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Jacquielynn Floyd Totally Pwns Dallas ISD


J-Floyd’s column today is worth a read for two reasons: 1) You rarely see the paper take a risk like that with a high-concept piece. It was a welcome surprise. 2) She makes a good point. As an ardent Dallas ISD supporter, I’m having a hard time with the district’s new grading policy. I read Superintendent Hinojosa’s defense of it. The new policy still strikes me as asinine.

My favorite directive is this one: homework grades should be given only when the grades will “raise a student’s average, not lower it.” Hinojosa says, “Our mission is not to fail kids.” The district’s stance is that students who get bad grades fall behind, lose hope of catching up, and simply give up. The district’s solution, in short: don’t give students bad grades.

This is worse than absurd.