Dallas Does Denver: Hey, Where Is Everybody?

So, maybe we should have gone to that Young Dems party. But no, we wanted to get up early and get a fresh start. Hello? Is anyone up? I thought all the Texas folks were here at the Red Lion. I’m gonna start knocking randomly on doors, looking for Bud Kennedy.

Gonna trek around the city, scout out some things. We’re really looking forward to two parties tonight, where you’ll be introduced to my new man crush, Rafael “Ranch” Anchia, and a private gig at the Denver Art Museum we got ourselves invited to where Hillary Clinton will speak. (Thanks to a former Highland Park grad you’ll be meeting later.) We’ll give you updates as they come. And as long as my iPhone charge holds up.

Update: The Texas Dem breakfast is boring. Heading out for coffee and to find trouble. Lost Spider Monkey. May not see her again until Thursday.


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9 responses to “Dallas Does Denver: Hey, Where Is Everybody?”

  1. Mel Cooley says:

    Now that is funny?

  2. Davie Dave says:

    OK. I have to ask… How does one go about getting the nickname Spider Monkey?

  3. Rawlins says:

    Look for Gromer Jeffers. He’s staying there. He’s the guy with the tumbler of Macallan on his laptop.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Sorry. Been on vacation and just back, joining the party and didn’t have the chance to read all the previous posts. Who or what is Spider Monkey? And Eric I’m assuming you are in Denver. Good luck. Look forward to reading your posts. Thanks.

  5. DKC says:

    Please tell me you are heading straight to Minnesota for the real convention in September. We have got to balance out this vast left wing conspiracy..

  6. Rico says:

    How do you become a former HP grad? Can you call a do-over? Just wondering.

  7. SLR says:

    Is it just me, or is this starting to look like the script of a bad road-trip romance movie? I’m just waiting for the picture of Spider Monkey on the handle bars of an old fashion bicycle that Eric peddles wobbly around a field in fading afternoon sunlight as a wave file plays “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.”

  8. Tom says:

    I’m waiting for the trip to degenerate into the coed version of this.

  9. Glenn's long suffering wife says:

    Love Ms. Celeste. Love Mr. Celeste. Love SM. Don’t dream naughty dreams about this road trip. It’s stictly a G-rated Elmer and Louise.

    Trust me. If you were Eric’s main lady, you would know that SM is being well chaperoned on the trip to Denver, nothing else.