Dallas Sports Choice Awards Was Choice

Our Nightlife Maven Kyle Kearbey got gussied up to attend the first-ever Dallas Sports Choice Awards, benefiting The Open Doors Foundation, the Academies of Excellence, and the Jason Terry and Josh Howard Foundations. That’s Jason and Kyle at left. For a bit of a recap and a few more pics, check out the jump.

From Kyle:

In between several (long) speeches they presented awards and special tributes to Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Bradie James, Michael Young, Marty Turco, Bobby Perry, Pablo Ricchetti, Josh Hamilton (who was not there), and others.

Dinner was pretty good. They served some kind of chicken dish and a tasty chocolate dessert – that I inhaled, of course.

Sitting close by were: Mike Modano and Willa Ford, Brett Hull, Marty Turco, Jason Terry, Matt Nordgren, and the handsome Kirby Schlegel.

That about sums it up. Oh, and Jason Terry let me hold his trophy.


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14 responses to “Dallas Sports Choice Awards Was Choice”

  1. CJS says:

    I bet Jason would letyou hold his real trophy if you asked him…imjustsayin…You look HOT KK!

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    That’ll get her, CJS. She’s wooed now. Solid effort.

  3. Jay says:

    My mancrush on Mo is really getting tested there. My bromance is on shaky ground right now.

  4. SB says:

    So there I was, reading this post and enjoying it for the most part. Then I hit the names Matt Nordgren and Kirby Schlegel. Now my computer is saturated in douche. Thanks a lot FB.

  5. amandacobra says:

    It’s good to know Josh Howard and I have the same picture face.

    Only I, of course, CAN control what the ball do.

  6. Kevin says:

    Yes, from the look on his face, me thinks that Josh may have inhaled some “herbal essence” if you know what I mean… and I think you do. It is his off season preference.

  7. Wes Mantooth says:

    Wait one cotton pickin’ minute here. There was a Dallas-area sports award ceremony from which proceeds go to the personal foundations of two Dallas-area professional athletes, AND those same two Dallas-area professional athletes got awards at the ceremony? That, friends, is truly an amazing coincidence. I wonder if any of their friends are compensated to sit on the boards of those tax-dodging foundations.

    In other non-news, the Dorothy Mantooth foundation is throwing a party tonight at which Dorothy Mantooth will be annointed as a saint. Pope Benedict already sent his regrets.

  8. CJS says:

    I want Matt Nordgren to father my children.
    Yeah. I said it…and in no way is that embarassing. Please tell me he’s not really a douche bag in person….someone…please….

  9. Tom says:

    Will there be seafood dinner at the foundation party?

  10. amandacobra says:

    @ Wes Mantooth

    If any of the money raised went to a Josh Howard Legal Defense Fund, I’m sure it will retroactively be a legit fund raiser.

  11. JS says:

    Seriously, I want a job at D Magazine. Please?

  12. SLR says:


    So there I was, reading this post and these comments, bored for the most part. Then I came on yours and laughed out loud. Now my computer is saturated in Diet Coke. Thanks a lot SB.

    (“saturated in douche” — I’m still laughing)

  13. jrp says:

    Kevin, i thought the same thing about Josh’s droopy-eyelid look there, but give him the benefit of the doubt as many people look like that in photos, including amandacobra, i guess. although i wouldn’t doubt he did hit the parking lot to “check the air in the tires” after dinner was served

    and a member of a board of a Dallas non-profit giving themselves awards…where have i heard that one before?

  14. JS says:

    Josh Howard: “I’ve got a flask in my car if anyone would like to join me for an after-hours drink.”