Jason Kidd Gives Away Gold Medal

Because a question-asking FBvian demanded it: Jason Kidd gave his recently acquired gold medal (apparently there was a bench riding competition this year) to Elaine Wynn, wife of casino mogul Steve Wynn. He met her when the so-called Redeem Team stayed at the Wynn casino for almost a month this summer.

“I told her I’d make a deal with her, that if we won the gold medal, I’d give it to her. She thought I was kidding. But I told her I had one already, and the way they treated us at the Wynn, it was the least I could do.”

Since he got about as much playing time as I did, I’m guessing that medal didn’t mean as much as the one he brought home from Sydney in 2000.


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11 responses to “Jason Kidd Gives Away Gold Medal”

  1. Joumana's Not Happy says:

    Is a gold medal considered Cougar-bait?

    Elaine Wynn

    Doesn’t JKidd know that he can find those in Southlake?

  2. johnny utah says:

    There he goes, driving up the cost of p again. Signed, Emmitt

  3. jrp says:

    Kidd’s a rare bird in many ways and say what you will about his jumper, but dude went 56-0 in intl competition

    one of the best players ever to don an NBA uniform. not top 5, or even top 10, but maybe in the top 11 to 15 or so. truly the consumate PG. i mean, how good is Richard Jefferson? without Kidd he sligghtly better than Devean George. with Kidd he’s an All-Star that’s getting tabbbed for the national team.

    here’s hoping Kidd plays another 4-5 years here in Dallas

  4. BigRusty says:

    Has JKidd had a great career? Yes.

    Is he one of the top 15 players of all time? Not. Even. Close

  5. jrp says:

    5th most assists
    12th most steals
    lead two pathetic Nets teams to the NBA finals, of course, lost both

    another avg year and he can move to 4th in assists and about 7th in steals

    is Nash better? is Dirk? is AI? they all won an MVP (nash two) but i’ll take Kidd over all three

    i’m putting Kidd at 15th best player of all time and would love to hear what 15-20 that you think are exponentially better

    of course, your beloved MJ is 5th on my list, as well

    Russell – more rings than fingers, 10-0 in game 7’s…’nuff said
    Wilt – 50.4 and 25.7 in ’61-’62. any questions?
    Bird and Magic – argue away

  6. JS says:

    JKidd: great at flipping SUVs. Overrated at PG. Currently, sucks.

  7. BigRusty says:

    I’ll take your 5, and add, in no particualr order, the following:

    6) The Big O – Averaged a triple double in ’61-62, and was either one reb. or one asst. away from it in 4 others

    7) Stockton – most career assists AND steals
    (still thousands ahead of JKidd)

    8) Moses – 3 Time MVP, played 21 years, still averaged 20 and 10 when he was 35.

    9) Dr. J – NBA champ, 2 time ABA Champ, MVP, The Move, the ‘Fro….

    10) Kareem – 6 Rings, 6 MVPs, career leader in points and blocks

    11) Barkley – One of only 4 players ever with 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists

    12) Cousy – 6 Rings, 1 MVP, 10 First Team All NBA, 13 Time All Star

    13) Hakeem – 2 rings and the only player to be NBA MVP, Defensive Player of the Year and NBA Finals MVP in the same year

    14) Jerry West – Mr. NBA … ’nuff said

    15) Bernard King – Could have been in the top 10 easily if not for the knees

    16) Isiah – 2 rings and career averages of almost 20 pts. and 10 asst.

    17) ‘Nique – The Human Highlight Film … Averaged 25 pts and 7 boards over a 16 year career. See Game 7, 1988 Easter Conf. Semis

    18) Willis Reed – 2 rings, 1 MVP, all heart

    19) George Mikan – 4 Rings, would have won multi MVPs but plaed before there was an MVP award

    20) Kobe – 3 rings, MVP of gold-medal game.

    And that’s still not inclding Nash, Dirk, AI, BronBron, Garnett, Duncan, Shaq, etc….

  8. BigRusty says:

    particualr = particular, inclding = including, and 6) = 6 )

    Oh.. and JKidd did take two Nets teams to the finals … out of the East. His record in the NBA Finals? 2-8

  9. AK says:

    Kidd is a good passing point guard that can’t shoot. That’s such a giant gaping hole in a role that’s important for a PG.

    I wouldn’t put him in the top 25 all time. Probably not even the top 50.

  10. jrp says:

    good stuff, dude, thanks and agree with you until The Chuckwagon, who i love, as i grew up in philly as a Dr J, Moses, Sixers Phan

    but, i’ll put Kidd on par with King, Wilkins, Isiah et al, which puts him right in the 15-20 range, so maybe not so much in the 11-15 range, which i was kneejerking about earlier

    if Kobe wins a title without Shaq, he moves higher…same goes for LeBron, gotta win or he’s just ‘Nique, see 4Q of game whatever it was East Finals vs. the Pistons last year

    AI, Nash, Dirk etc. would have to win a ring to move up, which brings me to Reed, KG, McHale etc. who were better than average players that had a great team(s), which allowed them to get a ring

    as a Mavs season tix holder, just hoping Kidd lights a fire under Dirk, Jet and the rest this year and they get back to the finals

    and we could go on forever, as we didn’t even mention Karl Malone, IceMan, Duncan…

  11. Connor says:

    First of all, jason kidd is the best pg to ever play the gam. Second of all, this is for Big Rusty. Move your fat ass back to the trailer park n quit dissin my boy u punk. jkidd i love u!