Jerry Jones On Tom Landry, Laura Miller, and the Jessica Jinx

If he had to do it over again, Jerry Jones would have been more “sensitive” about firing Tom Landry. He doesn’t really blame Laura Miller for “losing” the Cowboys for Dallas; he blames himself. And, he contends, Arlington’s Robert Cluck told him years ago that he would run for mayor specifically to advocate for bringing the ‘Boys to Arlington. All that’s from a cover-story Q&A with Jones, the Cowboys president and GM, in the new issue of D CEO magazine. Oh yeah: he also weighs in on Tony and Jessica. (Photo by Tadd Myers)


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12 responses to “Jerry Jones On Tom Landry, Laura Miller, and the Jessica Jinx”

  1. Bobby Ewing says:

    Jerry, don’t blame yourself over Dallas’ fumble. You made the best deal available for your enterprise. You are not in the business of making corporate decisions based upon largesse. Like many Dallas citizens I was very disappointed but you should shoulder no blame. There is enough of that to go around.

  2. Former fan says:

    But you are an a* h-o-l-e for how you treated Landry and the Cowboys’ legacy.

  3. The Cowboys used to have class now I change the channel says:

    Jones: “I didn’t have a sense of how significant the emotional attachment was to Coach Landry”

    Yes we have a lot of emotion and now it’s hate for you. Go back to Arkansas.

  4. KR says:

    When Jerry was negotiating to buy the team from Bum Bright he was clear in telling Bright that he would be bringing his own head coach. Bright agreed that he would take care of the Landry situation. Once the deal was finalized Bright backed out of his promise and made Jerry the bad guy. Guess the name fits.

  5. Tim says:

    People in Dallas hate Jerry for buying the team and firing Landry (my father included).

    People outside Dallas hate Jerry because he bought the team and took it back to championship level.

    Both groups should get over it. There is only one “America’s Team,” and it’s not the Rangers.

  6. Glenn Hunter says:

    A tip of the hat, by the way, to Alan Peppard, who pointed out I misspelled Jones’ real first name (it’s Jerral, not Jerrel) in the hard-copy magazine interview. I tried to get Jones to change it, but he’s not budging.

  7. Bobby Ewing says:

    Dang fool people hijacking my screen name (looking at you, 1:51)

  8. Dallasite says:

    “D Magazine’s own reporting indicates that Pete Sessions is the reason the new stadium is not in Dallas.”

    The county discussions that Zac described in his column came after the City turned down the opportunity to even discuss the issue. The Pete Sessions angle seems to be nothing more than a ridiculous conspiracy theory, but even if it’s true, it doesn’t excuse Laura Miller for her incompetence.

    The reason it never came up for vote is that Laura Miller hates sports subsidies, period. She still claims that AAC was a bad deal for the city, even though there have been almost a billion dollars in private development so far as a result of it. She made it very clear that she would never allow a vote to provide tax money for a new Cowboys stadium.

  9. commonsenseguy says:


    Sorry, but the city of Dallas had no reason to discuss the issue since ONLY the county had the ability to negotiate and call a vote. This stadium would have been funded through two sources – county taxes (hotel/rental car) and the Cowboys — not through city funds.

  10. Long Memory says:

    I guess I’ll have to read that just to see if he labels Jessica “the pick of the litter.” He called the Cowboys Cheerleaders that years ago, ‘member?

  11. Paul says:

    Seems well edited for Jerry…Did Cowboy’s PR have a look at this before it went to press?