is my leader.

  9. Spamboy says:

    A followup after reading the article — how come two different types of blog software are used at D? With WordPress here, we don’t need to sign in; however, on the Joel McHale article we do.

  10. amandacobra says:

    I really really really really really really really really wish that Joel McHale would do a Soup-esque Britney Shaves Her Head!!!!! take on Dirk’s new haircut while he’s here. Because I already did one in my head and it was only moderately funny. He could probably do it better.

    Seriously. Dirk’s new haircut, FTW. The ball’s in your court now, Tom Leppert

  11. rollin says:

    Troy Aikens?
    You’ve sent Joel back to the re-write on his Saturday show. Expect numerous references to Big Tex, Mark Cuban, the Trinity River and the High Five now.