Dallas Does Denver: Monday Morning Catch Up

Here come some pics from the road very less traveled. We’ll start with me photographing the photog at work as we crossed into New Mexico. As Tim said, that wasn’t the original route, but Spider Monkey, who went to college in Colorado and who knows New Mexico well, insisted. I of course am powerless in the face of a screeching SM.


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12 responses to “Dallas Does Denver: Monday Morning Catch Up”

  1. Blogjacker says:

    Do I see a bullseye tattoo peeking out?

  2. Davie Dave says:

    Less Eric, more sexy screeching spider monkey.

  3. Marcus says:

    Since Wick only splurged for a gas card and bag of cheetos, are you two sharing a room in Denver?

  4. Christine Alllison says:

    I never approved Cheetos and now I am wondering about the gas card. What is going on?

  5. Marcus says:

    Now that I’ve uncovered this, I’ll wait for comments from VCelested on the hotel room situation.

    PS- Christine, that famous Amarillo 72oz steak that Eric didn’t consume within the 1 hour time frame is going to run the company about $80.

  6. Marcus says:


  7. Eric Celeste says:

    Like I would try to expense more than my Starbucks order and my bribe fund. We run a tight ship at D, and Captain Christine ain’t gonna let me forget that.

  8. Christine Alllison says:

    Atta boy.

  9. Mel Cooley says:

    I love it when people stop and take photos on the side of the road. True Americana.
    I ditto Christine…Atta boy.

  10. Topham Beauclerk says:

    This is the week for peek-a-boo tats. See above and http://frontburner.dmagazine.com/2008/08/20/sexy-casey-thompson-snaps/

    In the future, Young women’s body art will be almost as accurate as carbon isotopes for identifying this era.

  11. Rawlins says:

    Lavin the good life…….

  12. kerry says:

    I’m pretty sure my wife would not be cool if I took a road trip with someone w/ a lower back tattoo. EC, your wife is well trained.