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11 responses to “Extremely Tardy Hard Knocks Item”

  1. Bethany says:

    Didn’t you get just a little bit disgusted when Martellus Bennett looked straight at the camera and said, “Mentally I just be gone sometimes?”

    Next week, when I try to live blog that mess, I’m drinking.

  2. Taylor says:

    Martellus Bennett is hilarious. He once said he would have invented electricity, if Ben Franklin hadn’t done it first.

  3. Zac Crain says:

    ‘Tellus will be out of the league in three years.

  4. Zach in NY says:

    ‘Tellus has the talent to be a Pro Bowl TE, he just has NEVER had any coaching. Ever. He will learn soon enough that he actually has coaches that know what they are talking about.

    F you Fran. F you in your fat f’ing ass.

  5. Nate says:

    I’ll bet Zach Thomas could get the same stretching work done off Cedar Springs for free.

  6. JS says:

    What’s “better,” MB’s comment or Josh Howard’s “You can’t control what the ball do. It’s crazy, man.” I vote for Josh, but that’s because I heard it and can’t imagine the quote without hearing that incredulous tone in his voice.

  7. KRM says:

    Does Jerry have editorial or production control at some level for this show? The comment posted was indicative of several off-color attempts at humor. The tone of this show has changed from the more serious, “Hard Knocks” theme of prior seasons, with boot camp like mentalities and descriptions of warriors on the battle field and human interest stories. This season is light-hearted and fun in tone. And, Jerry is in the camera shot for at least 1/3 of the show. Is Jerry calling some of the shots for this show?

  8. Zach in NY says:


  9. Wes Mantooth says:

    KRM, I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s like Hard Knocks At the Carnival. Then again, last year it was clear from the very start — even before the start — that the Chefs were going to be a train wreck last season. Maybe it’s because the Cowboys don’t have many on-field controversies in comparison to the Chefs that they’re lightening up the show this year? KC had a starting QB battle, a first-round draft pick holdout, a starting RB holdout, a new coach who arrived in town under dubious circumstances, a former head coach working as a defensive asst coach (Ok, we have that too), plus King Carl Peterson being his usual pompous self.

    We have Jerry Jones, Master of the Universe being his pompous self, but none of those other controversies. Other than Martellus Bennett trying to show us that 2 years and he’ll be out of the league. Guy just does not have the mental makeup to play in the League. He’ll be hoisting garbage cans for Icky Woods in 5 years.

  10. KRM says:

    They should change the name to “Fun at Camp with Jerry and his Boys”. Entertaining, but not nearly as interesting as prior seasons. The intensity level has dropped off several degrees, and the weird attempts at humor by the narrator make the whole show feel comedic. Jerry helps with that too.