Dallas Does Denver: Images From the Afternoon

All the folks downtown have overloaded the free Denver downtown wi-fi. Problem for us is, Lavin can’t send along any of the photos she took of the delegates and random Dallas folks we’ve run into. But soon as we can, I’ll put em up. Meantime, the scene at The Pepsi Center is boring (just Dave Levinthal kicking everyone’s ass and some bored delegates). But the scene here at Bubba Gump’s is sweet. Nothing but ’80s music, the Dallas young Dems just left, and we now have three parties to attend tonight, wherein I will show the aforementioned DMN scribe how to properly live blog a party, drink by drink. Meantime, some shots from the afternoon:

The young lady with the sweet market belly tat says her name is Tonya. She left Irving three years ago because she is sick of those “rich Texas conservative jackass white Republicans who run Dallas.” (Shout out, Wick!) She also thinks Hillary “got a raw-ass deal.” Which foreshadows our next post: what 1968 and 2008 have in common. (Warning: may contain political-like substance.)


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10 responses to “Dallas Does Denver: Images From the Afternoon”

  1. gs1s says:

    Smoking equivalent of double fisting.

    Stay classy, Denver.

  2. china says:

    yuk, Obama love-in. it’s going to turn off the people on the fence. what’s the word on Clinton supporters doing something squirrely?

  3. Bethany says:

    I think she needs something more supportive than a sports bra, IJS.

  4. SLR says:

    Double fisting? Sounds painful.

  5. Puddin'Tane says:

    Is Eric wiping an eye boog?

  6. SM says:

    To PT
    A tear

  7. Trey Garrison says:

    “Is Eric wiping an eye boog?”

    No, I think his mascara is running.

  8. Don Ho says:

    Is Trey Garrison covering the Republican Convention?

  9. JS says:

    The two guys behind EC in pic 2 seem to be checking out the Spider Monkey.

  10. Jeff Duffey says:

    Do I spy a Coyote Ugly behind the band? I know where Celeste will be blogging from tonight.